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How to fall in love with a man for life: the way of Marilyn Kerro

How to fall in love with a man for life: the way of Marilyn Kerro

There is a large number of conspiracies and love spells for the love of men. No one can guarantee their long term. But psychic Marilyn Kerro shared an effective way to attract a loved one for life.

Ritual before conspiracy

Marilyn Kerro, an acknowledged master of love, believes that a man should be enchanted before holding a ceremony for love. For this there is a fairly simple conspiracy on water. It should be carried out immediately after you woke up.

Cool water is poured into any container and placed in front of the mirror. Then you need to sit down, look at your reflection and say the magic words:

Water gives beauty unprecedented, but the charm.
Looked betrayed, but the look does not take away forever.
On the other will not look, but not notice.
In the water is my strength, in the soul is love.

After this, you need to wash your face and hands thoroughly with conspiratorial water, and pour the rest into the window with the words: «It is said, conceived — will come true.» Used dishes should be thoroughly washed with hot water and not used for 7 days. And only after a week has passed can one finally resort to the second part of the love spell, Marilyn Kerro.

Conspiracy to love

The conspiracy is committed to the photo. You will need an image of your beloved man, where he is necessarily alone. The photo should be put upside down and covered with a bright cloth, and then say the text of a powerful conspiracy:

With me forever and ever, in the fire and in the water, and in Heaven and on Earth.
We live side by side, happily yes fun.
You will not leave me, you will not find another.
As you come to me, you will remain.

When the words are spoken, the photo remains in its place, under the cloth, and a white candle is taken in the left hand, and the following text is pronounced:

There is power in your flame, in my words is true.

After that you need to get a photo. Before you do this, take a look at the image and say the name of your lover.

Ash should be dipped in a glass of red wine, which is previously purchased in the church. The resulting liquid is drunk in small sips, representing at this moment a happy life with a chosen one.

Remember that this love spell belongs to potent love magic, and its effect is irreversible. Before you resort to the Marilyn Kerro method, think hard about whether you really want the idea.

In order for the ritual to be effective, and its effect to be strong, you must sincerely believe in the result and precisely follow all the instructions of the psychic. Marilyn Kerro advises you to use her way if you want to spend your life with your lover. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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