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How to determine your flower charm by date of birth

How to determine your flower charm by date of birth

Calculate your destiny code and find out which flower is your amulet, you can using numerology. The plant talisman will help you bring well-being into life and will take away many problems from you.

Amulets were popular at all times. Our ancestors knew that many plants are able to protect from harm, cure illnesses and bring good luck to life. Calculate your number of destiny and find out exactly which flower will be your talisman is not difficult.

Add all the digits of your date of birth, bringing them to a single number: 08. 01. 1987 = 0 + 8 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 = 34 = 3 + 4 = 7. The resulting number will be the code according to which you define your amulet flower.

Your amulet is a rose. A beautiful flower is protected by thorns that can scare. Rose can save you from negative influence and not give offense to people with selfish or evil intentions. Thanks to this flower you can find true love, open up for the second half.

Numerologists recommend wearing jewelry in the shape of this flower to people who dream of creating a strong family. The rose can be dried, or it can be planted at home, so that every day it protects you from negativity and attracts well-being.

A talisman for people with this number of fate are marigolds. A beautiful bright flower helps to heal from a variety of diseases and brings energy of happiness. Orange color will not let you get bored, which means you will not be afraid of depressive thoughts and longing.

With the help of marigolds, you can easily determine whether your partner is lying to you or not, so it will become indispensable for business people, as well as on dates. The plant helps to get rid of sudden bouts of jealousy, and also protects against slander. Dried petals of this flower will be an excellent talisman, and living plants will be a strong defense for you.

Iris is a flower that protects people from the negative. His energy helps to communicate and attracts positive news and the right environment to people. The talisman will help to avoid negative communication and avoid people who are aggressive.

Such a plant will be a desirable talisman of people with the number three in the code of fate. Iris petals will help to establish business communication, will give courage during public presentations. A flower should be carried with people who spend most of their time at work related to constant communication.

Spring gentle lily of the valley is able to attract the love and attention of people of the opposite sex. This pure plant will help get rid of illusions and will save you from too obsessive people. Dried flowers or images of lily of the valley perfectly protect from the evil eye and damage, so you will not need to fear trouble.

Lily of the valley is able to protect against all kinds of love spells, so our ancestors often carried bags with dried plants with them.

Jasmine with its unique aroma will serve as a first-class amulet from unhappy love. People with this number of fate should plant jasmine near the house and be sure to carry this flower with you in order to overcome resistance. Energy plants helps to fight those who put you a stick in the wheel and trying to manipulate.

Women can use jasmine fragrances if they have to convince someone that they are right.

People with this numeric code need to pay attention to the tulip. Delicate flower has a strong energy, which will protect you from negative and pressure from outside. Those who need protection from aggressive colleagues or the boss’s tyranny should plant a tulip at their place of work. You can put an image of a tulip flower on your desktop computer.

A tulip planted in a house will preserve the energy of well-being and bring true love to life.

The orchid is responsible for fertility, and also combines male and female energy. The flower will be an excellent talisman, allowing to «dodge» from lies and betrayal. The plant helps to get rid of the internal negative and does not indulge in weakness. In case you need protection against manipulators, carry a flower with you.

You can get rid of bad addictions if you keep a live orchid at home.

Eight in the code of fate distinguishes cheerful people who are accustomed to achieve their goals. For them, a wonderful talisman will be a gentle chrysanthemum. This flower increases life expectancy and helps to avoid negativity on the path of life.

Dried petals of chrysanthemums will allow you to easily get away from communicating with people carrying suffering and bad mood.

Cyclamens will be excellent charms for people with nine in the code of fate. They help to release hidden abilities, as well as awaken intuition. Thanks to the influence of cyclamen, it will be easier for you to find the truth and refuse to communicate with negatively-minded people. Everything else, the flower attracts happiness to the house, so the plant will become an indispensable resident on your windowsill.

Delivered in the bedroom, it prevents betrayal of the second half.

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