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Hour of the Monkey on Feng Shui and Other Animals: What Will He Tell

Hour of the Monkey, hour of the Rooster and other animals by Feng Shui

According to Eastern tradition, Feng Shui not only corresponds to each year a certain zodiac patron, but also a month, a day and even a time of day. And based on the nature of the nature of this patron, specific time will impose on the person a number of obligations and rules.

And if you learn them and learn how to use them correctly in your daily life, you can significantly improve your reality.

Hour of the Monkey on Feng Shui and Other Animals: What Will He Tell

Features of different hours of Feng Shui

Do you know that it is quite possible to choose the ideally suitable date for the implementation of something based on your own and common tools for the selection of dates, but it does not achieve a positive result. This is due to an incorrectly chosen hour.

And, on the contrary, almost every day they have watches that can give a person additional luck. Different types of prognostic practices, whatever they are, devote special attention to the selection of positive hours, no less than the selection of favorable days.

If you are also interested in improving your life, get acquainted with information about the choice of time in which absolutely all your undertakings and expectations will be crowned with success. At such hours you get a portion of additional support from the Universe, which contributes to a more active implementation of the desired.

Day on favorable and unfavorable hours

Every two hours of the day correspond to one or another of the twelve animals.

Mouse Hour (lasts from eleven hours to one in the morning)

It is a very hectic, fussy and anxious time, fully appropriate to its patron. This time should be taken under the implementation of small classes and hard work — then they will be successful.

Now is not a good time to fall asleep. And the same people who wake up in these hours are tempted to have something to eat, do not give in to this desire, better read something interesting or listen to pacifying music.

Hour of the Bull (lasts from one to three at night)

The ideal time to sleep soundly, and, oddly enough, to work mentally! The bull, the patron saint of this watch, will give you your peace of mind, dedication and stubbornness.

If you decide now to keep a diary or something to write, then get an indescribable pleasure.

Hour of the Tiger (lasts from three to five in the morning)

At this time, the person dreams the most attractive dreams that are stored in memory. This contributes to the courage, energy and unpredictability of the master of this day — the Tiger.

If the circumstances are such that you have not yet fallen asleep, it is worthwhile to engage in meditation in order to quickly get into the realm of Morpheus.

Hour of the Cat (also called Rabbit hour) and lasts from five to seven o’clock in the morning

The cat loves to be lazy, so waking up at this time is not easy enough — it pulls you to lie under a blanket for as long as possible! To charge the morning vigor and vitality it is worth eating something crispy, for example, a cracker or raw carrots.

Cats and rabbits endow this hour of the day with even capriciousness, it is important to keep yourself under control, so as not to quarrel in vain with close people.

Hour of the Monkey on Feng Shui and Other Animals: What Will He Tell

Hour of the Dragon (from seven to nine in the morning)

This is the right time to act actively and not be afraid to make decisions. Now we need to move, communicate, share new information, enter into disputes, defend their position. Good luck in these hours will be on the side of energetic and active personalities.

But dreams at this time dream very restless, people often suffer from nightmares.

Hour of the Snake (from nine to eleven in the morning)

This is the time when it is best to practice active mental activity. Thanks to wisdom and insight, a person can easily cope with many pressing tasks. Representatives of watermarks in the hour of the Snake must listen to their sixth sense, which is now shown to the maximum.

Air signs at this time will be able to show their eloquence, they can safely plan for this time business negotiations or public speaking. Signs of the Earth should beware of conflicts, and representatives of the elements of fire — very carefully make important decisions.

Hour of the Horse (lasts from eleven in the morning until one in the afternoon)

Diligent, independent and resistant horse will help to successfully perform any physical work. Even at this time it is shown to practice fitness or go to the gym.

What we need to give up now is to clarify the relationship, since this is not the most appropriate time to find harmony.

Hour of the Goat (from one hour to three days)

The goat is notable for its impulsiveness and fastidiousness; it will make this time of the day especially attractive for conversations — a person will be pulled to communicate. Therefore, if this desire took you by surprise at work, you should not be surprised later that this time was low productive for you.

If there is an opportunity, it is necessary to have a little rest at the Goat’s hour, briefly looking up from work.

Monkey Hour (from three to five o’clock in the afternoon)

A monkey is inherently restless and resourceful, this animal tends to present various surprises that are not always pleasant. At this time, you need to be alert.

Use your skill and cunning to solve unexpected problems.

Hour of the Monkey on Feng Shui and Other Animals: What Will He Tell

Hour Rooster (from five to seven in the evening)

Think about your friends and relatives, arrange a visit for them, or at least call or write. It will not take a lot of energy from you, and you will bring positive emotions to them, because at the hour of the Rooster, a person at an unconscious level expects to receive family support.

Also, shopping will now be successful.

Hour of the Dog (from seven to nine in the evening)

Peaceful and peaceful time when it is best to communicate with friends, because this animal is associated precisely with loyalty and devotion — the main values ​​of its patron. For those who are patronized by the element of water, the dog advises starting to learn something new (foreign language, professional literature), and air signs — to pursue their hobbies.

Those who belong to the elements of the Earth, you need to hit in creativity, fiery representatives — to practice active activities, such as sports or dancing.

Hour of the Cabana (from nine to eleven)

During this period, it is best to go to bed, because the Boar makes a person touchy and irritable, and because of an abrupt change of mood and mismatch in actions, you will be able to face various troubles. If there is an opportunity, you do not need to plan some important things now — allow yourself to finally be pacified.

Adverse hours of the day

So, when the day of the day, on which you are going to make some significant event for you, comes, your first task will be to eliminate the negative hours of the day. Every day they have in their composition an hour responsible for destruction.

  • on the day of the Tiger — the hour of destruction is the Monkey;
  • in the days of the Rabbit — the hours of the destruction of the Rooster;
  • in the days of the Dragon — the clock-destruction of the Dog;
  • by day Snakes — watch-destroyers — Pigs;
  • in the afternoons of the Horses — the rat-destroyer clock;
  • in the days of the Goat — the watch-destroyers of the Bull;
  • by the day Monkeys are the clock-destroyers of the Tiger;
  • in the days of the Rooster — Rabbit destroyer clock;
  • by day the Dogs are the watch-destroyers of the Dragon;
  • in the afternoons the Pigs are the Snake-destroyer clocks;
  • in the afternoons of the Rat — the watch-destroyers of the Horse;
  • in the days of the Bull — the goat-destroyer clock.

It turns out that if an important event should occur on the day of the Bull, you should in no case be able to spend it at Goat hour ). Acting in this way, you will increase the effectiveness of your undertakings and will be able to independently determine whether success in some business is waiting for you and when you should not be taken for new undertakings.

Finally, it is worth watching an interesting thematic video:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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