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Hooponopono Meditation: Problem Solving, Best Cleansing Practice

Hooponopono Meditation — Hawaiian Negative Purification

Hooponopono meditation is one of the most powerful methods of purification from negativity. This is an ancient Hawaiian way, which is a repetition of four phrases: “I’m very sorry,” “Forgive me,” “Thank you,” “Love you.”

Hooponopono — the best cleansing practice

Hooponopono’s author is Hawaiian Dr. Hugh Lynn. He has developed one of the most powerful practices for getting rid of heavy thoughts, resentments and negative blockages that exist in your mind.

Hooponopono Meditation: Problem Solving, Best Cleansing Practice

  1. Feel “in the moment”, fully enjoy the current moment, which, from the point of view of spiritual practices, is the best way to become happy.
  2. Develop awareness, take control of your thoughts, clear the mind of the negative and fill it with positive thoughts.
  3. Understand and accept that responsibility for your problems lies only with you. Their source is only in your thoughts and actions, and not in the actions of others.

The technique of meditation is very simple. You need to repeat four healing phrases:

  • “I am very sorry” (or “I am very sorry”);
  • «Please forgive me»;
  • “Thank you” (or “Thank you”);
  • «I love you».

The point is that each of these phrases carries enormous positive vibrations. In fact, you are spinning a funnel around you, in which all the negative, directed by your thoughts towards the world, people and the Universe, disappears.

How and when to meditate correctly

Hooponopono is a meditation for clearing the situation of negativity in relationships with people, a way to relax and enter a peaceful state. In the process, you need to present what is the most exciting at the moment.

Hooponopono Meditation: Problem Solving, Best Cleansing Practice

Who to contact during meditation:

  1. If you are tormented by an insult to someone specific, in the process of repeating healing phrases, mentally imagine the image of this person, direct the words to him.
  2. If the cause of negative emotions is in a difficult situation for you, visualize the circumstances in which it occurred, as well as its participants.
  3. If the negative is in feelings directed towards oneself: it is fear, guilt, samoedism, turn the words to yourself.
  4. You can also turn to God, the Universe, or any Higher Power you believe in.

How to meditate correctly:

  1. If you are just starting to practice hooponopono, the first time repeat each of the phrases for 3-5 minutes, then go on to the next. To do this, allocate a sufficient amount of free time and practice in a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. In any situation that caused your negative, start mentally repeating phrases from hooponopono. This will help to quickly get rid of oppressive feelings and calm down. For example, say the words of meditation to yourself after a quarrel with your husband, turning to him in your thoughts.
  3. Include calm, pleasant music and read out loud the phrases hooponopono before bedtime. If you do this every day, you will learn how to fall asleep quickly and be able to have pleasant, happy dreams.
  4. Another option is to include audio recordings of meditation during household chores in stereo headphones.

One of the best videos of the hooponopono meditation recording:

How it works?

Many people do not understand how repeating just four short phrases helps get rid of the negative and purify the soul. Let’s reveal the secrets of the ancient Hawaiian practice.

Hooponopono Meditation: Problem Solving, Best Cleansing Practice

In the classical sense, during meditation, a person addresses the Higher Forces on behalf of not only himself, but all of his ancestors. As a result, four healing phrases work as follows:

  1. «I am very sorry» — a person recognizes his responsibility for all the negative events occurring in his life. He repents for wrong thoughts and actions, in all situations, when he opposed to divine laws.
  2. “Thank you” — thanks the Universe (God) for everything that he has now. This is gratitude for the opportunity to live, to receive the necessary experience, recognition that any situation, even a negative one, is for the good.
  3. “I love you” is a phrase with a very global meaning. Man appeals to the whole World and the Universe as a whole. Sends rays of love to all people, nature, every bit of everything on earth.
  4. “Forgive me” is a request for forgiveness for all negative thoughts, actions, actions, lack of control.

Each spoken word has its own, powerful positive vibration. Combined together, these phrases create a powerful energy funnel that clears off insults, claims, negativity, everything superfluous and unnecessary.

It is noteworthy that purification takes place at the level of generic programs — that is, a person prays not only for himself, but also for all his ancestors who unknowingly harmed themselves, the world, and God.

What problems does the Hugh Lynn method solve?

Regular practice of Hawaiian meditation helps solve such problems:

  • Get rid of the pessimistic view of the world. You will learn to see everything around in a positive way, stop evaluating what is happening from a negative point of view.
  • Cure feelings of guilt and recognize that this is an unnecessary feeling that keeps you from moving forward.
  • Safely resolve family conflicts, get rid of insults, irritation, anger, learn to seek compromises, and not to quarrel.
  • Get rid of feelings such as anxiety, despair, regret and strengthen stress tolerance. Changing your reaction to external circumstances, you develop and become better.
  • Cure chronic diseases. For this, alpha-meditation and visualization methods are used in conjunction with hoonoponopono.

Try practicing hooponopono meditation for at least a month, and you will be surprised how quickly real miracles begin to happen in your life. A huge burden of negativity is removed from the soul, you can move towards your goals easily and with the necessary, positive attitude.

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