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Hooponopono: how to practice, how to clear the situation

Hooponopono meditation: how to clear the situation in a relationship

Hawaiian meditation technique hooponopono helps to learn how to clear the situation that excites you from the negative. This practice fills the mind with positive energy vibrations, eliminates “low” feelings: anger, irritation and resentment.

As a result, a person becomes more calm and peaceful.

Hooponopono meditation: what is the point?

Hooponopono meditation is an ancient Hawaiian healing and purification technique. It can be used in any situation where you are filled with negative emotions in order to quickly release the conflict and forgive the offender.

You can also practice the technique on a daily basis to heal at a deeper level: to work through the injuries and repressed negative emotions that are deeply entrenched in your subconscious.

Hooponopono: how to practice, how to clear the situation

During a meditation session, a person monotonously repeats four simple phrases:

  1. «I love you». This phrase helps to nullify all emotions, get in touch with a higher power and be filled with the energy of love. Man recognizes that unconditional love lives inside him: towards God, himself, people and the world. He gives this feeling to space, which ultimately helps to change life for the better.
  2. «I am very sorry». This recognition that your life is influenced by some negative programs: parental, generic and acquired throughout life. This is the awareness of the problem and the expression of the desire to solve them, taking responsibility for everything that happens in life, on themselves.
  3. «Please forgive me». It is an expression of willingness to accept any negative consequences and a request for healing. Full humility, which results in true forgiveness — with the heart, not with the head.
  4. «Thank you». An expression of gratitude that reconstructs a person’s consciousness to higher energetic vibrations. Feeling gratitude, you give a powerful resource of the Universe, as a result in real life you are able to accept abundance and all sorts of benefits.

It is these four phrases that have the highest energy vibrations, so they completely heal a person from the negative, help cleanse themselves from injuries, complexes, beliefs and attitudes that prevent them from living happily and harmoniously.

How to practice hooponopono in relationships with people?

In the classical technique of meditation, a person, repeating phrases, refers to a Higher Power: God, the Creator, the Creator, the Universe. No matter what it is called, it is enough for you to believe in it.

Hooponopono: how to practice, how to clear the situation

But we also allow a special case of using the practice to solve conflicts with people. How it works:

  1. Suppose you have a conflict with a loved one, colleague or just an evil conductor in a tram.
  2. You have felt sharp negative emotions: irritation, anger, resentment, or something else.
  3. First of all, you need to recognize and realize your negative emotions. Tell yourself: “Yes, now I am offended, annoyed, I am strained by the situation”.
  4. After accepting your feelings, start repeating the four hoheropono cherished phrases, referring to the abuser. Present it as if it is standing in front of you.
  5. Gradually, bright bad emotions will start to let you go, and you will feel complete peace of mind.

This method is very effective. He helps to quickly let go of any offense, not burying them in the depths of his subconscious.

You learn to truly love people and accept any of their behavior. As a result, after regular practice, you notice that you are annoyed and angry not so often, you become more calm, loving and peaceful.

You gain the ability to sincerely forgive, as a result your inner state changes. You begin to radiate powerful energy flows of love, gratitude and acceptance, which ultimately changes the world around you.

People always mirror your condition.

You can turn on this video for meditation:

Important points

Regular hooponopono practice is already a huge step towards a happy and harmonious life. But meditation is not enough if, at other times, you are not in control of your mind and you are still thinking negatively.

Hooponopono: how to practice, how to clear the situation

Important points that need to be realized and incorporated into your life to maximize the effectiveness of hooponopono:

  1. Take responsibility and your life for yourself. Accept as an axiom the fact that everything that happens is the result of only your actions and thoughts. Whatever happens around is a reflection of your inner state. Stop blaming others, government, employer, husband, children. Ask the question better: “Why did this negative situation happen to me? What kind of thoughts or actions did I pull her? ”
  2. Remember the mirror image of the universe. It always reflects your inner state. If you experience negative emotions very often, then no less often you will experience various unpleasant situations. If you are sure that all people are bad, they will confirm your conviction. If you set yourself up, that the world is a pleasant and bright place where you have found your place, so be it.
  3. Very often, generic and parent programs and settings affect your life. You can not realize them and not notice. You need to work with these scenarios with the help of a psychotherapist or a wizard. It is important to trace repetitive scenarios. For example, women in your family have always been alone — it is inevitable for you, if you are not aware of and eliminate the cause.
  4. It is very difficult to get any results without believing in a Higher Power. Therefore, the most effective meditation is triggered by those people who feel God and recognize his existence. If you consider yourself an atheist, it will be more difficult, because there is no unconditional faith in the power and strength of the Universe.

The four phrases of Hooponopono are your pass to the world without limits, in which there are no serious problems and difficulties, and desires are fulfilled quickly and easily. In such a world there are many opportunities and there is always a place for love.

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