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Home Tricks

If you want to protect your home from negative energy, damage, robbers, uninvited guests, from misfortunes and misfortunes, then you need to get amulets for the house. They will clean the energy of the room, relieve them of negative magical effects and establish relationships between households. What are the charms for the house there?

Broom amulet

This protective talisman will help clean the home of the negative, as well as attract joy and happiness in the house. Broom charm is better to do it yourself. To do this, you need to buy a new broom, cut off his cutting, leaving only a panicle.

Tie the bottom of the panicle with a red ribbon. It is best to hang the finished amulet in the kitchen or in the hallway, since it is in these places that the most negative energy accumulates. Broom-charm must be hung with a whisk up — only in this case, it will bring goodness and well-being to your home.

Horseshoe amulet

Horseshoe hung at home even our ancestors. It was believed that she brings good luck and abundance to the house. But in order for this talisman to be useful, it is necessary to know how to hang it correctly.

Horseshoe hangs over the front door. If you hang it down with the bows, it will protect against diseases, dark forces, enemies and robbers. If the horseshoe charm hangs up the bows, it will attract good people to the house, money and good news.

Bell Charm

This charm for the house will help to improve relations between households. It also attracts good and cleans the room from negative energy. If you hang the bell over the door so that it rings when someone enters the house, you can attract good luck, love and well-being.

The ringing of the bell, according to popular belief, can heal from disease, improve the atmosphere in the room and attract joy and happiness.

Charm Doll

Charm doll — a powerful protection against damage, the evil eye, diseases and life troubles. Our ancestors made such charms for the house with their own hands. To do this, it was enough just to take pieces of cloth and give them the shape of a human body. Charm doll was considered the keeper of the hearth.

It can be kept in the kitchen, hallway or in the living room.

Safety pin

Pin-charm need to stick into the jamb of the front door, then it will protect the house from evil and detractors. This protective talisman should be used very carefully. The edge of the pin can absorb all the negatives brought from the street and accumulate it in itself, so it must be periodically cleaned of negative energy.

Every month it is recommended to change the pin to a new one, and the old one should be thrown away from the house. You can use the old pin-charm, but only every month it needs to be soaked for 24 hours in brine. In this case, she throws off all the accumulated negative and can again protect from evil.

House amulets are designed to protect the home from black magic, detractors, envious, disease and misfortune. Best of all, do-it-yourself charms work best. For example, if you want to achieve well-being with a charm doll or a broom, you should make these protective talismans yourself.

In this case, they will be charged with your energy and will have a special connection with you, which will help them work more efficiently.

Charms bought in the store, you can also charge their energy. To do this, you must first keep the amulet in salt water for a day in order to wash off all foreign energetics from it. After that, the charm can be put in any corner so that it is filled with the energy of your new home.

This simple procedure will make the protective talisman completely yours. We wish you well and do not forget to click on the buttons or

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