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Hematite Stone — healing and magical properties, description of the mineral

All about the hematite mineral — healing and magical properties

The hematite stone is known as krovavik. The mystical image of hematite resembles dried blood, in connection with which around it created an aura of mystery and all sorts of prejudices.

Consider the topic: hematite stone — healing and magical properties. Who is this mineral for, what is its value for man?

Hematite Stone - healing and magical properties, description of the mineral

Mineral description

The mystical horror of hematite can be understood: its powder paints water in a bloody color when dissolved. The ancient warriors wore blood blood amulets, believing in protection from injury and death. Before the battle, the fighters hid hematite in clothes or shoes, asking for protection from death and injury.

In the Christian era, a cross was painted on krovavik as a symbol of salvation.

However, the stone is not so simple: it will not help the evil and aggressive person. The property of minerals to read people’s thoughts was noticed long ago: stones have an independent character and are able to influence a person.

Some minerals can even harm their owner if they don’t like it.

A bloody man can help a person with a sincere heart in love — he enhances sexual energy and attracts happiness. Stone helps to establish relationships between people, creates an aura of harmony and understanding.

Strengthening intuitive perception helps to recognize the true intentions of a person, therefore, hematite is also used in transactions and contracts.

In nature, there are minerals of different shades of red and black (see photo). Hematite resembles the shine of iron, but does not look like it.

The stone is distinguished by its hardness and brittleness at the same time: it can be turned into powder.

Magic krovavika

The blood in the understanding of ancient people was associated with many sacraments. She is the source of life: a bloodless living creature dies immediately.

There were legends that with the help of krovavik it is possible to revive a dead person.

True or not, hematite occupies a special place in the magical practices. Mineral is used as a powerful amulet against the forces of evil.

The ancient Egyptians used him in the worship cult of the goddess Isis when they called her to the ground.

In addition to coastal properties, hematite is used to summon dead souls and elemental spirits in magical spells. It is believed that the stone gives a person wisdom and helps to decipher the message of the universe.

It is the favorite mineral of warlocks who perform bloody sacrifices when summoning demonic entities.

Mages appreciate blood for the property to accumulate and retain energy, which is necessary during rituals. A few minutes of meditation with a mineral help to restore the consumed energy potential.

However, the stone can be dangerous for people with weak will — it strengthens the negative aspects of character and can lead to aggression or even madness. Therefore, only strong spirit magicians can communicate closely with the bloodsmith.

Hematite Stone - healing and magical properties, description of the mineral

Healing properties

In antiquity, products from krovavik were given into the hands of women in labor to protect them from blood loss. Mineral was widely used in healing from injuries and wounds, contributed to the rapid healing of cuts. Powder from krovavik treated all diseases associated with blood-forming organs:

In the modern world, stone is used to thin the blood in blocking veins, in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the body and skin diseases. The treatment consists of applying plates of hematite to the affected area for a while.

The ancient Slavs believed that krovavik will help a small child to stand firmly on legs and not to break into the blood when it falls.

Hematite Stone - healing and magical properties, description of the mineral

Astrological conformity

Esoteric believe that bloodstain can wear any signs of the zodiac, if it does not cause them negative emotions. Before you buy a hematite jewelry, hold it in your hands and listen to your inner feelings.

If you feel anxiety or discomfort within you, do not purchase this mineral.

The only zodiac sign that hematite will not harm is Scorpio. With Scorpio, the mineral has complete harmony and mutual understanding.

Krovavik can be used in predictive techniques, as it enhances intuition. However, immediately after the session, the decoration with hematite must be removed!

For magical rituals, the mineral is straightened with copper, for charm, with silver.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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