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Health mantra, very powerful — listen online

Mantra of health — a way to get rid of ailments

Health mantras have been practiced for several thousand years. Previously, it was the only salvation from ailments.

Nowadays, very powerful health mantras are practiced while taking medicines: sound vibrations enhance the effect of medicines.

Health mantra, very powerful - listen online

Health mantra

a) Powerful mantra of healing

This magic formula stimulates the solar plexus, which is a huge potential of internal healing energy. The solar plexus chakra is in a “dormant state”, the purpose of the mantra is to awaken a powerful source of healing within a person.

b) Strong healing mantra

«Om Bhaykanadze Bhikanadze
Maha Bhikhanadze
Ratna Sama Gat Suva. ”

This formula enhances the healing effect of any medication. It is useful to sing the mantra before taking drugs, imagining how the disease resolves and disappears from the body.

c) Health giver

“Om Bram Brim Braum
Sah Budhae Namah. ”

This formula can be pronounced for prophylactic purposes, as well as to accelerate the healing of the disease.

Listen to health mantra online:

d) Gayatri mantra for health

“Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dieu Jonas Prachodayat. ”

This formula protects the body from the penetration of disease-causing spirits, cleanses the existing disease and gives healing. This is the protective Gayatri mantra, which must be practiced for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes.

The sacred formula attracts divine energies that produce a specific action inside and around man.

Listen online to this mantra performed by the Virgin of Premal:

e) Buddha Medicine Mantra

«Tadjatha Om Begandze Begandze
Maha Begandze Ranza Samut Gate Soha. ”

This is a famous healing mantra, which is more than one thousand years old. The word «Begandze» means healing from pain.

Also, this sacred word liberates from aging, promotes cell regeneration, frees the mind from mental blocks and stereotypes that cause diseases.

The health mantra not only frees the body from suffering and illness, but also heals the soul, and also burns through negative karma. Some diseases have karmic roots, therefore this formula eliminates the very cause of the diseases that have arisen.

During the practice of mantra, you need to present yourself completely healthy, full of energy and happiness. How many times to read?

Better 108 times in a row, every day, until full healing occurs. For practice, you must have beads with beads (108 pieces) and touch the beads with your fingers.

One bead — one full text of the mantra.

To begin, listen to the mantra in the recording, learn the correct pronunciation of words. In the future you can sing by yourself. The motive is not necessary to copy: you can invent your own melody.

The main thing is to vibrate the words correctly.

Mantra can be read on spring water, and then drink it. Water well remembers the information, and strengthens it at times.

After reading the mantra the necessary number of times, blow on the water and immediately drink to the bottom. When you drink water, imagine that healing divine nectar penetrates into your body.

Mantra can be practiced in order to prevent diseases, as well as to strengthen the body during epidemics.

Listen to the Buddha Medicine Mantra online:

e) Kundalini mantra

“Raa maa daa sa sa sai soi han (r).”

This formula adjusts the vibrations of the body in unison with the vibrations of the cosmos and gives release from diseases. These sounds activate the flow of the Kundalini along the spinal column, harmonizing the flow of energy within the body.

Listen to this powerful health mantra:

Sound therapy

How do mantras affect human health? Through sound vibrations.

Vibrations cause resonance in certain parts of the body where the disease has settled, and expel its spiritual structure from the body. Therefore, during practice, it is desirable to imagine how the disease leaves the body.

You can imagine in any way, or just think that this is happening.

Mantras are not just a collection of sounds. This is a specially composed magic series of a certain frequency of vibrations, which has a healing effect on the body. The sound row connects the energetics of a person (his thin bodies) with cosmic vibrations that carry relief from diseases.

Mantras also affect the mind of a person, freeing him from destructive programs.

Thus, mantras have an effect on:

No matter if you listen to the mantra in the recording or sing yourself, you will receive healing.

Practice mantras

Each mantra carries its specific spiritual load. So, the singing of the sacred sound “om” connects you with the cosmic energies of the absolute.

The sound “om” symbolizes the sound of the universe: it is this sound that forms the universe. Vibrating the sound «ohm» normalizes blood pressure.

Sounds «n», «e», «c» improve the performance of the brain. The sounds of “pa” and “ai” relieve heart pain.

Vibrating the sound “and” relieves the nose from nasal congestion, the sound “y” relieves the headache. These sounds should be vibrated at the same height, without changing the tone.

The pronouncing (vibrating) of sounds creates the resonant vibrating of diseased organs. You literally make an internal massage of these organs!

You should sing calmly and consciously, not to rush and not be nervous. The correct vibration of sounds attracts a powerful stream of healing energy that heals a sick organ.

When do you need to read mantras? Improving practices are best done at dawn.

However, with unbearable pain, you can sing magic formulas as needed. The loud rendition of target sounds that cause the body to oscillate will free the body from many diseases.

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