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Good luck talisman — witch bottle, doll and pin

Good luck talisman with your own hands — witch bottle, doll and pin

Many people strive to achieve the desired result, but as if someone is hindering and hindering. How to invoke good luck in your life?

In this case, the magic talisman of luck can help. Can I make it with my own hands?

We analyze the question in the article.

Good luck talisman - witch bottle, doll and pin

Good luck bottle

Since ancient times, people have used magic items to improve their lives and protect them from harm. One of these artifacts is the magic bottle, sometimes called the witch’s bottle. For this talisman you will need a glass bottle with a lid or an earthen vessel with a narrow neck.

The bottle should be small in size, you can take a pharmaceutical bottle from under the syrup or tincture.

On the rising moon by midnight, stay in the room alone, light the altar candles to light, and prepare the following items:

  • green candle;
  • three new needles;
  • three new pins;
  • three any nails;
  • three handfuls of salt.

Put all the ingredients in the bottle, except for the green candle — you need to light it and put it next to you. Take the bottle in your hands and say three times:

Good luck talisman - witch bottle, doll and pin

Then shake the bottle 9 times and place on the table. Place the green candle on the lid and let the paraffin flow freely along the walls of the bottle.

When the candle is completely burned, hide the talisman from prying eyes. Now he will attract good luck and drive away the troubles from your life.

This talisman will last for 5 years, then you will need to make a new one. and bury the old in the ground.

For a good ending

Every person needs success in the conceived case. To evil forces do not violate your plans, make a talisman for good luck.

This will require a piece of sugar, a red dessert wine and a white saucer.

At night, stay in the kitchen alone, open the window, select an uneven piece of sugar from the box and place it on an inverted saucer. Put red wine on a piece of sugar (so as not to soak a piece) and say three times:

Good luck talisman - witch bottle, doll and pin

Before the ceremony, you need to light a candle in front of the icon of the Mother of God with a baby and pray. After the ceremony, you need to read our Father three times and go to sleep. Keep the sugar cube until the case is completed safely.

After that, go to church and put candles to the Virgin and Savior, you can donate a feasible amount to the temple.

Good luck talisman - witch bottle, doll and pin

Luck doll

Our ancestors were well versed in doll magic. Magic dolls are not children’s toys, but real talismans for all occasions.

Today we will make a good luck doll that will constantly attract positive energies into your life. To create a talisman will require the following items:

  • rowan slender twigs;
  • moss or pieces of cotton for filling;
  • multi-colored cloths for clothes;
  • needle and thread;
  • beads, rhinestones, braid for decoration.

First you need to tie the rowan sticks in the shape of a cross — we fasten them with a tough thread or string. The crossbar will symbolize the hands, straight stick — the body of the doll.

Then we tie the moss to the body with the help of threads. If you do not have moss, you can bind pieces of cotton wool.

Now an important point — when creating a pupa you need to be in high spirits and hum a favorite cheerful tune! Your mood and melody sounds will be woven into the talisman along with the thread. In no case can you create a good luck talisman in a sad or gloomy mood!

If you can’t sing, turn on some fun music.

When you finish shaping the body of the doll, sew clothes to it to your liking. You can sew a dress, or you can just wrap a doll with rags.

Instead of eyes, you can sew beads, draw a mouth with a felt-tip pen — always smiling. If the doll will look clumsy, there is nothing wrong with that — the main thing is to create a mood.

In the end, decorate the costume of the pupa with beads, rhinestones, braid — like God will put it to your soul. Press your creation to your heart for a few minutes and feel that the doll is a part of you. Then gently click your fingers on the forehead and say:

Good luck talisman - witch bottle, doll and pin

Now this is your good luck charm. Put the doll in a beautiful box and hide it from everyone. In the evenings or mornings, talk to her as with your best friend.

You can tell the doll about your plans and dreams, ask for help in any business. Remember that the doll should not come across anyone’s eyes, much less get into the wrong hands.

Good luck talisman - witch bottle, doll and pin

Keep luck

This rite is performed on a growing moon, if your business goes well. It is very important to be on the wave of good luck at this time.

Get a new pin, without leaving the change when you buy — this is a very important condition! You will also need:

  • a handful of white rice;
  • a handful of salt;
  • a handful of sugar;
  • white saucer.

It is desirable that all ingredients are new. But those that are already in the house will do. At night, put the saucer on a clean table (it is better to cover it with a fresh tablecloth) and pour the listed products into it.

Start with salt, then pour sugar and rice. Then unfasten the pin and stick it in a pile. In this case, you need to say this:

Good luck talisman - witch bottle, doll and pin

The design is left until morning; the window leaf must be opened without fail. In the morning you need to get up before anyone else and fasten a pin to the clothes on the wrong side.

Then collect the food from the plate into a little bag, bring it outside and develop it in the wind. At the same time, say:

Good luck talisman - witch bottle, doll and pin

Drive away failures

It happens that luck leaves a man by evil slander. This is determined very millet: you suddenly ceased to carry, everything falls out of your hands, even the simplest thing is not glued.

In this case, it is useless to call for luck — you need to get rid of failure.

The rite is held after the full moon on the waning moon, on Friday before the first sun rays. It is necessary to light 3 church candles and say the following words 6 times:

Good luck talisman - witch bottle, doll and pin

Look at the candles until they burn through. If there are remains, collect them in kulechek.

The rite is held for 5 days in a row, only in the next 4 days there is no need to read the plot — just sit and watch the candles. Dig the bugs deep in the ground and leave without turning around.

To protect yourself from unkind thoughts of envious people who can jinx your happiness, do so. Every time you put the ring on your finger, say:

Good luck talisman - witch bottle, doll and pin

Until you remove the ring from your finger, it will protect you. If you removed the ring, repeat the same words when putting it on.

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