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From damage and the evil eye: do it yourself hands

From damage and the evil eye: do it yourself hands

Protecting your own family and home from negativity is a completely normal desire of any sane person. However, not everything in life lends itself to a logical explanation. This is connected with the fact that for many centuries man has invented many very different ways of protection, ranging from weapons to magic talismans.

The custom of making charms with your own hands also came to us from the distant past. People believed that if a person made an amulet for himself, he would endow him with a piece of his own soul and strength. The appearance and material used has changed over the course of history.

However, one thing remains unchanged and in our days — the strongest amulets are aimed at ensuring that human life and health do not leave, and that well-being grows day by day. Probably, therefore, today there are many amulets from damage and the evil eye, because it was to them that people attributed their own failures and ailments, which they could not explain in a logical way.

If there are small children in the house, then parents who care a lot about their prosperous growing up and development should definitely put up protection for the child. Moreover, it is known that in many cultures there was a tradition to create special talismans to protect children. Parents had to make such a guardian with their own hands.

It was called God’s Eye.

For making you need to take two small sticks and a few balls of colored yarn. Wooden fragments are stacked across each other and tightly tied with threads. There is a belief that preserved God’s eye, created by the hands of the mother and fixed above the baby’s crib, protects the newborn not only from damage and the evil eye, but also all real misfortunes and misfortunes.

There are a great many amulets from damage and the evil eye, for the creation of which it is not required to apply any special physical skills and creative imagination. Perhaps the most simple talisman can be called an ordinary English pin — one of the most effective amulets with your own hands. Pinned from the wrong side of clothing, it should be fixed in the heart. If the pin darkens, then it is better to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The change of color definitely indicates that the talisman was taken over by a negative directed by someone in your direction. In this case, just throw the thing can not. It is necessary to bury it in the ground somewhere in a deserted place so that no one can use your residual energy, which the pin will keep for a long time.

Amulets created from skins, bones and other animal particles have long been among the most powerful. Currently, a popular variation of such talismans is the Dreamcatcher. Do not forget that if you make a talisman with your own hands, it will be much more effective than what you bought in a store.

All those copies that are on display today are nothing more than a colorful knickknack.

In order for the Dream Catcher to effectively protect a person from damage and the evil eye, which can easily catch us off guard when we are in an unconscious state of rest, it must be done on the night from Friday to Saturday, which coincides with the phase of the full moon. Ready amulet must be hung over the headboard. It is believed that the feathers of birds, which are an integral part of such a talisman, reliably protect against fear and bad dreams.

To protect your home from damage and the evil eye, try to make herbal amulet with your own hands. A bunch of thistles near the entrance door or on the windowsill is an excellent remedy for evil people and negative energy.

Be sure to use one of the amulets described in this article. They will not only help you protect yourself and your home from the unpleasant effects of external negative, but also preserve harmony and well-being in your family. Warding, created personally, will become for you reliable assistants and allies in any unpleasant situation. We wish you happiness, prosperity and do not forget to press buttons and

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