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Flying Stars 2019 in Feng Shui for each month

Feng Shui forecast for each month of 2019 flying stars

The Flying Stars of 2019 in Feng Shui for each month act as different types of energies that must “fly” in specific directions and fill the living space of a person. But since they have a different character, they can make you both successful and unhappy.

Therefore, the Feng Shui forecast for flying stars is more than just a forecast. Thanks to him, you will not only learn what will be, but also be able to change your life in the right direction.

After all, choosing positive places for yourself and hiding from negative ones, you can easily create your own personal forecast for the 2019th year, in which everything will be easy and harmonious.

About which of the energies will be in space during the whole 2019, you will learn from the annual map of the flying stars.

Flying Stars 2019 in Feng Shui for each month

Flying stars of 2019 and the magic of Feng Shui

Our actions, of course, depend on us personally, but to some extent we can influence the position in which the celestial bodies and energies are located. Do not forget that we are able to create real magic if you wish, and our assistants in this fascinating occupation will be the ancient science of astrology and no less ancient magic Feng Shui.

At the outset, it must be said that the annual Lo Shu square in 2019 will be different, but more positive than it was in previous years. If you do not know anything about this concept, we will explain the situation to you briefly.

Lo Shu is a magic square dividing the space into sections according to the directions of light. It acts as a kind of “pendulum” that helps to analyze the energy picture of a room. According to one ancient legend, a divine tortoise appeared long ago from the waters of the River Lo.

People who saw her were amazed at the numbers drawn on her shell. This was the formula that was used as the basis for all calculations in Feng Shui magic.

Flying stars 2019 feng shui are energies that can be positive (attracting success to your home and making you happy) or negative (bringing a lot of trouble with it). Dreaming to change certain events in your life, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the picture of flying stars in Feng Shui for the 2019th year, and also to tackle their correction, which will help to get a soft and quick result.

Overview of flying stars for the 2019th year by sector

Center — the star «purple» nine

Star nine «purple» or «purple» color is very favorable. It is designed to attract wealth to a person’s life, help him to move up the career ladder, attracts romantic luck and various joyful events.

At the same time, it is almost impossible to actively use the star in the center, since the very concept of “center”, according to Feng Shui, is a kind of abstract place. Therefore, the central star is more of a background.

She will become the patroness of all those who seek fame, popularity, being in the limelight.

Getting to the center, this flying star is under the hidden influence of the “five” (since the center is the native position of the fifth star) and due to this it is filled with some negative qualities. So, for example, the star nine is responsible for the state of the cardiovascular system, as well as vision.

Therefore, you need to focus on these areas of health in 2019.

Northwest star «unit» white

During 2019, the star “unit” of white color stays in the North-West region (in other words, it is called the “star of intellect”). She will be able to provide assistance for all those who practice mental activity — that is, for researchers, writers, philosophers.

Allows you to make discoveries and implement various ideas.

In addition, the star “unit” is responsible for receiving help from the highest class of society and helps to strengthen the person’s reputation.

And finding this star in the North-West sector will only enhance its positive qualities. This will most positively affect your career.

Due to all this, the North-West sector acquires remarkable significance in 2019. You need to try to spend as much time as possible in the North-West and then you will be able to feel the positive impact of this sector.

West — star «two» black

The black star «two» in 2019 will be a lot of time in the West. Therefore, it should be possible to spend in this area as little time as possible, because this star is known as the «star of pathologies.»

It can bring various health problems into your life.

So, for example, deuce, being in the Western sector can provoke the occurrence of frequent catarrhal pathologies, allergic reactions, and also problems with the skin, teeth and throat.

Try to spend as little time as possible in the western sector of your home. And if you are forced to use this area, then it is worth paying special attention to your health issues.

It is recommended to undergo a medical examination and the adoption of various preventive measures.

You can also protect yourself with the help of the rather popular attributes of Feng Shui magic — metal music of the wind, Hu Lu’s gourd pumpkin, a bundle of six metal coins. As an option, you can simply place in the West ordinary metal products.

Flying Stars 2019 in Feng Shui for each month

Northeast star «troika» jade

Jade troika can provoke the emergence of various disputes and conflict situations.

Of all the flying stars, it is characterized by aggressive effects. Therefore, it is not recommended to be in the Northeast sector in 2019.

This applies especially to small children for whom the sector is able to bring various injuries and other troubles. It is not recommended to engage in the discussion of controversial issues in the Northeast sector.

Otherwise, you risk reaching a serious quarrel.

In some particular situations, the star «troika» has a connection with robberies and legal turmoil. Therefore, when locating your workplace in the northeastern part of the office, you need to avoid any irregularities at work and maintain your order in important documents.

Despite all its aggressiveness, this area during 2019 will provoke rapid progress and unexpected changes.

But it must be remembered that it is not suitable for everyone, but only for very active and penetrating personalities who are ready and open to risk. If you learn to manage this obstinate star “troika, it will highlight not only aggression, but also attract money to a person’s life.

The main thing is to press the stop button in time.

If you want to weaken the troika star, then you should place any red visible thing in the Northeast sector for the whole year. Here you can use a poster, a picture or a rug in red.

South Star Quartet Green

At the end of 2017, the southern part turns into a very positive area. The four «green» star will attract success in the creative field, as well as in the literary field, in school and, of course, in love and romantic relationships.

Surrounding will feel easy and comfortable while in your company.

And if the “Quartet” star will be combined with the southern sector, then it will have a particularly beneficial effect on the fair sex: it gives them intelligence and strengthens the impact in society.

It is recommended to spend as much time as possible in the southern part of your home — sleep there, if you want to attract love into your life or study at a table located in the southern part, you can also practice creative activities.

However, save yourself from active water in this area — otherwise you will get so much romance that you may find yourself immersed in a love triangle or even a quadrangle!

North — the star of the «five» yellow

Unfortunately, of all the famous flying stars of 2019, this is what will be the most negative direction. The “yellow five” star is in most cases fraught with various problems.

These may include financial problems, conflicts with management, problems with authorities, business congestion, pathologies and unhappy situations.

Located in the northern region of the star «five» adversely affects the clarity of thinking, as well as communication. If you are in the northern sector, it is possible violation of established links.

It is possible the occurrence of diseases of the kidneys, urogenital area, and also organs of hearing.

In addition, try not to disturb this sector for the entire 2019 year. Avoid noisy repairs.

We advise you to spend as little time as possible in the northern part of your home in 2019.

As a corrective means from the flying stars of the «five», the placement in the northern part of the popular attribute of Feng Shui — metal music of the wind is recommended.

Flying Stars 2019 in Feng Shui for each month

Not a very positive sign when the front door is located in the northern region, because in this case the sector will be affected willy-nilly. We advise you in a similar situation to place on the door handle a metal bell, which, with the help of its melodic ringing, will make the star’s negative effect less pronounced.

Southwest, the star of «six» white

In total, the south-western sector is quite good in 2019. The white “six” star has a positive impact — it contributes to improving reputation, increasing influence among colleagues and provides promotion along the career ladder.

At the same time, this star will be useful both for managers and for ordinary performers — be they officials, managers or employees of the budget sphere.

This star does not promise too high incomes, but at the same time provides professional recognition and self-realization, which can also be monetized.

East star «seven» red

You can also meet this star called “stars of injury”, it has an unfavorable character. Therefore, those who will use the eastern sector in 2019 may suffer from quarrels and conflict situations due to intrigues and unpleasant communication.

Big risks hurt each other with words, so you need to control yourself very carefully before you say something unpleasant. In addition, there is also the possibility of being cut or injured literally.

Use caution with sharp objects.

The risks of theft are not yet excluded. If you find yourself under the influence of this star, then be attentive to money, as well as valuable items or documents.

Southeast white eight star

It is a favorable sector for 2019. The white “eight” star is a race of prosperity, which will last until 2024. She renders her assistance in the financial sphere, as well as in career issues.

It helps to attract reliable and stable income.

We recommend you spend more time in the Southeast sector, due to which you will be able to fully experience the full force of this financial star.

Additionally, use the active object — a pendulum, a mobile or a fan, which is activated in a favorable number.

But if you are dreaming about earning a round sum, then get ready to work a lot and hard, because the G8 star does not suit lazy people.

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