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Fluorite stone — use in magic and healing

How to use the healing properties of stone Fluorite

Fluorite in translation from Latin means — fluid. The mineral got its name due to its melting properties: it was widely used in the smelting of metals. In the old days, fluorite stone was used as an imitation of precious stones, since it has a diverse color range and can copy ruby ​​and emerald, topaz and amethyst.

Let us consider in detail all the properties of fluorite.

Fluorite stone - use in magic and healing

The extraordinarily beautiful semi-precious crystal fluorite shakes with its unique color range. The stone can be both transparent and translucent.

This property was used by poor or ruined nobles, decorating their outfits with false topazes and false emeralds. It was very difficult to distinguish a fake.

Another unique property of fluorite is glow in the dark.

The name of the mineral, depending on the color:

  • anthosonite (purple);
  • chlorofan (green);
  • John Blue (purple with white or yellow);
  • ratovkit (purple with pink or blue).

In its original state, fluorite is colorless. This mineral gets various shades due to impregnations of impurities — they paint it with amazing colors.

Fluorite stone - use in magic and healing

Healing characteristics

What are the healing properties of a mineral? The main healing property is considered to be a positive effect on the brain and the cardiovascular system.

Mineral helps with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and forgetfulness. Fluorite stone treats insomnia, relieves nightmares and gives a good sleep.

The mineral also balances the nervous system, eliminates the effects of stressful situations and strengthens the psyche.

Stone is widely used in massage techniques: it has a tonic effect on the body, promotes cell regeneration and strengthens the immune system. This crystal is due to the presence of fluoride in its composition. Fluorite also helps to overcome the atmospheric effects of weather-dependent people.

Those who wear fluorite jewelry do not suffer from pressure drops in the atmosphere.

People suffering from headaches, fluorite will help in the form of an ordinary pendant. There is no need to apply the mineral to sore spots — just wear it all the time.

The stone strengthens the bone system, is good for the health of the teeth, and is able to repair damaged DNA cells. It heals wounds, restores the integrity of the mucous membranes, fights viruses and infections.

For colds, apply the mineral to the nose for 5-7 minutes, then move to the forehead. When coughing, place a stone on your chest for 10-12 minutes: it will lower the temperature and eliminate chest pain.

How many times should fluorite be applied during an illness? Almost every hour or two, until you feel relief. After applying the stone must be cleaned in running water, and better — in a natural source.

It absorbs the energy of the disease, so it must be cleansed.

Fluorite stone - use in magic and healing

Magic characteristics

Fluorite balls are used by magicians for predictive techniques. Mineral promotes concentration of attention, helps consciousness go out to subtle plans and see the future.

The properties of fluorite to balance emotions helps a lot in seance and meditation. By stopping the thought dialogue, the meditator can attain the state of trance and effectively practice.

Fluorite is used for:

  • sensations of subtle vibrations;
  • access to the subtle worlds;
  • expansion of consciousness;
  • comprehending cosmic knowledge;
  • transition to a different level of consciousness;
  • altered state of consciousness;
  • comprehension of the multidimensionality of being;
  • work with the subconscious.

Fluorite stone is valued for helping to find harmony with the natural elements, the kingdom of minerals and plants. A pebble is able to form a protective field around a person, so it is used as a talisman and amulet.

Fluorite also helps in love magic as protection against cuffs and rassorok: if you speak a gem for protection, no one can separate a pair.

The stone does not give in to negative influences, therefore it is not used in dark magic practices. The mineral is considered to be universal, as it adjusts to the vibrations of a person and can work with all the chakras. Fluorite loves and protects children: it is better for them to choose an amulet of light colors.

An interesting feature of fluorite is to work at the phantom level.

It is a stone of peace, contemplation, tranquility and love. Fluorite creates an aura of warmth, harmony and peace around them, restores emotional balance and adjusts to contemplation.

The mineral is able to protect against electromagnetic oscillations, so it is good to keep it close to computer equipment. It also removes the negative influence of geopathic zones.

The stone helps to overcome chaos and disorganization, eliminate any negative energies and relieve tension, get rid of negative thoughts and balance the emotional and mental body. Fluorite will protect from illusions and directed dregs, eliminate any mental impact on a person.

Zodiac signs

Who is most suitable for fluorite? This mineral is in harmony with all the signs of the zodiacal circle (except for archers), and gives everyone the most necessary things:

  • rams brings peace of mind;
  • Taurus helps to concentrate on the task;
  • twins saves from the adventure, protects from stress;
  • crayfish frees illusions and returns to the sinful earth;
  • gives lions peace and inner harmony;
  • helps virgins to establish contact with loved ones;
  • scales saves from enemies and envious;
  • Scorpio helps to find harmony with himself;
  • Capricorns gives confidence in their abilities;
  • Aquarius gives luck and success;
  • Fish helps to realize themselves in society.

If a hot-tempered woman will wear fluorite jewelry, it will relieve her of stress and irritation. The stone miraculously alters susceptibility to stimuli and soothes the psyche.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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