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Flowers in the house by Feng Shui: types of indoor plants and their meanings

How to place flowers in the house on Feng Shui

In the teaching of feng shui by color, you can understand how well Qi energy circulates through the house. Houseplants are very important: they can be used to activate each of the sectors, filling the space with a positive atmosphere.

Flowers in the house by Feng Shui

Each houseplant that is in your house carries with it a certain energy and has its own meaning. This is very important to consider in order to place the flower pots in the correct sectors of the apartment.

Flowers in the house by Feng Shui: types of indoor plants and their meanings

Important points to know about:

  • Houseplants with rounded leaves and flowers are considered the most favorable from the point of view of Eastern philosophy;
  • The strongest energy in plants that «stretch upwards.» They help activate the life-giving energy of Qi in virtually every sector of space;
  • It is not necessary to keep the reverse version at home — flowers with lowered leaves. They ground the flow of energy, preventing them from fully opening up;
  • In the choice of colors you need to take into account everything: their shape, size, color of the petals.

All plants are divided into flowers with female energy. Yin and male — Yang. This is important to consider when choosing how to decorate your home.

For example, if a lonely girl lives in a house, “male” flowers should be in the minority.

Male and female flowers

Houseplants with male energy Yang are citrus trees, dracaena, chlorophytum and others. With women — blooming violets, orchids, begonias and geraniums. You can distinguish them by simple signs: Yin-plants spread along the ground, their leaves are round or oval.

Yang plants are directed upwards in their growth.

Flowers in the house by Feng Shui: types of indoor plants and their meanings

  1. The house should be indoor plants, both male and female. It is necessary for energy balance. But depending on who lives in the apartment, the amount will vary. Girls — more Yin plants, guys — Yang.
  2. You can not keep the house ikebana, herbarium and any dried plants. They absorb positive energy and deprive the life force of the inhabitants of the house. Gift bouquets should be thrown away immediately after the first signs of wilting appear.
  3. Male flowers are placed in rooms with active energy. This may be a study, work area, living room. Women put in rooms with soft energy — bedroom, nursery, hallway. There should be no plants in the kitchen.

You can not keep flowers near the bed. And in general in the bedroom it is enough to put 1-2 flower pots, no more.

Next to the bed, the plants will absorb the vitality of the sleeper and will not allow to rest easy.

Types of indoor flowers and their meanings

Let us consider in detail the features of each plant and its effect on the atmosphere in the house by feng shui.

Flowers in the house by Feng Shui: types of indoor plants and their meanings

“Heavy” negative energy is characteristic of cacti, yucca and ehmea. These plants should not be at home — they block the free movement of energy in space.

The most favorable are considered to be flowering plants with bright, colorful petals. They will fill the space with positive energy and will charge the life forces of the tenants of the apartment.

  • Destroys aggression, anger, irritability, clears the space of negative emotions, activates the movement of positive energy;
  • It is unsuitable for activating the family and marriage sector; it can provoke conflicts and quarrels between husband and wife.
  • A plant with a very powerful energy that fills the entire surrounding space, regardless of the zone;
  • Very «feminine» flower, filling with energy of femininity, gentleness, love and gratitude;
  • It is better for young girls not to put geraniums in an apartment, it will “slow down” their active vital energy;
  • But for women of Balzac age, this is the best option;
  • It is also a powerful talisman that protects the household from disease, ill health and stress;
  • It improves mood, increases the subtle energy vibrations of the human body, helps to quickly restore power after a busy day;
  • Provides essential oil, which cleans the room from stagnant air, saturates with oxygen.
  • Symbolizes a strong marriage bond, is considered the patron saint of the family;
  • Creates an aura of love and gratitude, neutralizes conflicts between spouses;
  • Helps to build a happy and harmonious relationship, pacifies and calms;
  • Saturates the surrounding space with positive emotions.

Watch a video about the meaning of flowers in Feng Shui:

  • Symbolizes wealth and abundance, but the energy of the plant is very heavy, so it is not recommended to keep it at home. But for the office — just right;
  • Neutralizes bright negative emotions. Where cacti bloom, there are no fights, violent quarrels and conflicts. Destroys human anger;
  • Develops rational thinking and “includes” logic.
  • The most famous symbol of wealth in feng shui. It helps to find new sources of income, to achieve material well-being and get rich;
  • You can put not only at home, but also in the office, so that business will grow;
  • The maximum number of money trees in a house is no more than three.
  • Negative Energy Absorber. But so that it does not accumulate too much, the bamboo must be periodically updated, throwing out the old one and changing it to a new one;
  • Bamboo branches should be placed in wide round vases. The larger the capacity the better. Need to place on the floor.
  • The best activator of creativity, ideal for children;
  • Develops children’s mental abilities, helps them grow harmoniously, learn with pleasure, provokes a craving for knowledge;
  • Increases performance, fills with active life energy.

An important point: from the point of view of Eastern philosophy, fruiting plants are considered to be the most favorable. In second place — blooming.

Ordinary green plantings are often neutral.

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