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Fine tuning of 7 chakras — energy of the body of consciousness

Energy of the body and consciousness: what the chakras are responsible for

Energy is the basis of our life, without which existence is impossible. Around us there is a different energy — solar, star, energy of flora, water and air elements.

A person draws energy from the surrounding space, keeping it in the chakras. Today we will consider the topic: fine tuning of the 7 chakras — the energies of the body of consciousness.

Let us examine the principle of the functioning of the chakras, the method of activation and filling with the help of meditative techniques.

Fine tuning of 7 chakras - energy of the body of consciousness

Human chakra system

To understand what we will deal with, you need to understand the structure of the energy bodies of a person. A slender energy system can be found in Vedic studies — it describes in detail the structure of human energy bodies, the main and secondary energy channels and chakras.

It is considered that there are seven main chakras in the energy body, however, there are many more. The topic of today’s article is the setting of the seven basic chakras of a person. The chakras are translated from Sanskrit as “whirlwinds, twists”.

They are invisible to ordinary eyes, as they are an energetic formation.

It is in them that the energy received from the surrounding space accumulates, that is, the chakras are energy accumulators. If the chakras work well, the person is healthy and full of energy. If a chakra is “out of order” (blocked), the person starts to hurt.

The disease appears precisely in the body for which a particular chakra is responsible.

In addition to the disease, a person also has other problems in terms of self-realization in society, in communication with people, in the material and personal sphere. The well-being (material and spiritual) of a person is completely dependent on the harmonious state of the chakra pillar.

How does consciousness affect energy? In the same way as the brain gives impulses to the action of the sense organs and the body.

Consciousness determines the state of our energy, fully controls it. Thought determines whether we are happy and healthy, or not. The scheme of mind control of our body can be defined as:

We used to think that our physical body is the main determining factor in life. However, this is not true: it is the consciousness that forms the energy field that affects our physical body. By changing consciousness and energy, you can make changes in the physical body.

Official medicine proposes to fill the physical body with food additives so that it is strong and healthy. Vedic practice offers a different way — a change in consciousness to change the state of the physical body.

What are the chakras responsible for?

Consider what each of the seven main chakras in the human energy body is responsible for.

Fine tuning of 7 chakras - energy of the body of consciousness

Maladhara is the root chakra that opens the chakra pillar. It is located at the base of the spine and is sometimes called the coccygeal chakra.

On her work depends on the health of the skeletal system, the functionality of the kidneys and colon, teeth, spine. The problem in the chakra is also expressed in the psychological aspect — a person is tormented by fears, lack of confidence in his own abilities, isolation from earthly problems, lack of physical energy, overweight.

Muladhara is a kind of pump that pumps energy from the etheric body. With the correct work of the chakra, a person feels the joy of life, he is filled with material benefits, fully healthy and satisfied with himself.

With a failure in the chakra, the opposite picture is obtained.


This chakra is located in the center of the abdomen below the navel. Her area of ​​responsibility is the reproductive function of the body, sexuality, pleasure from tactile and other contacts, inspiration and ecstasy.

At the physiological level, the chakra is responsible for the exchange of body fluids, genitals, spleen and liver.

Blocking the chakra leads to excessive modesty, complexes in communication with the opposite sex, genital diseases and even constipation. The functionality of svadhisthana largely depends on the work of the root chakra, and when it is blocked, it also fails.

This is a volitional center of human energy, which is responsible for the ability to achieve the goal. It is located in the solar plexus.

The distribution of vital energy (prana) depends on the activity of the manipura. At the physiological level, manipura is responsible for the small intestine, spleen, and stomach.

At the mental level — for control over emotions, opposition to the will of others and control people. Failure in manipur leads to loss of strength, depression, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is the heart center responsible for unity with the environment. Open anahata fills a person with mercy, harmony, love for the whole world.

A block in the chakra leads to cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the respiratory system, hatred, aggression and cruelty.

The throat chakra is responsible for communication and the realization of a person as a social unit. This is career success, developed intuition, and creative ability. A block in vishudha causes thyroid disease, skin ailments, colds, and pain in the cervical region.

A person suffers from low or high self-esteem, cannot harmoniously get along with people around him.

This energy center is located in the center of the forehead, it is also called the third eye. Ajna is responsible for supernormal abilities — intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy.

Blocking ajna leads to insanity, schizophrenia and other ailments of the nervous system, as well as to loss of sight and hearing. At the psychological level, the chakra leads to a loss of ability to realize goals, lack of motivation and complete disorganization.

This center is responsible for communication with the higher mind, cosmic forces and the spiritual world. Chakra is located above the crown of the head. Blocking leads to various nervous disorders, failures in life, the «martyr’s crown.»

A person is forced to constantly fight for a place in the sun, feels abandoned and unnecessary.

Fine tuning of 7 chakras - energy of the body of consciousness

Chakra setting

The fine tuning of the 7 chakras is a cleansing, harmonization through meditation. Success in practice will depend on the following components:

  1. light visualization;
  2. sound tuning;
  3. mental attitude.

Include a video recording practice. Look at the mandala, symbolizing the chakras, and pronounce the mantra:

  1. for muladhara — Lam;
  2. for svadhisthana — to you;
  3. for manipura — Ram;
  4. for anahata — Yam;
  5. for vishudhi — Ham;
  6. for ajna — ohm;
  7. for sahasrar — ohm.

Mental tuning for each chakra:

  1. I’m happy;
  2. I am confident in my own strength;
  3. I am the source of peace and good;
  4. I love all things;
  5. I am free to express myself;
  6. I am open to the knowledge of the truth;
  7. in me the spirit of god.

You can sit in the half lotus pose with a straight spine and meditate on the chakras, you can sit comfortably on the litter. Listen to the recording, visualize the color of the chakra and sing the mantra of a particular chakra.

You can also apply a simple setup method — just listen to the melody in the recording. However, the first method of working with chakras is more effective.

You can work with stones corresponding to each chakra. To do this, you need to lie on your back and ask someone from your family to put stones on the chakras, or to put stones on the chakra yourself while working out (one by one).

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