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Feng Shui Wish Map: Sectoral Drafting Rules

How to make a wish card for Feng Shui — instructions

Feng Shui Wishing Card — a way to visualize and transfer to paper what you want to get. With it, dreams will be fulfilled easily and quickly: the Universe itself will begin to send favorable opportunities to achieve your goals.


To correctly make a wish card you will need: a sheet of drawing paper on which you will fasten images, scissors, glue and colored pens. Select in advance a photo for each sector of the map — they can be cut from magazines or downloaded from the Internet.

Feng Shui Wish Map: Sectoral Drafting Rules

  1. Make a wish map in the days of the rising moon
  2. Each image will need to be signed with positive statements in the present tense. For example, a signature with money is suitable: “I earn 100,000 rubles a month or more”
  3. Pick up those pictures that respond to your soul. These are positive and nice looking images. Look for them yourself, do not use ready-made options.
  4. You will place pictures by sectors. It is important that in each of them was approximately the same number of photos. It is necessary for balance so that there is harmony in all spheres of life.

Here is the scheme in accordance with which you will paste the pictures of your desires by sector:

Feng Shui Wish Map: Sectoral Drafting Rules

It is called the Bagua mesh. Draw a drawing paper and use a pencil to mark the location and name of each zone, so as not to get confused.

Sticky pictures need to clockwise, starting with the central sector.

Sector Mapping Rules

It’s very important not to get confused when making a map: for every desire there is a place. If you start sticking pictures to those sectors with which they do not correspond, the map will be useless.

Feng Shui Wish Map: Sectoral Drafting Rules

Important points and description of each zone:

  1. The central part is the health sector. Here you need to attach your personal photo. It is advisable to choose a picture in which you are happy and healthy, are depicted alone. You can take a photo from prom or wedding, but note that it should be done no earlier than a year ago.
  2. In the career sector, you can put photos of growing sales schedules, satisfied customers, logos of companies in which you would like to work. Another option — a picture in which the head shakes hands with a subordinate with the signature: «I got a promotion»
  3. In the sector of fame — everything that is connected with fame, popularity and recognizability. Magazine covers, large blogs, visited sites. Everything that relates to your business and where you want to succeed
  4. The wealth sector is the easiest to fill. Here you can stick as a photo of large bills, wads of money, and some expensive things: fur coats, cars, houses, branded things, and so on.
  5. In the knowledge sector, prevent photos of diplomas, educational institutions, certificates of attendance, driving licenses, and so on. If you want to attend some kind of seminar or training, stick a photo of the coach.
  6. In the family area, you can put your happy family photos with relatives, whose presence in your life is significant and important. If you dream of children — glue the image of pregnant women, babies, children’s toys
  7. The love sector is a picture of happy couples, romantic dates, weddings and other things that you dream about in your personal life.
  8. Sector of creativity — here you can put photos of hand-made decorations, artists, poets, musicians
  9. Helpers and travels — snapshots of the countries you want to visit. Images of friends who should always stay near you

You must be clear about what you want, choose the images that perfectly match your desires. This is the key to success and execution of everything you dream about.

Signatures to pictures

Each image on the card must be signed positive affirmations. Examples:

  • «I have a car (brand)»
  • «My income is from 50,000 rubles per month and more»
  • «I got a driver’s license»
  • “I am absolutely healthy, every day I feel better and better”
  • «I finished the courses of cutting and sewing»
  • “My family and I visited Italy”
  • «I married a man who suits me in all respects»

Watch a video on how to make a Feng Shui wish card:

Card activation

In order for the desire card to start working, it must be activated. To do this, you need to come up with some kind of petty desire, which you can easily fulfill yourself.

  • Glue a photo of movie tickets to the travel and mate sector
  • Image of ice cream, delicious dessert or any other dish

The day after the card is made, complete the wish and the card will start working.

  • No one except you and your family members should see the map, so it’s best to keep it in an inaccessible place. Glue the drawing paper under the table or behind the cabinet door
  • In the process of making a card, think only of the good. Imagine how your desires are fulfilled, visualize the fulfillment of each dream.
  • Allocate at least five minutes a day to work with the map. Sometimes look at her, thinking about how all your wishes are fulfilled
  • The card is designed for about a year — during this period almost all our plans will come true. You can then create a new one.
  • After the fulfillment of each desire, mentally thank the Higher Forces. The energy of gratitude enhances further action.
  • Your emotions charge the card, so do not sit down to do it if you are angry, annoyed, experiencing anger or resentment. It is best to start creativity in a calm and relaxed state, when nothing bothers you

Belief in the power of the universe is also very important. If you doubt the magic action of the wish card, it will not work.

Therefore, try to sincerely believe that miracles happen, and then get all the necessary opportunities from fate.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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