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Feng Shui to attract money

We attract wealth through the practice of Feng Shui

I have been fascinated by China for a long time, I study the language, history and culture of the country, I have been there many times. I familiarized myself with the theory of fenshui for general development and decided to apply some of its simplest rules in practice.

Then I was surprised to find that they work, despite all my skepticism.

This prompted to study Feng Shui in more detail. In this article I will share the accumulated knowledge and tell you how to use this practice to attract financial well-being.

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice of symbolic organization of space in residential and non-residential premises. The basis of this practice is the doctrine of energy flows that surround a person in space and time and their impact on different areas of his life.

It is important to note that Feng Shui is just a practice, not a religion. He does not support any of the existing religious teachings, but does not contradict them.

This practice can be described as a combination of philosophy, ecology, design, ecology and astrology.

Feng Shui to attract money

According to Feng Shui, the correct location of the building and the organization of its internal premises allow using these energy flows in the best possible way. By this is meant the attainment by the inhabitants of this house of harmony and well-being, their success in all endeavors.

Achieving wealth with Feng Shui

Let us dwell on some of the rules, the observance of which will help you to attract financial well-being.

Regular cleaning

The first and most important advice for achieving financial success according to Chinese doctrine is to clean the house. In order for positive energy, and therefore wealth, to come to you, housing should be free of negative energy.

To do this, carry out regular cleaning.

Feng Shui to attract money

And not limited to those parts of the house that in sight. Periodically clean even the most distant and hard-to-reach corners. Also get rid of unnecessary things.

Throw out spoiled items, sell and give away items in good condition. So you will kill two birds with one stone — clear the space of your house and bring good to other people.

Home Improvement

According to Feng Shui, wealth comes into the house through the front door. In order for it to knock on yours, it must be made of wood. If this is not the case, do not worry, you will not need to change everything.

Just hang on the door outside and / or inside as many wooden accessories as possible, this will be enough.

Feng Shui to attract money

Inside the house should be good lighting. In the daytime, at least for some time, you need to push all the curtains and let the sun pour, light and heat the room.

For the dark of the day must be a bright artificial light.

Directly opposite the front door should not be located window. It is believed that so wealth, barely entering the house, immediately leave it.

If you can not change the layout, put a lot of indoor plants on the window sill, they will be a sufficient barrier.

Organization of “wealth zone”

Feng Shui to attract money

Financial well-being affects the entire house, but mainly its north side. It is in this part of the building that talismans should be placed — objects that allow to attract and strengthen the energy of wealth. Here are just some of them:

  • A small body of water, for example, a fountain, or an image of itself.
  • Aquarium with small fish of golden or orange shades.
  • Lush, healthy and well-groomed indoor trees with leaves, shaped like a coin.
  • Pictures and other interior compositions associated with wildlife. Suitable vases with flowers, landscapes, still lifes, beautiful artificial plants from different materials and all the like.
  • Figurines of three-legged toads, turtles or Hoteya — a Chinese man who carries a bag of coins behind his back.
  • Wooden crafts.
  • Wind Chimes
  • Jewelry boxes or beautiful jewelry.
  • Piggy banks of any kind and size.

When selecting talismans, pay attention to your inner feeling. Pictures, figurines and other attributes should you sincerely like and cause only positive emotions.

Otherwise, they simply will not work.

Feng Shui office workplace

All the tips above can be successfully applied not only at home but also at work. In addition to them, pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Position the computer on the north side of the table.
  • Install a reliable and durable chair with high back and high-quality armrests.
  • If you can’t place a real talisman on the office desk, install its image on the desktop of the computer.
  • Do not put the table directly in front of the front door.
  • If possible, do not sit back to the windows or your colleagues.

It is important: for work to bring wealth, it should be to your liking. If you are engaged in an unpleasant activity, no feng shui will help you achieve financial success.

What else is important to know

Feng Shui to attract money

Feng Shui is not a magic wand, which instantly attracts a lot of money into your life. In addition to the proper organization of the space at home and the workplace, you should act in other areas — to think correctly, to regularly look for new methods of earning and, of course, to fulfill your work duties with high quality.

Also remember that money loves respect and strives to get to someone who cares about them. To make them feel welcome, get a beautiful and comfortable wallet.

There should be a place for coins and bills in expanded form.

You should not keep extraneous papers and other things in your wallet. But beautiful and unusual souvenir or real coins and bills can be, they will be excellent talismans.

It is also recommended to keep records of your income and expenses in a beautiful notebook.

Equally important is your environment. Try to communicate with active and successful people and eliminate from your life pessimistic lazy people.

This will help the energy of wealth and well-being to come to your home and stay in it.

Important: Feng Shui implies the achievement of harmony in the soul of a person, his life and the space around him. Therefore, it is impossible to dwell only on attracting wealth, good and it will not bring success.

Try to develop evenly in all directions.

  • Regularly free the house from dirt and unnecessary things.
  • Install a wooden front door or accessorize it with wood.
  • Install indoor plants on the windowsills — they will not allow wealth to get away from you.
  • Place talismans in the northern part of the house.
  • Surround yourself with successful and positive people.
  • Be respectful of money, even the smallest.

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