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Feng Shui to attract love and marriage

How to use feng shui to attract love and marriage

How to use feng shui to attract love? It is important to properly organize the space in the house, get rid of objects — symbols of loneliness and fill the rooms with amorous talismans.

Apartment design

The most important thing in Eastern studies is to properly organize the space in the house in which you live. You need to do this first, and then pick up talismans and symbols of love to decorate the interior.

Feng Shui to attract love and marriage

  • Print photos of nice men (only strangers) and hang them around the house. It is very important that these are abstract people, not stars or guys from your environment.
  • Remove all objects symbolizing loneliness. It can be sad pictures, decorative figurines. Replace them with paired ones. For example, the figure of one angel is better to change to a statuette, where there are already two angels. And so on
  • Birds, according to Feng Shui, are a symbol of love. Therefore, fill the space with paintings, figurines, figurines and any other images of birds. Best if it’s phoenix or peacock
  • All gifts of ex-men must be discarded or destroyed. Do not regret anything, otherwise the past will never allow to build normal relations with new chosen ones. Ruthlessly burn photos, distribute expensive gifts and decorations to your girlfriends. If it is a pity, sell, and spend money for your pleasure
  • All the «women’s things» store in one place, do not distribute them throughout the apartment. These are cosmetics, jewelry, lacy underwear, little things that are dear to the heart and so on.

The most important place to attract love is the bedroom. Therefore, the space in this room must be organized very carefully. Observe the following rules:

  1. At the head of the bed you can hang pictures with the image of the Moon and everything connected with it. It attracts lunar energy, which is very important for a woman to fill.
  2. Mirrors should be placed so that they do not reflect the bed. It is believed that the mirror reflection takes love energy
  3. You can not keep in the bedroom fresh flowers, they are better placed in the sector of wealth and good luck, in the south-eastern part of the apartment
  4. Keep at home more paired items. A double bed, two pillows, two toothbrushes, slippers, etc. — all these things attract men to your life
  5. It is undesirable to place the bed so that you sleep in the direction of «feet to the door»
  6. The bedroom should not be a walk-through room, ideally it is a separate room with one entrance door.
  7. Items that symbolize marine objects attract love. Decorate the bedroom with shells, sea stones, themed appliqués
  8. Keep children’s toys in the baby’s room. If there is no separate room for the nursery, place them anywhere but not in the bedroom.

Tips Natalia Pravdina

Natalia Pravdina — a real expert on Feng Shui. Her advice has already helped many people to organize the space in the house as part of the eastern teachings.

Feng Shui to attract love and marriage

Natalia’s tips for bringing love and marriage:

  1. If the bedroom is saturated with female energy, the chances to meet the other half are small. Therefore, you need to get rid of the little things that are dear to the female heart: soft toys, pink-colored objects, an excessive number of pillows.
  2. Imagine that every night in your bedroom you sleep not alone, but with a man. How then will the room look like? Put on the bed not one, but two pillows. Empty the shelf in the wardrobe for the future husband, do not litter the place under the mirror with cosmetics
  3. In the sector of love can not be stored electrical appliances. From there you need to remove all appliances: from the TV to the hairdryer. So you will remove the «inanimate» energy that does not allow love to appear in your life.
  4. Fill the space of love in the house (south-western part of the apartment) with symbolic things. It can be pictures of happy couples, figurines in the shape of hearts, red scented candles.
  5. To maximize the energy of love, make a wish card. Fill in the appropriate sector of the card with images of happy couples, weddings, romantic dates, sign with correct affirmations (“I met the love of my life”, “I married a man of my dreams”)

In addition, in order to meet your chosen one, you need to be clear about what he should be. Therefore, first try to visualize the image of a suitable partner, and only then proceed to decorating the house according to Feng Shui.

Watch a video on how to attract love with Feng Shui:


According to Eastern philosophy, one must not only follow the proper organization of space, but also follow some other recommendations.

Feng Shui to attract love and marriage

  • Take time and think about what kind of man you want to meet. Write on paper in detail all the features of the future chosen one. What it should be, and what qualities can push you away. Visualize pictures of your acquaintance, imagine how relationships will develop. The finished list can be tied up with red thread and put away in a secluded place.
  • Occasionally light red scented candles at home. The red color and energy of Fire attracts streams of love energy, fills the woman with attractiveness and beauty.
  • Going on a date, put on a red dress. As a last resort, use accessories of this color.
  • Keep order in the house. Determine for each thing your place and always put it there after use. Get rid of broken and damaged items that block energy flows in time.

You will be surprised how quickly the feng shui methods begin to work. As soon as you organize the space correctly, many opportunities will come to your life to meet the man of your dreams.

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