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Feng Shui symbols: talismans and their meaning, Chinese characters

Feng Shui symbols: talismans, hieroglyphs and their meaning

Hieroglyphs and other Feng Shui symbols are in addition to a properly organized space inside the house. They help attract money and luck, fulfill desires and harmonize the situation within the family.

Let’s talk about the meaning and use of Oriental talismans.

Talismans and their meaning

An integral part of feng shui are talismans. Most often these are animal figures, each of which has its own meaning.

Feng Shui symbols: talismans and their meaning, Chinese characters

Most popular mascots:

  1. Money Toad — a three-legged frog figure with a hole in its mouth into which to insert a coin. It is believed that it attracts money to the house, activates the financial flow of energy, gives success and success. Therefore, it is put in the wealth sector. It is undesirable to have a figure at a high altitude, the lower you set the better.
  2. Figures of horses put in the sectors of career and fame. They help a person to become famous, to move up the career ladder, to find his purpose, good work. Attract the energy of optimism and set up in a positive way, give the feeling of “I can do everything”.
  3. Phoenix bird — a symbol of rebirth and renewal. The talisman is very powerful. It is used in adverse life situations to quickly solve problems and the «white line». Protects from all sorts of trouble, protects against detractors.
  4. Bowl of wealth — located in the zone of wealth. It is believed that this talisman helps to increase already knee capital. It attracts opportunities to achieve financial stability. It activates the energy of abundance, helps money in the house is not transferred.
  5. Figures of white elephants — symbols of good luck. They attract luck and success, help a person to gain wisdom, to make the right decisions in problem situations. The talisman is placed on the windowsill of the largest window in the house.
  6. Mandarin ducks — love symbol. They are best placed in the bedroom. Make relationships between partners happier and more harmonious. And since this is a doubles item, it helps lonely people to quickly find their soul mate.
  7. Decorative fountains enclose the power of the elements of Water, which directly affects the financial situation in the family. Therefore, this item is placed in the zone of wealth in order to attract the money and energy necessary to achieve goals related to material things.
  8. Money trees — the name speaks for itself. Activate the energy necessary for financial well-being and prosperity of the family. They attract good luck, give confidence in themselves and their strengths, harmonize the space around them.
  9. Sakura with stones imitating leaves is a symbol of happiness, success and prosperity. Very bright, auspicious symbol, which improves the situation in the family as a whole. It helps to quickly and easily fulfill any desires, activates the creative potential of man.
  10. Ornamental fruit trees — located in the health sector. They are a symbol of longevity, physical and mental beauty. It is believed that the person in whose house there is this talisman will live long, abundantly and without any health problems.
  11. The dragon is a symbol of greatness and great life wisdom. Very strong talisman, giving birth to the beneficent energy of Qi, which breathes life into everything around. The dragon is associated with boundless wisdom and kindness. It is the patron of businessmen, executives, creators. Harmonizes space, directing energy in the right direction.
  12. Turtle with a dragon’s head — an ancient Chinese amulet. It protects the home from all sorts of problems, repels difficulties and failures. Combines the «dragon» greatness and «turtle» wisdom. Suppresses anger, not allowing to create conflict situations within the family.
  13. The ship is a symbol of good luck in all its manifestations. If a person in the house has this talisman, he can do anything for him. Prosperity, material well-being, emotional balance — all this attracts the talisman. To enhance efficiency, the ship must be “loaded” with money or jewels, using it as a casket.
  14. The fish — the golden statuette attracts wealth, and the pair statuette with two fish provides luck in love affairs. If you want to secure success in financial matters, put an aquarium with live fish at home.
  15. Hotty — the most famous talisman in the form of a bald fat man with a huge belly. It is believed that he fulfills desires — it is enough to rub his finger on the belly of the figure three times. But only those dreams that are expressed in the state of goodness come true.

Watch a video about oriental symbols and charms:

Chinese characters

Chinese characters also have their hidden meaning. They can be depicted in certain sectors of the house, depending on what you would like to attract into your life.

Feng Shui symbols: talismans and their meaning, Chinese characters

Values ​​of the most popular hieroglyphs:

  • Dragon — personifies power and incredible strength, gives a person a feeling of success, faith in themselves and their capabilities. It helps to ensure that any business ends profitably for you, helps generate useful ideas;
  • Luck is a symbol of luck. Creates opportunities for the rapid achievement of goals;
  • Business success — a mascot of careerists and all those who want to successfully build a career, find the job of their dreams, create a business that brings pleasure and high income;
  • Health — protects against disease, a symbol of longevity, gives vitality, fills with strength for action;
  • Yin-Yang is a pair symbol of the balance and unity of man with the world. Harmonizes space, balances energy flows. It creates a favorable atmosphere in the family, protects against conflicts and quarrels.

Feng Shui symbols: talismans and their meaning, Chinese characters

You can choose any of the talismans to decorate your home, but do not abuse it. It is better not to put more than 2-3 decorative oriental figures in each of the areas of the apartment.

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