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Feng Shui rooms: what zones is your home divided into?

Feng Shui rooms: an overview of all areas in it

You are probably familiar with the expression: «My home is my fortress.» And the more comfort, benevolence and positive energy will be in a home, the better your life will be.

Of course, the first thing that matters is the people themselves who live in the dwelling and the atmosphere that they create.

But, according to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, in order to achieve auspiciousness in the house, it is necessary to achieve harmony between yourself and the space that surrounds you. And in the presence of this harmony, your life will turn into a permanent and stable «plus» — relating to the sphere of relationships, health and business and all the rest.

If there is no harmony in life — it doesn’t matter, it can be easily returned, for this you need to learn more about the art of feng shui and all its tenets. In particular, in this material we will tell you about the different areas of the room on feng shui.

Feng Shui rooms: what zones is your home divided into?

Overview of all areas of the home by Feng Shui

This ancient art traditionally divides the house into several zones, each of which is responsible for a certain area of ​​life. Then you can learn more about them, as well as how to activate them.

Wealth zone

In the Bagua grid, it is located in the south-east direction. With the revitalization of this sector, people will live in luxury and prosperity. The area corresponds with plants of green and lilac color, and also with an element of a tree.

For her active work, the water element will definitely be needed, because it is she who, according to Feng Shui, is a symbol of material wealth.

The water element in feng shui is represented by various waterfalls, fountains and aquariums. But if you decide to place them in your home, you will need to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the water, because the dirty streams will not only not improve your financial situation, but, on the contrary, will affect it very badly.

Another area of ​​wealth is activated by special talismans — for example, a model of a sailboat (it must be sent inside the dwelling).

Zone of glory

It is located in the southern part of the apartment and is responsible for the achievement of success in life, fame and career advancement. The area of ​​glory corresponds to the red hue and fire element.

The most effective talismans that activate this area are fireplaces and candles with aroma lamps (choose red candle shades). For efficiency, it is necessary to light candles at least once in seven days.

Area of ​​love and marriage

Its location — the south-western part of the housing. This sector has enormous potential in normalizing the love, intimate and social spheres of relationships between people.

It corresponds to the earth element and terracotta color.

The popular talismans of this sector include all varieties of paired objects that will promote good luck in love. At the same time, it does not matter at all what items we are talking about — you can use a pair of pillows, and candles, and other similar attributes.

Feng Shui rooms: what zones is your home divided into?

In order for the magic to work, you only need to contact your “love corner” from time to time and imagine how your dream becomes reality and the desire is fulfilled. It is also very good when there are flowers in the Love sector — live or even painted, “wind music”, chocolate products and everything that concerns them — all this symbolizes a romantic relationship.

Sector of children (also acts as a sector of creativity and happiness)

Her location — the western part of the house. It corresponds to the element of the metal, it also corresponds to the white, metallic, golden and silver colors.

Assistants, Mentors and Travel Sector

Located in the northwestern part of the house. It corresponds to the metal element and corresponds to white, metallic, golden and silver colors.

The most powerful influence of this area extends to the owner of the dwelling, plus she has a connection with those people who provide you with their help (mentors, colleagues, leaders).

If you activate this zone correctly, you will be able to attract influential people to your side, plus help will come to you from various sources. And if you dream of constant travels — it will also be good to “awaken” this zone.

From the characteristic talismans of this area, you can name the images of all those people who represent patrons for you in heaven and on earth: angel figurines or paintings, icons, portraits of celebrities and authoritative personalities for you, and so on.

Career and life area

Its location is the northern part of the house. The element is water, and the colors are black, blue and blue.

The area is responsible for everything related to career. If you activate the zone correctly, you will ensure career advancement, you will be able to achieve the desired salary, successfully change your profession and be happy with it.

The second point — the zone is also responsible for your life road. Because of this, it is worthwhile to do a thorough analysis of the area.

After all, if in your housing this sector got a place in the corridor, lit by a dim light bulb — you should not be surprised why you can’t get what you dream about.

The most popular talisman of this area is the turtle, which symbolizes support from above, protection, wisdom and long life. In Feng Shuya, the turtle is a type of the Universe: its shell is associated with the sky, and the belly — with the earth’s surface.

It is designed to attract money and support from influential personalities. Feng Shui recommends that you place as many turtles as possible in your home, if you want to have a lucky lady smile.

Feng Shui rooms: what zones is your home divided into?

Zone of wisdom and knowledge

Located in the northeast direction. Corresponds to the element of water and corresponds to beige and all brown shades.

The area is responsible for learning and accumulating new knowledge. If you activate the zone — you add yourself wisdom.

Of the characteristic talismans of this area, you can select crystals with statuettes or images of snakes. The latter symbolize the process of perpetual motion and renewal of the Universe.

And among the eastern residents — feminine beauty and charm. So, for example, there is considered a very pleasant compliment «You are as lovely as a snake.»

In addition, the snakes are personified with wisdom and deep knowledge.

The area is also activated by globes, ceramic and porcelain vases and figurines.

Family zone

East zone in the dwelling. Its element is a tree, and the color is green.

This sector affects the state of family affairs and relationships between all members of the genus. Its activation will have a very positive effect on the family microclimate and even help to get offspring.

The classic talisman of this area is the green dragon — a symbol of power, wisdom and kindness. Also, family photos of happy and happy family members are suitable as talismans.

Health zone

Its location is the central part of the Bagua grid. Its element is earth, and the color is terracotta.

Because of its central location, this zone affects all other sectors and is a link for them. And in fact, it’s hard to argue that lack of health causes severe depression, even if a person has everything else.

From the traditional symbols of this zone can be called peaches and cranes.

Feng Shui advises to fill the central part of the house with various funny things and humorous pictures, as well as books with caricatures, video comedies, because laughter is the best medicine. And if the place allows — put a spacious dining table in your apartment.

Now you just have to analyze what you most need right now — in money, health, love, or maybe career advancement? And based on this, start activating exactly the zone that is responsible for the necessary.

Magic feng shui is sure to help you improve your life and get what you want. But, of course, the main condition in this case is absolute faith in the result.

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