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Feng Shui Orchid: Meaning and Secret Meaning

Feng Shui Orchid: Meaning and Secret Meaning

The orchid is a magical flower that is designed to motivate perfection in everything. The plant is able to attract harmony and good fortune in a dwelling, but will it not do any harm?

You can learn about this from this material, which reveals the value of orchids by Feng Shui.

The value of orchids in the art of feng shui

A beautiful plant in the art of feng shui symbolizes fertility, as well as the pursuit of perfectionism in all areas of life, family happiness and well-being. Orchid is also associated with abundance, spiritual growth, beauty and purity.

It is no wonder why this flower has gained such high popularity among indoor plant lovers.

The flower symbolizes love and beauty. Therefore, the representatives of the stronger sex, who want to impress their girlfriend, should replace the usual and banal roses with unusual and attractive orchids.

The lady is likely to be very pleasantly surprised and delighted with such an exotic gift.

If an orchid is present in the house, its inhabitants will constantly experience positive emotions, feel full satisfaction with life, plus an amazing plant will positively affect social behavior.

Feng Shui Orchid: Meaning and Secret Meaning

Potted orchid flowers in apartments or offices (and most of all — plants with flowers) add harmony to space and make people happier and more successful. A person experiences a constant feeling of joy, pleasure from life, easily says goodbye to all the sorrows, troubles and life difficulties.

In Chinese, orchids are associated with financial well-being, a sense of style, and patronage. Due to all the listed characteristics, orchids are deservedly the best natural elements in the art of feng shui.

They belong to the element of the tree.

If you put an orchid flower in your home or workplace, then increase the financial flow, and also become more successful and successful. The main thing to do is right, you can read about it later in the article.

Rules of placement of orchids in the home

Feng Shui welcomes the cultivation of orchids at home. Orchids are traditionally female flowers.

They will make their hostess more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex, will add to her health, charm, tenderness, and more — they will extend the desired youth and freshness. But it is very important careful handling of the flower.

Consider that the orchid will attract energy to itself, for this reason it must be properly located in the house:

  • placing the plant in the eastern part of the house, according to the art of feng shui, will protect a person and his family from various ailments and health problems;
  • The northern part of the house is responsible for the financial position of its owner. Try placing an orchid in the area and it’s likely that you’ll have a nice salary increase very soon;
  • the south-western part of the house — here it is worthwhile to place a red-tinged orchid, which will ensure a favorable family environment, peace and order;
  • A plant located in the northwestern part of the house will help eliminate the consequences of conflict situations with people dear to the heart.

By the way, the orchid will still be able to protect its owner from misfortune and drive away people who have bad intentions from home. Behind the lovely appearance of the flower there is a tendency towards energetic vampirism, the truth concerns only strangers.

An important point! You can not put an orchid in the bedroom, because otherwise you will suffer from problems with sleep.

And in other rooms you can place a flower, the main thing is to know what result you would like to achieve.

And, of course, do not forget that light and sun are simply vital for delicate orchid flowers, so under no circumstances can they be placed in dark places. Cold trembling plants are also negatively treated, it is best to keep them warm throughout the year.

You can not let the flower pot stood near the air conditioner or fan, otherwise the plant may dry out and wither. According to the Feng Shui teachings, the most suitable rooms of a house to house orchids will be a living room, a loggia and a winter garden.

How to activate an orchid

Orchid is a perfect gift of nature, having a very strong energy. But this energy must still be able to “awaken” properly, for which special activator objects are used.

Place the plant near the aquarium. The aquarium is an independent strong talisman, and complemented by the power of the orchid, it will manifest remarkable magical power.

Alternatively, you can take a decorative fountain. It is important that both aquariums and fountains are either glass or stone.

Feng Shui Orchid: Meaning and Secret Meaning

Place a glass figurine next to the plant to bring happiness to your life — for example, a lotus or elephant flower. The very same orchid is placed in a glass vase, on which there should be no cracks.

And on top of the plant is to hang a picture or embroidery with a background on a red cloth.

Orchids should not be located opposite the entrance to the home and on the window sills. Protect your natural talisman from bad energy — it will need to be placed so that the sharp corners do not disturb the interaction with the energy of Qi.

Make sure that next to the plant there are no cabinets, bookshelves, sideboards and other pieces of furniture, since all this will violate the release of positive energy of flowers.

If the plant fades, it will be necessary to remove it from the house, replacing it with a new one so that the strong flow of vital energy of Qi does not turn away from your home.

Color is also very important.

The coloring of the plant will play a huge role. For each of the shades of orchids has its own value:

  • dark red flower — suitable for indecisive individuals who really want to change their lives, but still can not take a decisive step forward, towards their own destiny and change;
  • white orchids — symbolize love, purity and femininity. Such a plant will help a person quickly meet a soul mate. In addition, white orchids will add peace and harmony to man;
  • colorful flowers — eliminate laziness and apathy.

If you plan to present the plant to your beloved people, present the flowers with a bright red hue, and choosing a gift for relatives and friends — it is worthwhile to stay on pink, lilac and white flowers.

Feng Shui Orchid: Meaning and Secret Meaning

Regardless of its color, an orchid simply cannot leave one person indifferent and will surely give a lot of positive emotions.

Can a plant hurt?

Even in spite of its external splendor, great energetic strength and the ability to bring happiness to life, the plant can conceal danger. The whole problem lies in the fact that the orchid absorbs the energy of sleeping people.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to place the plant in the bedroom, otherwise after waking up you will feel badly morally, the mood will be disgusting, you will encounter apathy and weakness.

In no case do not put the pot in the nursery with a plant, if the baby is sleeping in it. Children are able to feel the negative impact of the plant much more than adults, so for them the orchid will not only be harmful, but very dangerous. Due to the regular loss of good energy, the child will become capricious, will often get sick and get tired quickly.

The baby does not want to contact with peers, the craving for learning will disappear, and conflicts with parents will become more frequent. Therefore, place the plant anywhere, just not in the bedroom.

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