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Feng Shui office: preparatory stage, how to choose a place

The right feng shui office: tips and tricks

Competent feng shui office will help create a favorable working atmosphere, activate the free movement of energy through space, and improve the efficiency of employees. Let’s talk about what you need to do to arrange the interior.

How to choose a place for office

If you have not yet rented a suitable room, you can study the rules of Feng Shui in advance to find the perfect office from the point of view of Eastern philosophy.

Feng Shui office: preparatory stage, how to choose a place

The selection rules are as follows:

  1. Office premises should be located in buildings of the correct, symmetrical form. If the house resembles a pyramid, this is the most unfavorable option, the energy in the workspace will become stagnant.
  2. Indoors there should not be a large number of protruding beams and overhanging eaves. Not very good if the area of ​​the upper floors exceeds the area of ​​the lower. Conflict situations will constantly arise in such offices.
  3. It is desirable that the rooms for work are located not at the end of the corridor, but in its middle. Also make sure that the entrance to the office is not exactly in front of the elevator — such an arrangement threatens the rapid bankruptcy of the business.
  4. Buildings with mirrored windows will not work. Reflective surfaces will not allow positive Qi energy to penetrate into the space, no matter how correctly you equip office space.
  5. Look on the map to see whether there are any cemeteries, morgues, hospitals, prisons, and other government institutions near the building. They have a huge amount of negative energy that will affect your business.
  6. It is also undesirable that the building is located at the intersection of streets, not standing in the center of the intersection.

Once you have chosen the right room, you can begin to arrange the office.

Preparatory stage

What you need to do before you begin to equip the space according to the canons of Feng Shui:

  1. Redecorating. Be sure to replace the stale wallpaper, fix all damage. Make sure that the walls and the floor were perfectly smooth, the electrical wiring worked properly.
  2. General cleaning. Indoor cleanliness should reign supreme. It is especially important to clean windows and doors well — through them positive energy flows into the space, filling the office.
  3. Cleaning on the thin plan. Walk around the office with a lit wax candle to destroy the remnants of negative energy. You can also light incense for a while, read prayers or sing mantras — their sounds clear space and increase energy vibrations.

And only after preparatory manipulations, one can proceed to the activation of the energy of the space, the design and decoration of the interior.

Office space arrangement

There are many important nuances that need to be taken into account if you want to create a favorable and positive working atmosphere.

Feng Shui office: preparatory stage, how to choose a place

  1. Reception is a place that is visited by different people. They can bring with them negative emotions — this must be neutralized with the help of symbols of the water element. Put in the reception room fountains or an aquarium, keep there fresh flowers (ideal — a palm tree or a ficus). Mirrors will also reflect negative.
  2. If in the corridors the doors are located opposite each other, this is bad. To neutralize the negative, hang talismans «wind music» above the entrance to the premises. They will install a protective barrier.
  3. If your entire office is just one room in which several employees work at once, it is necessary to divide it visually. This will help the various partitions, screens. In extreme cases, delimit the space tables.
  4. Employees’ tables should be arranged in such a way that during work a person could see the front door, he should not sit with her back to her.
  5. Opposite each other, jobs are highly undesirable. If colleagues overlap while working, this can lead to conflicts and internal problems in the team.
  6. If a person in the process of work sits facing the window, this is not the most favorable option. According to feng shui, his knowledge and intellectual abilities will “flow away” through window openings. You can protect yourself with thick blinds or curtains.
  7. Pictures in the office should be neutral and symbolize the water element. Place on the walls calm seascapes, photos of waterfalls or rivers.

Watch a video on how to arrange an office or office for Feng Shui:

Furniture placement

Much will depend on the correctly arranged furniture, its shape and quality.

Feng Shui office: preparatory stage, how to choose a place

  1. The ideal workplace option for an employee is a wooden, massive, light-colored table. The energy of this subject stimulates creativity, helps to find non-standard solutions to any problems.
  2. The shape of the furniture should be symmetrical. It is advisable to choose rectangular or square tables, chairs, and avoid oval, round shapes.
  3. Black in the arrangement of office space is best avoided. It attracts negative energy, creating an unfavorable atmosphere in the team. If the work area is framed in gloomy shades, colleagues will constantly quarrel with each other, you will not be able to create a friendly team.
  4. Book shelves and cabinets in which documents are stored are the most problematic places in terms of energy. Old paper deposits accumulate negative energy, which negatively affects the workflow. Disassemble archives regularly. If the paper can not be thrown away, at least move them from place to place.
  5. Surprisingly, the rules of Feng Shui work in most cases. The competent organization of space allows positive energy to fill the office, charging all employees with a good mood and stimulating their efficiency.

In a well-designed room, the company’s affairs will go smoothly, and crises will get round.

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