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Feng Shui Manicure — tips and tricks

Feng Shui Manicure: what colors to dye nails

Even a manicure can be done on feng shui, choosing the right shades and making bright accents on some of the fingers. Let’s talk about how to choose the color according to your element, and also share some recommendations.

Element selection

To choose the color of the coating, the options for decorating nails, you need to know your eastern element. To do this, make a simple calculation by date of birth.

Feng Shui Manicure - tips and tricks

The last digit of the year of birth is the indicator by which you can determine the element:

  • the numbers 8 and 9 correspond to the earth;
  • fire 6 and 7;
  • wood — 4 and 5;
  • water — 3 and 2;
  • metal — 0 and 1.

Feng Shui Manicure - tips and tricks

And then, depending on what kind of natural element energy prevails in you, choose colors to cover the nails:

  1. Fiery girls should choose all shades of red and gold. Suitable and trendy in this season, the color of «Marsala».
  2. Representatives of the water element is better to stop the choice on any shade of blue. You can decorate the nail design with drawings of black, white and silver colors.
  3. For the «wooden» ideal — deep, rich black, blue and green tones.
  4. «Metal» fit coating that mimic the mirror surface or metal (for this, you can buy special rubs). White and yellow tones are also suitable.
  5. Girls with the energy of the earth should stop the choice on warm, autumn colors. These are all shades of brown beige, yellow and pink.

Proper selection of colors in Feng Shui is very important. When you use tones that match your energy, attract good luck to your life.

Tips and tricks

If you are doing a manicure yourself, and do not visit the nail wizard, follow these guidelines:

  1. Do any beauty treatments in a good mood. If you are not in the mood right now, postpone the manicure until a more appropriate moment. When you are calm and relaxed, you are filled with positive feminine energy. When annoyed, angry or offended — destroy all the good emotions within you.
  2. Do not be distracted by other things. Turn off the phone, TV, get out of social networks. It is best to do a manicure to the sound of pleasant, calm music. You can include records of mantras or prayers.
  3. Depending on where you induce beauty, you attract different benefits to your living space. If you need to gain success in career affairs — go to the office. If you need love — go to the bedroom. If you are sick, the bathroom will do.
  4. Decorate your nails with Chinese characters with the meaning you need. In feng shui there are symbols of happiness, love, abundance, wealth, creativity, good luck and others. The image should be applied only on one nail.
  5. Before painting the nails make a neat manicure, prepare the nail plate. Trim the cuticle, cut off the nails, polish them with a buff.

Look on the Internet, blogs manicure masters, interesting ideas for a manicure. Choose the design option that you really like.

Finger power

In Eastern philosophy, everything matters — even every finger of yours corresponds to a certain area of ​​life. Depending on the success in which area you are especially needed, focus on the appropriate nail plate.

Feng Shui Manicure - tips and tricks

  • Big — characterizes intellectual and creative abilities. Motivates mental activity, helps to discover talents and successfully implement them;
  • The index finger is a symbol of selfishness and dissatisfaction with life. This lack of harmony, when a person does not see anything good in the world around him. Emphasis on this finger is not recommended;
  • The middle finger is also better not to touch — if you focus on the manicure on it, you can provoke quarrels and conflicts in family life, “kill” love and friendship;
  • Ring finger responsible for sexuality, sensuality, attractiveness for the opposite sex. Helps to attract a worthy partner in your life to build happy and harmonious relationships;
  • The little finger is responsible for harmony, balance in all spheres of life.

To focus on a particular finger, decorate the nail with rhinestones, Chinese characters or pictures.

Watch the video on how to make a manicure on Feng Shui:

Meaning of flowers

According to Eastern philosophy, each shade has its own meaning and attracts the corresponding energy into a person’s life:

  • Red — bright, fiery, active, attracts love and passion, indomitable and uncontrollable energy;
  • White — peace and tranquility, balance in everything. But it can «slow down» active and active personalities;
  • Yellow — the balance of life, is associated with autumn, when it comes time to collect the fruit. The result of actions and thoughts in the past;
  • Brown — endowed with very warm and vibrant energy, a symbol of balance and balance in everything;
  • Blue — should be used if you need to quickly solve some important problem related to money. Attracts monetary, water energy;
  • Green — symbolizes hope, helps to see happiness in trifles and to notice the opportunities that fate sends for your well-being;
  • Orange is a symbol of boiling fiery energy, vitality and optimism, improves mood and makes it easier to look at difficult life situations;
  • Pink — a symbol of youth, disclosure of personality, tenderness and high spiritual potential;
  • Blue — soothes and pacifies, harmonizes the psycho-emotional state;
  • Turquoise — a positive effect on health, guarding against diseases.

There is another small trick: the left hand is responsible for attracting monetary energy, and the right hand is for loving energy. Keep this in mind when choosing a design for nail design.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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