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Feng Shui house layout — features and rules

Feng Shui house layout

Unlike owners of apartments, owners of private houses can afford to design and build a house at will. By doing this according to all the rules of feng shui, you can help yourself find a happy and decent life:

  • Create harmonious family relationships;
  • Gain good health;
  • To settle matters in career and in business;
  • Increase financial wealth.

Feng Shui house layout - features and rules

Anyone who plans to acquire a land plot and build a house can choose the right plot, calculate the good location of the house, arrange it correctly and create an internal layout. Proper planning of the house according to the teachings of Feng Shui will help to multiply and maintain Qi energy (positive energy, giving harmony and harmony) and avoid accumulation of Sha energy (negative energy, bringing unhappiness and sadness to the house).

Select a site

If you want peace and harmony to reign in the house, you need to place it in a place with the right energy. It is necessary to choose a site for construction with special care, taking into account all the nuances.

  • The location of a private house next door to high-rise buildings will be unfavorable. In such quarters, Qi energy circulates poorly, but Sha energy will constantly get into the house.
  • A good option for the location of the house is considered to be a separate cottage village or a special village with similar buildings. In places where homes are built in a similar style, positive energy accumulates.
  • It is worth paying special attention to the surrounding nature. Ideal for a picturesque place. Energy Qi loves beautiful natural areas, parks, forests. However, there should not be many trees. A lot of shade and a lot of sun can hurt.
  • A good addition to the site will be a natural reservoir, for example, a pond.
  • Location in the valley will not be the best option.

The main condition for choosing a site is the harmony of nature. A bare field is not suitable, as are solid hills.

Trees should be, but not many. Surrounded by natural harmony and the house will be filled with spiritual harmony.

Feng Shui house layout - features and rules

How to arrange a house

After selecting the site is to do the correct position of the house. In addition to the correct location in parts of the world, you need to take into account some other characteristics.

  • If you have chosen a corner plot, then you should not have a house on the outer corner at the intersection of two roads. In such a place there is no concentration of Qi energy, but here Sha energy abound. On this site, the house is best placed inside the site.
  • The presence of a reservoir on the site is a good means to attract energy, but only in the case of the correct location of the house. The house should be located to the pond central facade. If this does not work out, then the house should be fenced from the reservoir.
  • Location in the center of the site can have a bad effect on the energy of the house. It is believed that he has no support and protection, that he stands in the midst of emptiness. To build a family in such a house would be problematic.
  • It is better to move the house from the center, but not directly to the fence. Between them should remain free space.
  • The fence on the site should be low, especially if the house is one-story. Due to the high energy intake of Qi, it will be hard to get to the site and into the house.

How to make home territory

When the house is built, be sure to equip the yard. The flooded area will attract Sha energy.

In the well-kept area should be flower beds and flower beds, but the central door to the house should not be blocked. It should be opened to the maximum for access to the house of Qi energy.

The path to the house should not be straight, but winding with smooth curves. If there is no possibility to make it so, then you need to at least make it so that it rests straight against the central gate or fence.

Feng Shui house layout - features and rules

House shape

To build a house according to all the rules of Feng Shui, it is important to determine the shape of the future home. The teaching recommends building a house in the shape of a regular square or rectangle.

In a house of this form, it will be easier to make a layout and divide the premises into bagua zones. It is better not to choose houses of fancy and irregular shapes, for example, in the form of letters P or D.

In a house of this form it will be difficult to zone the space.

  • The front door must be wide enough to access the house with the right energy;
  • The more windows, the better;
  • The shape of the house should be symmetrical and correct;
  • The roof is also of the correct symmetrical form — the correct duo-pitch, four-pitched, pyramidal, oval, round, pagoda;

How to relate the house with the sides of the world

Unambiguous interpretations and correct planning for the location of the house on the cardinal points are not. It must be selected individually, taking into account the needs and characteristics of tenants.

The main entrance for energy is windows and doors, therefore the central entrance needs to be determined to that side of the world whose energy is important.

  • North is a zone of self-knowledge. It will help to know yourself. Contributes to the establishment of a quiet closed life, supporting philosophical sentiments. Suitable for those who prefer solitude and tranquility.
  • South is the energy of activity, the opposite of North. Makes tenants live more actively, filling the house with movement and life. There will always be many guests and events. Residents of this house will bring things to the end.
  • The West is the energy of conclusions and results. It helps to understand difficult matters, contributes to success in career and business, to avoid complex negative situations.
  • East is the energy of renewal. Brings fresh ideas, gives new strength in difficult situations, helps in conceived undertakings.

There are also mixed flows of energy from the cardinal points, along which you can also orient the location of the house.

Layout of the house on the grid of bagua

If you are just going to build a house, then it is better to take into account all the features according to the teachings of feng shui. It’s better to do everything right by the rules than to eliminate the consequences.

Bagua mesh will help in planning.

What is Bagua

Bagua mesh is an octagon with a functional center. This is a kind of layout for the flow of various energies in rooms. All sectors of the scheme are responsible for any area of ​​human life:

  • Career;
  • Travels;
  • Children, creativity;
  • Marriage and love;
  • Glory;
  • Wealth;
  • Family;
  • Knowledge, wisdom;
  • Health.

Each sector has its own direction and its tools to strengthen or neutralize the incoming energy.

The Bagua mesh in the classic presentation will be difficult for non-professionals. The correct placement can make a professional consultant for Feng Shui. For the rest, create a square Lo Shu.

In it, each cell corresponds to an octagon sector.

Feng Shui house layout - features and rules

Bagua Overlay

If there is a desire to make your home according to all the canons of Feng Shui, bagua can be correlated and superimposed on a drawing or project. If the house is still only at the stage of project development, then it will not be difficult to do everything according to the rules.

If a box has already been erected near the house, then the internal layout and partitions can be made in accordance with the Bagua grid. To do this, it is also necessary to correlate with the drawing and adjust it according to the plan.

When there is a drawing before your eyes, then right on it you can draw a square or a rectangle in accordance with its dimensions, taking the foundation of the house, the external walls as the basis. Having drawn a square frame in accordance with the cardinal points, divide it into 9 sectors in accordance with the Bagua grid.

Non-residential and adjacent buildings, such as a balcony, terrace, porch or porch, are not included in the map.

Having distributed the zones in the drawing, you can bring all this to life. By placing the premises according to the zones, you will create favorable conditions for the Qi energy that will prevail in your home.

The energy map will tell you in which place it is best to locate the kitchen, nursery, bedroom and living room. Properly designed scheme will help activate the zones that need to be activated to achieve positive results.

Various Feng Shui tools can help. The most «working» tools affecting a specific zone are listed in the Bagua grid:

  • Interior colors;
  • Decor items;
  • Decoration Materials.

The Feng Shui teaching has been formed for thousands of years, so it will be problematic to figure out the very first time and make the right layout. Properly equip your home so that it was full of harmony in all spheres of life, can consultant on Feng Shui.

If such a specialist still works together with the designer and designer, then you’ll have a house full of the energy needed by its owners.

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