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Feng Shui furniture arrangement in different rooms of an apartment or house

How to arrange furniture for Feng Shui in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and hallway

If you know how to arrange furniture in Feng Shui, the space of your house will be filled with a huge amount of Qi energy. It affects absolutely all spheres of human life, harmonizes the environment and brings mental balance.

Arrangement of furniture in the living room

The living room is the most important part of the house, its center, the “heart chakra”. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully organize the space here, so that all members of the family are healthy, calm and happy.

Feng Shui furniture arrangement in different rooms of an apartment or house

Recommendations in feng shui following:

  1. Bulky, massive and tall cabinets should be kept near a solid wall. Their back wall must be completely closed. The farther from the entrance to the room — the better that the cabinet does not interfere with the energy of Qi to get into the space in full.
  2. Mirrors should not reflect doors and stairs. Therefore, place all reflective surfaces in such a way as to prevent this.
  3. The backs of chairs, chairs and sofas should be located opposite the window, away from the door. It turns out, when a person is sitting, there is a window behind him, and a door in the foreseeable space.
  4. Puffs and low chairs are not considered the best choice. The higher the furniture backs, the better. Ideally, every seat in the living room should have an armrest.
  5. It is desirable that the furniture be smooth rounded shapes without rectangular and angular clear edges. It should also have more soft pillows and other cozy details of the interior.
  6. If you are dining in the living room, choose an oval or round table. It is fundamentally.
  7. Screens of a computer or television should not be viewed from a door or window; place them in such a way as to observe this rule.
  8. In the south-western sector of the room, you should hang the family tree of your family or place happy family photos there.
  9. On the walls you can place pictures of nature. These are various autumn landscapes, sea compositions and other.

The bedroom is responsible for the love sphere of life: everything that is associated with attractiveness for the opposite sex, with the family relationship between wife and husband.

Feng Shui furniture arrangement in different rooms of an apartment or house

So that the energy of love can flow freely, follow these guidelines:

  1. It is desirable that the shape of the room was square or rectangular. The same rule applies to furniture — clear lines, symmetry.
  2. Massive furniture and cabinets should be placed along the walls so that the back wall is closed. Well, if you order the built-in structures that can not be moved.
  3. There should be no dark places in the room. If any niches, grooves, close the light, they need to install bright lights to prevent energy in these places to stagnate.
  4. From the bed should open a review of the whole room. Therefore, the space around it cannot be cluttered and forced with massive objects. But in front of the door to install a bed should not be. It is desirable that the headboard rests against the wall.
  5. Opposite the bed on the wall hang a picture that makes you pleasant emotions. When you wake up, you should see this image and think about something good, set up on a positive day.
  6. Mirrors should be at a minimum, it is better to exclude them altogether. They should not reflect the bed. It is believed that the reflection takes energy from a sleeping person, depriving him of vital forces.

Living indoor plants are not suitable for the bedroom. They are better placed in the kitchen or in the apartment wealth sector.

Feng shui kitchen is a symbol of the hearth. Fire energy reigns here, which can be activated with the help of well-arranged furniture.

Feng Shui furniture arrangement in different rooms of an apartment or house

Rules for arranging the kitchen are as follows:

  1. Place the slab in the southeast. The unfavorable directions of the world — the east and the south, if the “breadwinner” of the family is located in this zone, it will select the vital forces, and not give them.
  2. Standing near the stove, the hostess must see the exit from the room. It is desirable that during cooking a review of the entire kitchen opened.
  3. Items of water and fire elements should be placed as far as possible from each other. It is desirable that the stove and the sink share at least a small space so that they do not conflict with each other.
  4. If you have a spacious kitchen, which is also a dining room, and you decide to install a bar counter to share space, make sure that there is free space between the board and the floor. This is necessary for the free circulation of qi energy.
  5. Ensure that the kitchen is always well lit. Do not cover the windows with dark curtains, use the brightest light bulbs in the lamps.
  6. It is desirable that the front door and the window opening did not look at each other. If the layout does not allow, divide the space with a semitransparent partition.

Watch the video on how to arrange the furniture in the apartment according to the canons of feng shui:

The entrance door is a gate for positive Qi energy, therefore it is very important to arrange the hallway space properly so that there are no obstacles to the free circulation of this energy.

  1. Install a mirror in the hallway so that the front door is not reflected in it. Otherwise, all incoming energy will immediately be sent back.
  2. The door should be as heavy as possible. The larger the door, the more it will protect your home from negative energy and all sorts of problems.
  3. The entrance to the apartment should not be located opposite the bathroom — the money will literally «flow into the toilet.» If the layout is appropriate, above the entrance you need to place the eastern talisman «music of the wind.»

These are the most basic recommendations that you need to follow if you want to have everything at home “feng shui”. Competent organization of space will create a favorable energy situation in the home.

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