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Feng Shui forecast for 2019

Accurate feng shui forecast for 2019 in all areas

I have already checked my feng shui forecast for 2019 in order to spend the most productive 12 months. I also recommend that you check with the forecasts in order to set things right in every area of ​​your life.

Let’s disassemble in detail.

General trends

The forecast Feng Shui for 2019 states: absolutely every person will have some very memorable events, regardless of the sign of the zodiac under which he was born. The Yellow Pig will not leave anyone without its scrutiny, because it is the last symbol in the zodiacal circle.

Each of us will have to be active in the new year, not even thinking about quietly sitting out.

Feng Shui forecast for 2019

  1. Since the Pig is very peaceful, in 2019, you can try to establish long-spoiled relationships with people. It is possible that even long-standing irreconcilable enemies will come to an agreement. The forecast promises us even the fact that all people in general will become more welcoming and welcoming. Relations can also be improved between the warring countries.
  2. A pig is ready to fulfill any dreams, if a person tries to do something himself. She can give enough dramatic changes in life. The main thing is to open up to them and not be afraid of anything.
  3. It is very important to try not to offend anyone, not to be a fool, and not to go over your heads in achieving your own goals. Such actions will not go unpunished, and you risk getting a huge barrage of problems in return.
  4. But it is not necessary to be modest in the coming year. You can fully manifest and develop your talents, engage in creative work, show everyone what you can and can do. Perhaps this year will be the beginning of the realization of your true purpose.
  5. It is very important to spend time and invest money in your own education. Acquired skills and knowledge will serve you excellent service in the future and can bring great results.

Pig, by the way, combines the characteristics of almost all other characters. Forecasts for 2019 are mixed.

But one thing is clear — every person will have a great chance to become happy. Exactly the same as to remain completely miserable, if you do not try to please the Pig.

Sphere of love and relationships

The pig itself is a symbol of strong family relationships, calm, harmonious and filled with love. Therefore, it will send absolutely every person a good chance to build their family happiness.

Feng Shui forecast for 2019

What moments would you like to pay special attention to:

  1. If you live in cohabitation, it’s time to formalize the relationship. The pig does not accept «test drives» and «civil marriages.» And by the way, if it was not possible to get pregnant in such a union for a long time, children will appear very soon. But only after the stamp in the passport.
  2. If you are still lonely and have no idea where to find your soul mate, relax. Fate itself will find you, and the relationship will build easily and without effort.
  3. Among all the babies who will be born in 2019, there will be much more boys than girls.

Anyone who targets serious relationships and seeks them will be doubly lucky. The pig will appreciate such intentions, and will help in every way.

Work and money

Money is probably the most painful topic of every person. And it does not matter whether you live in survival mode or earn millions. There is always something to strive for.

So use the forecast to build good relations with money and learn how to attract them into your life in the quantity you want.

Feng Shui forecast for 2019

  1. The 2019th year is very favorable for relocations related to finding a better job. And also for long business trips. Try not to complain that you constantly have to go somewhere, take it as a chance to change your financial situation for the better.
  2. It will be very easy for most people to make money. But it may feel that they are leaking through their fingers. To prevent this, learn financial literacy. Understand how you can save money and increase.
  3. But the Pig does not like debtors. Therefore, you need to try to repay loans as quickly as possible, to repay debt obligations to friends and relatives. And do not take on new loans. It is better to shrink, save, look for additional sources of income. Otherwise, you risk a long time to get stuck in the debt trap.
  4. It is very important for financial well-being not to be lazy. Pig patronizes workaholics, and lazy can not tolerate. Therefore, those who will become active and realize their goals with hard work will be generously rewarded.

The most interesting thing is that the money will come to you not only as payment for work, but also from the most unexpected sources. You will see more opportunities, gain patrons and make useful connections.

The main thing — do not be lazy and do not procrastinate.

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In this area of ​​life, the forecast is not so unambiguous. We will deal with the views of researchers practicing Feng Shui.

What you need to pay attention:

  1. Earthen Boar loves delicious food. In overweight people, an irrepressible appetite and a total lack of control can wake up. Therefore, there may be health problems due to overeating. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are also likely. To avoid this, watch what you eat.
  2. Any kind of water sports is very favorable. If you practice swimming, for example, it will very well affect your health and general well-being, energy will be added many times.
  3. It is very important to constantly monitor your condition. If you feel the slightest indisposition, let us relax, do not ignore the signals of the body. If you start a situation, the disease can go into a chronic stage, and it will be very difficult to cure it.
  4. There is a high probability of injury during active forms of recreation and sports. So be extremely careful. Perhaps you should pay attention to the less traumatic and safer forms of pastime.


  • The Year of the Pig is a time of great opportunity. Each person will be able to radically change his life for the better.
  • But this applies only to those who love to work and live an active life. Lazy people risk completely wallowing in the swamp of their own problems.
  • It is important to devote time to education and self-development, to live honestly and openly, to make wishes and to dream.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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