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Feng Shui for happiness and wealth — tips and tricks

Proper use of feng shui for happiness and wealth

You can use the basic principles of feng shui for happiness and wealth. Everything matters: the arrangement of furniture in space, the use of special talismans and even the color scheme of the interior.

Where is the wealth sector in the apartment

The most important in the study of feng shui is the division of space into zones, each of which corresponds to a specific area of ​​human life. After you divide the rooms into sectors, it is necessary to activate the energy with the help of special talismans.

Feng Shui for happiness and wealth - tips and tricks

Features of working with a zone of wealth and happiness:

  • For the material well-being of the south-eastern part of the apartment or house
  • In accordance with the teachings of feng shui, the element of Water activates the flow of monetary energy. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase and place objects symbolizing water in the corresponding sector. It can be paintings or photo wallpaper depicting seas, rivers, oceans
  • It is important that the interior of the southeast zone be decorated in shades of blue. Therefore, you need to choose decorations, wallpaper and furniture of exactly such colors.
  • Strengthen the monetary energy of living plants. Ficuses, lemon trees, palm trees or “money tree” are considered the best for activation.

These are the basic principles that must be followed if you want to attract money into your life. You can also complement the interior by including special oriental charms of wealth and good luck.

Money Drawing Mascots

Feng Shui is a whole eastern philosophy. This doctrine has its own attributes — symbols, which are considered sacred, because they are charged with monetary energy.

Consider the most common talismans.

Feng Shui for happiness and wealth - tips and tricks

Money toad

  • Ideally, it should be made of gold or stone painted with gold paint.
  • In the hole that mimics the mouth, you need to insert a coin to activate the talisman
  • Put the statuette to the south-eastern part of the apartment. Ideal if there is a living room on this spot.
  • If you have a decorative fountain at home, place the statuette next to it. Water element enhances the energy of abundance
  • It is very important that the money frog «looked» into the house, and not towards the front door. If you put it «face» to the exit, the money will begin to flow away, it’s not enough to talk about prosperity
  • Forbidden places in which the statuette can not be put: bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
  • If you want to put several similar figurines at home, make sure that they differ from each other in shape or size

Feng Shui followers consider the golden toad a very powerful symbol that attracts strong flows of monetary energy to a man’s house.

  • They symbolize the water element, therefore they help to attract money and financial well-being.
  • You can put on the shelves as decorative figures, and make live fish. But do not forget that the aquarium should be placed in the «money» zone of the apartment
  • This talisman does not tolerate loneliness, it must be paired — so buy an even number of statuettes, pictures of fish or living sea creatures

This talisman is equally good for the wealth zone and career. Therefore, they can be placed not only in the south-east, but also in the northern part of the house.

Decorative fountains

  • They bring good luck and financial well-being, therefore they can become not only an interior decoration, but also attract money to your family budget.
  • It is very important that the water flows in the fountain were directed upwards. According to Eastern teachings, this means that your financial affairs will always go uphill
  • Place indoor fountains in the living room or in the office where you do your work

You can not put fountains in the bedroom — it hurts relationships within the family.

Chinese coins

  • This is one of the most popular Oriental money talismans. But they are not placed in the apartment, but are carried with them.
  • You do not need to buy coins yourself; they will not work. Attracts monetary energy only donated talisman. You can also make it yourself.
  • No one except you should touch the talisman. An alien touch destroys all the magic power of the coins.

Other monetary Chinese charms

  • Money Bowl — you need to store in a place securely protected from prying eyes
  • Ship of wealth — placed at the entrance to the house, you can store jewelry in it, fill it with coins. The more precious things you put in the ship, the more effective the talisman
  • Red money envelopes — you need to put several bills in them, and then put them in different sectors of the house. Then the money energy will flow into the space from all sides of the world.
  • The elephant — a symbol of wisdom, attracts not only money, but also helps to make the right financial decisions. It is put on the window sill so that the trunk looks out

Watch a video on how to bring happiness and wealth with Feng Shui:

Tips and tricks

Very often, people start to go to extremes: they buy cash talismans in large quantities and fill their houses with them. But this approach is extremely wrong — it is better to purchase only one eastern symbol, but to place it ideally correctly.

Feng Shui for happiness and wealth - tips and tricks

Tips and tricks:

  1. In the south-east of the apartment, place no more than three talismans. If there are more of them, the flow of monetary energy will «get confused» and you will get complete confusion in financial matters.
  2. Mandatory condition for the activation of cash flows — the presence of living plants in the house. So you have to learn to care for them. Put at least one flower pot
  3. The mirror in the hallway should not look at the front door. It will negate all your efforts.

It is very important that there are no broken items in the house. This is especially true of plumbing: a dripping faucet, clogged pipes, a kettle with a broken nose — all this will make money “leak” from your family.

Therefore, throw away what is already hopelessly corrupted and repair everything that can be restored.

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