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Feng Shui Bedroom — Color and Bed Position

Bedroom by Feng Shui: furniture arrangement and colors

Feng Shui Bedroom is a place where the energy of love is concentrated. Therefore, it is very important to come up with a design in the right color scheme, complement the interior with oriental love talismans and correctly organize the space for a free flow of energy.


From where the bedroom is located in the house, it will depend on how correctly and freely the energy “Tsi” circulates through the rooms. Well, if the layout of your apartment feng shui, but if this is not the case, you can always improve the situation with the help of proper organization of space.

Feng Shui Bedroom - Color and Bed Position

Options for the location of bedrooms in the house:

  1. North. Favorable option. In such a bedroom, a person will sleep peacefully, without nightmares and insomnia. Energy will be directed to ensure that you can fully relax, relieve tension after a hard day’s work, calm down from everyday troubles, release negative emotions. This option is bad only for active people, because their vital energy will “slow down”.
  2. Northeast. The most unfortunate option for the location of the bedroom. The energy of the northeastern part of the house is intended to motivate a person to take action, therefore problems with sleep and even health may arise. It is especially dangerous to sleep in such a room for children: they will become too active.
  3. Northwest. A good option for arranging the bed of married couples who have been together for a long time. In such a place flows the energy of balance, balance, harmony and stability.
  4. East. The ideal place for the bedroom of young and active people who are looking for their place in life, strive to set global goals and achieve them. The energy of the eastern space will help to find your vocation, broaden your horizons and activate mental abilities.
  5. The southeast is a great bedroom for businessmen and careerists. Energy is aimed at the development of creative potential, so it will be easy for a person to find non-standard solutions to the most difficult problems. He will be able to build a competent relationship with partners and customers.
  6. South — a place with the most favorable atmosphere for love. This is an excellent option for newlyweds and passionate couples in which partners are temperamental and attach great importance to the sexual sphere of relationships.
  7. West. The energy of this place will help to arrange a personal life and bring the share of romance in everyday things. But it makes it difficult to move up the career ladder and blocks cash flow, so the bedroom in the western part of the apartment is not for people who are interested in the financial component of life.
  8. Southwest is the place where violent, active energy is concentrated. If you sleep in this space, over time you can become unbalanced, lose confidence in yourself. In such a room, it is necessary to carefully approach the organization of the space in order to neutralize the negative energy effect.

It is undesirable for the bedroom to be located close to the kitchen or bathroom. Also, the room should not be the entrance — in such a space it is impossible to relax and fully relax.

Bed arrangement

If your bedroom is located in an unfavorable sector of the apartment, competent placement of furniture will help to neutralize negative energy and solve the problem. And the most important piece of furniture in this case is the bed.

Feng Shui Bedroom - Color and Bed Position

Bed placement rules:

  • Should not be located opposite the entrance to the room. If you sleep with your feet to the door, according to the theory of Feng Shui, you bring on yourself fatal diseases. It is not in vain that the dead are brought forward with their feet;
  • It is desirable that lying on a bed, a person saw the whole room. The review should not be closed so as not to impede the promotion of positive energy in the bedroom;
  • If it is impossible to put the bed so that it does not look at the door, put a bedside table, ottoman in the legs, or another major interior detail. It will block the flow of negative energy and provide you with a peaceful sleep;
  • The headboard should not be located near or under the window. Sleeping in such a bed means providing yourself with irritability, anger, an unstable emotional state. In extreme cases, close the window openings with heavy heavy curtains before bedtime;
  • If there are two people sleeping on the bed, there should be enough free space around them. Ideally, to sleep separately, but very few people like this idea. Therefore, purchase spacious beds;
  • It is also not recommended to put a bed near the wall, because this way you limit the free movement of energy around the room;
  • A sofa or bed on wheels symbolizes a hospital gurney. If you sleep on them, earn yourself chronic sores.

Watch a video on how to arrange furniture in the bedroom on Feng Shui:

Bedroom color

The color scheme also affects the energy situation of the room in which you spend a significant part of life.

Feng Shui Bedroom - Color and Bed Position

Tips and tricks for choosing the color of the furniture and interior:

  • Red color is a symbol of active energy. It stimulates mental activity, develops intellectual abilities. But it can provoke aggression and aggravate negative emotions;
  • Yellow sun shades attract love, harmony and abundance. It is better to choose golden, soft tones — they symbolize wealth, prosperity and material well-being;
  • Blue color — a symbol of water and air elements. Warm its shades are considered a good choice for bedroom decoration. Cold use is undesirable — they provoke anxiety, cause anxiety;
  • Orange color contributes to spiritual development. At the same time, it strengthens the family ties between family members, increases love and devotion, eliminates the feeling of loneliness;
  • Green color provokes a person to be active, but it is not suitable for relaxation and rest, therefore it is undesirable to use it in the design of the bedroom.

Black, white flowers are best avoided — they convert positive energy into negative energy, not allowing you to relax and unwind with your body and soul.

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