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Feng Shui apartments — how to identify areas, important points

Feng Shui apartments: how to divide rooms into zones

Properly organized feng shui apartment is a whole philosophy. According to the ancient Eastern teachings, the energy that circulates through the rooms directly affects human life.

Therefore, by changing the space, you can drastically change everything that happens around you.

Important points

According to the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, the entire space of the home is divided into zones, each of which is responsible for specific areas of human life. Each sector has its own rules for organizing space and its own energy, subject to the forces of the four elements.

Feng Shui apartments - how to identify areas, important points

In order to create a favorable energy situation in a house or apartment, it is important to observe the following rules:

  1. Every thing must be kept in its place. It is necessary to constantly maintain order, dust on time, clean the floor and dishes. Dirt and disorder impede the free flow of energy flows and attract negative things to a person’s life.
  2. You can not keep at home spoiled and broken things that are already impossible to use. Therefore, regularly «talk about it» — throw away all unnecessary and served your time on the garbage.
  3. It is very important that there is enough light in the house. Therefore, before you choose an apartment before buying, look for solar options. Artificial lighting should also be quite bright. The darker the house, the more negative energy it contains.
  4. Regularly update the repair: cracks on the walls, dirty ceiling and peeling wallpaper also interfere with the free movement of positive energy.
  5. Window and door openings must not be blocked. You can not store things on the windowsills, put in front of the entrance to large-sized furniture.
  6. According to the rules of Feng Shui, the door to the bathroom should open outwards, and all the rest — inside the rooms.
  7. The space above the bed should be empty: no need to hang lamps and decorations, attaching them to the ceiling.
  8. It is not recommended in large houses to leave rooms empty, uninhabited. Each of the premises should be used as intended so that the energy in them does not stagnate.

If you follow these simple rules, the situation in the house will always be prosperous, and the household will begin to feel calm. Conflicts will decrease, quarrels will stop.

The dwelling will turn into a powerful source of energy and abundance for the whole family.

How to determine the zone of Feng Shui in the apartment

Before you begin to equip the space in the house, you need to divide it into zones. This is done using a Bagua square and a compass.

Feng Shui apartments - how to identify areas, important points

You need to show on the map of the apartment all sides of the world, as well as mark the center. Sectors are as follows:

  1. Southeast is a zone of wealth. The energy of water is responsible for material well-being, therefore in this sector it is necessary to design the interior in “water style”. The color scheme — shades of blue, paintings — with the image of seascapes. Room decorations, aquariums and monetary oriental talismans are suitable for decoration.
  2. The South is a zone of fame and glory. It is possible to place all awards, diplomas, medals and any other items in it confirming your achievements and merit. Properly organized space in this area helps to gain the recognition of others, improve reputation and improve your credibility.
  3. Southwest is the sector of love. It is filled with paired objects: figures of animals, birds, angels. It is important that there be an even number. Also here they put red scented candles, decorate the walls with paintings of couples, happy lovers.
  4. The West is the perfect place for a nursery. Here is concentrated the energy that is responsible for the development, disclosure of creative potential and intellectual abilities.
  5. The North is a work and career zone. The water element also dominates here, so this sector can be designed the same way as the wealth zone.
  6. Northeast — a zone of wisdom. The ideal space for the organization of the workplace, office, library. Here you can store books, notes, educational materials.
  7. East — a family zone. In order for the energy of this sector to be “alive”, it must contain indoor plants, paintings with flower still lifes. You can decorate the walls with photos of relatives, children, households, pets.

Watch the video on how to divide the room into zones by Feng Shui:

The kitchen is a place where the bright and live element of Fire rules. This room symbolizes the home.

If you properly equip the interior, the cooked food will not only nourish the household, but also fill them with bright, active energy of achievements and success.

Feng Shui apartments - how to identify areas, important points

Any symbols of fiery energy are appropriate here: bright saturated shades of red, family photos with chit-chatting around a fire, pictures with the image of the rising sun.

They will also enhance the fiery energy of the decoration from natural materials: wood, clay. It is desirable that the kitchen set was not plastic, but wooden.

Metal items need to be kept in the closed access.

The bedroom is another important place in the house of feng shui, which is filled with the energy of love. To avoid problems in your personal life and loneliness, you need to follow the rules of feng shui when organizing space.

It is desirable that the bed was double, and around it was enough free space. The legs of a sleeping person should not look in the doorway, and a dream catcher can be hung over the headboard of a sleeping place.

Under the living room you need to take the largest room in the house. Here you need to create a bright light. Hang a large chandelier or glass luminaire in the center of the ceiling.

Furniture is better to choose with smooth, rounded, soft outlines.

In the living room should be a lot of flowers. They are placed in zones with «non-living» energy — next to household appliances and electronics (TV, music system, and so on).

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