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Elephant by Feng Shui: meaning and secret meaning

Elephant by Feng Shui: meaning and secret meaning

Since ancient times, elephants have caused reverence and respect among the inhabitants of Asia. They symbolized power and wisdom.

An elephant expresses the qualities of a leader, which are demonstrated by his spiritual and physical strength.

Elephants are distinguished by endurance, as well as the ability to cope with any obstacles in their path. The emblems of many countries of the world and now demonstrate these magnificent animals.

Today in the article we will look at what the elephant symbolizes in the most ancient art of feng shui.

Elephant by Feng Shui: meaning and secret meaning

Distinctive features of an elephant in feng shui

The science of feng shui also notes the qualities of elephants described above, and besides this indicates that the elephant symbolizes stability, prosperity, excellent health, monetary well-being and great luck.

A separate place in the elephant’s amulet according to Feng Shui is reserved for its trunk:

  • In the case when the trunk of an elephant is turned up, it will help to attract monetary profit in the life of a person, as well as help cope with unnecessary expenses and gain greater prudence in financial matters.
  • When lowering the trunk down you can talk about fertility and abundance, which will symbolize the elephant. According to another theory, such an elephant is associated with longevity.

Some feng shui experts express their opinion that elephants with their trunks lowered are not very favorable as talismans. In fact, this opinion is not true.

An elephant will be able to harm its owner only in that situation if it is located incorrectly in the dwelling, and not at all because of its trunk.

In Feng Shui, elephant figurines are made of different materials: they can be wooden, metal, glass, porcelain and others.

Pay attention to the fact that feng shui strictly prohibits the execution of figurines of elephants or other living beings, the basis for which is ivory. This is due to the fact that such amulets are thoroughly saturated with the energy of death and cannot bring happiness to a person.

Even small-sized elephants will surely attract confidence, love, harmony into your home, fill you with warmth. In addition, these figures attract the positive energy of Qi, which is necessary for a happy and successful life.

Located in a prominent place in the home, an elephant will save people from unfavorable energy, will contribute to solving problems and conflict situations in the family. Also, this symbol on the art of feng shui is a real generator of luck and stability.

Elephants are animals that stand firmly on their feet, so their figurines will help create a solid foundation for sustainability in life. It is also believed that the elephant in the form of a talisman will surely help its owner not to make inappropriate and rash spending.

Elephant by Feng Shui: meaning and secret meaning

What attracts a different number of elephants

You can put in your dwelling one or even several elephants. But what will the different numbers of these animals tell?

  • One elephant. He will make his master more charming, as well as significantly improve self-esteem.
  • Two elephants. A pair of these cute animals will attract a soul mate into your life.
  • Three elephants. Provide offspring.
  • Four elephants. They act as symbols of stability and money.
  • Five elephants. This number allows you to open new businesses, as well as successfully struggling with the routine.
  • Six elephants. Will provide love luck.
  • Seven elephants. Seven is a mystical number in many teachings, and Feng Shui is no exception. So 7 elephants personified with a full bowl of harmony. This means that such a number of elephants will help its owner to realize all his dreams, as well as provide him with support from above.
  • Eight elephants. They will help to cope with different blows of fate.
  • Nine elephants. Develop intellectual abilities. It will be very good if you put 9 elephants in your kid’s room so that he becomes more successful in school.
  • Ten elephants. This number is a precursor to positive change.
  • Eleven elephants. Improve health and fill with vitality.

Of course, it is allowed to use more elephant figurines, but do not forget about the sense of proportion.

Feng Shui Elephant Varieties

According to Feng Shui, white elephants are designed to protect the home from unfavorable energy and contribute to the preservation of the family.

Very popular is the elephant figurine with her baby. Their tandem symbolizes motherhood, it is shown to put in the dwelling of those people who dream of posterity.

Also can take advantage of it and families already having children. In this case, the amulet will protect the little ones from life’s failures and ensure good relationships between generations.

Three elephants symbolize the trinity of heaven, earth and man, they will contribute to finding harmony in different spheres of life.

Seven elephants. According to feng shui is a very favorable number, meaning the completion of the cycle (the duration of the lunar cycles is 7 days).

Thanks to this, the seven elephants will attract different benefits to your home: great luck, long life, health, love, mutual understanding, happiness, and wealth.

Elephant by Feng Shui: meaning and secret meaning

You can meet elephants with additional talismans, for example, the combination elephant + toad feng shui is very popular. But pay attention to the fact that Feng Shui calls for harmony and does not recommend that different talismans be placed in the same sector, as this can lead to an imbalance with energy. The elephant is a self-sufficient talisman that has tremendous power.

And the most correct will be its independent use.

The only exception will be the activation of the amulet due to different decorations (chains, beads, and the like). With their help, you will coax your elephant so that he performs his service even better. Why is it worth to stop on the decorations?

This has its own explanation. Earlier, when elephants were used as carriers, they were decorated with very beautiful embroidered capes, pompon and so on.

Where can stand an elephant in the house of Feng Shui

To find out where it is best to define a figure in your home, you first need to establish the purpose of its use:

  • So if you want to win Mrs. luck, put an elephant on the windowsill. At the same time it is necessary that his trunk looked up;
  • In order to protect against negative energy and evil people, an elephant is installed next to the entrance door facing the entrance;
  • According to the art of Feng Shui, located in the south-east direction of the dwelling, the elephant will act as a symbol of a stable foundation in matters of finance;
  • The north-western location of the figure will help the owner of the house or help to attract a powerful patron to your life;
  • A couple of elephants, if you put it in your bedroom, will maintain a feeling of love and loyalty between husband and wife;
  • If you want to protect yourself from enemies at work, you should use elephant figurines or place a picture of these animals next to your workplace.

Finally, I would like to note that in the process of choosing the elephant’s mascot according to Feng Shui, you must first listen to your intuition, because it is she who will tell you which figure is most suitable for your situation. Also, of course, it is very important that the elephant arouses your sympathy, only in this case, it will respond to you in return.

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