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Effective attraction of money on the art of feng shui

The magic of money on the art of feng shui: how to build a zone of wealth

How to use magic of feng shui to attract money and financial well-being into your life? It is no secret to anyone that money plays a very important role in modern society, and financial difficulties can permanently spoil our mood.

One of the ways to bring prosperity, luck and happiness into your home is the ancient Feng Shui teaching. We will share his magical secrets in this article.

Effective attraction of money on the art of feng shui

How to arrange a wealth zone in your home?

In order for money to flow like a river into your home, you first of all need to set up a wealth zone. In Feng Shui, it is believed that the financial sector is located in the south-eastern part of the premises.

Determining this zone is easy with a compass.

To attract money, you need to create a harmonious atmosphere in your home. It turns out that Qi energy does not live in places where dirt and dust, old rubbish and unnecessary things accumulate. Therefore, if you want cash flows to move freely inside your home, you need to get rid of energy debris:

  • Place your order on the shelves and in the cabinets, wipe the dust on the furniture;
  • Throw away old newspapers and magazines that you will never need:
  • Carefully sort things in the closets. Remove all that you are not going to wear. In your closet there is no place for any old and trash.
  • Make sure that in the hallway and the corridor were only vital household items. After all, it is here that deposits of various «good» are usually stored, which it is a pity to throw out. If you do not use the thing during the year, then it has no place in the home.
  • Check for cracked or broken dishes in the kitchen, broken utensils, broken mirrors.
  • The front door needs special attention. It should always be clean and well maintained. It should not have old keyholes, crevices and holes, otherwise your wealth and luck will flow through them.

No matter how sorry you are to throw away a cup with a broken handle or a long faded blouse that was your favorite 10 years ago, get rid of such things without regret. All this rubbish is energy junk that interferes with the free flow of cash flows and creates heaps of negative energy in the room. Also, do not forget to air the room as often as possible.

After the general cleaning you will receive a clean and free space, which will begin to fill with positive energy. It will bring you good luck, prosperity and material wealth.

Feng Shui Money Secrets

If you want to improve your financial situation, Feng Shui recommends to listen to these tips:

  • In Feng Shuya, it is believed that those who think about them have money. Put your thought energy into what is especially important to you now. If it’s money, think about it. Your energy is not enough to fulfill all desires at once, so you need to choose one thing.
  • Repair dripping taps and leaking pipes in your house, otherwise your money will also “flow away” with water.
  • In feng shui, it is believed that wealth can be attracted with the help of water symbols — images of flowing water. You can hang a picture on the wall on which a waterfall, a sea or an ocean is painted, install a small fountain.
  • Keep the mirrors clean, because the mirror fills the space with what is reflected in it.
  • Plant on a window jade or money tree. In feng shui, it is believed that this plant brings wealth. You can also purchase any other indoor flower that has leaflets in the form of coins. But cacti and other prickly plants Feng Shui does not recommend, because the prickles absorb all the extraneous energy coming from outside. At the same time they can absorb your wealth.
  • According to Feng Shui, a well-lit room is favorable for attracting wealth. Bright light attracts cash flows into the house and a positive effect on the financial sector.

Effective attraction of money on the art of feng shui

How to attract wealth with monetary symbolism?

It is possible to activate the wealth sector with the help of special symbols — peculiar Feng Shui talismans. These symbolic objects, being in your home, will attract cash flow of energy, make you a secure and successful person in the field of finance.

It works this way. Located in the financial sector premises, talismans every minute fall into your field of vision and remind your subconscious that you need money.

In response to these signals, the brain emits the energy necessary to attract finance.

It is very important that the money symbols are in a clean room with a harmonious interior, where each thing is in its place, and not lying around, covered with a layer of dust.

Feng Shui symbols bringing money

There are many special monetary symbols and talismans in fen-shuya, which, like a magnet, attract wealth. The most popular of them are:

  • Hotei is one of the strongest monetary symbols in the form of a statuette of a plump uncle with a weighty bag filled with coins. The figure needs to be put in the living room and periodically stroking the stomach. According to Chinese belief, to make your wish come true, you need to rub Hotei’s belly at least 300 times.
    Effective attraction of money on the art of feng shui
  • 3 coins with holes — a symbol that brings good luck in financial matters. A thread of red is passed through the holes and hidden under the rug or worn in a purse. You can also keep such a talisman in an aquarium with fish or under the pot of a houseplant.
  • Threelegged toad with a coin in the mouth carries success, money and financial stability. She must certainly look inside the house, and not on the street. Otherwise, your money may «jump» out the window. You can also keep the talisman in a tank of water, or at least wash it in cold water 2-3 times a week.
  • Owl is considered in Fen-Shuya a symbol of wisdom and protection. An owl sitting on a money tree is a powerful money talisman that combines two symbols that attract money.
  • Pisces is a strong talisman that brings success in the financial sphere. Fish figures are placed in the southeastern part of the room to activate the wealth zone. Live fish in an aquarium will also contribute to financial well-being and income growth.
  • One of the most effective money-raising charms is a coin box full of coins.
  • The wealth zone can also be activated and, at the same time, decorated with “golden” fruits. This can include all fruits that have a golden-orange color and a rounded shape. Hang on the wall still lifes with oranges or tangerines, which are appetizing in a vase. This will lift your spirits and bring success in finance.

Among the many characters of Feng Shui, bringing money, choose the one that most came to your taste. Do not hesitate, he will surely help to attract money and good luck, fill life with positive and vivid emotions.

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