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Dreamcatcher with his own hands

Dreamcatcher with your own hands — the preparation and importance of the mascot

Dreamcatcher is an Indian talisman designed to protect against evil spirits during sleep. It is like a web of strings, in which unkind entities that send horrible dreams to a person will be entangled.

Making a dream catcher with your own hands is very simple — you need to find some free time and stock up on necessary items for making a talisman.

Dreamcatcher with his own hands

Meaning and symbolism of the talisman

What else does the dream catcher mean, what is his symbolism? The talisman consists of a circle, symbolizing the cycle of human life.

The threads that imitate the web symbolize the prompting of the great Indian Master Iktomi, who in the form of a spider taught people to weave a talisman.

Also, the strings indicate the life paths along which a person walks. However, these vital roads are closely intertwined with the roads of other people and even animals with birds that are located next to humans.

Iktomi explained that bad dreams will become entangled in the web, like flies, and will not harm a person. Good dreams, on the contrary, will penetrate through the central hole on the talisman.

Feathers symbolize the air, without which life on earth is impossible.

Important! The dream catcher must be hung at the head of the bed, and other objects of a coastal nature cannot be placed next to it.

Initially dream catchers were made of rods, threads and feathers: owl feathers were taken for women, eagle feathers were taken for men. Feathers can only be taken from a live bird.

Subsequently, feathers were taken from totem birds, symbolizing certain qualities.

It was impossible to paint feathers, as they lost their magical properties. Color feathers only for amulets of decorative value.

Therefore, the dream catcher bought in the souvenir shop does not have the coastal characteristics.

Dreamcatcher with his own hands


How to make a dream catcher with your own hands? To do this, prepare the important ingredients:

  • willow twigs;
  • gypsy needle;
  • cotton threads;
  • feathers and beads.

It is very important that all components are made of natural materials — the beads can be glass or wooden. For the web is good twine. These comments relate to the guardian.

If you need to make a decoration in the form of a dream catcher, then the materials of manufacture can be any.

Willow branches must be succulent, that is, they should be cut in August-October, before frost. Threads can be dyed, but only with natural dyes.

The beads can be made from different wood species, but with protective qualities — aspen, oak, mountain ash. You can hang beads of colored stones at will.

Feathers for catcher must match the sex of the person: for women fit the feathers of a swan, hen, owls, partridges. For men — hawk, eagle, rooster, falcon.

If you want to additionally decorate the talisman with leather, choose natural suede.

Dreamcatcher with his own hands

Manufacturing — step by step instructions

Step one

How to make a dream catcher with your own hands? First, prepare the willow rods — soak them in boiling water for a few minutes and immediately twist them into a circle.

Securely fix the ends of the twigs with a string, so that after drying the ring does not break up.

Step Two

Now you need to tightly wrap the ring with twine and form a loop for which the catcher can be hung. To this loop we tie a thin thread.

Then we tie the strings around the perimeter of the ring, and other threads to them. See the diagram in the photo:

Dreamcatcher with his own hands
Dreamcatcher with his own hands

Step Three

Weave the thread, inserting beads, pebbles and feathers at will. When you reach the center of the circle, firmly tighten the ends of the threads — you will get a ring of small diameter.

Step Four

When the cobweb is woven, tie the strings at the bottom of the ring and attach the remaining beads and feathers to them.

How at home to make a dream catcher with your own hands, if it is not possible to purchase willow rods? You can take a finished hoop of wood.

The weaving pattern of the web is the same.

If you do not have feathers, you can use colored braid and beaded strings instead. This amulet will be different from the classic — it looks more like a decorative element of the room.

From time to time, the guardian needs to be hung out in the street so that it becomes saturated with sunlight and cleaned. Cleans well the dream catcher and moonlight as well as snowfall.

It is not recommended to hang it in the rain.

If you wish to recall a night dream, immediately after waking up, touch the dream catcher.

Healthy sleep is very important for a person, because he must restore the expended strength and accumulate energy for the next day. The dream catcher provides a serene dream during which the body can fully relax.

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