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Dreamcatcher: what it is for, value, every detail is important

Dream catcher: what does a man need him for?

What is a dream catcher: what is it for and how is it used? The primary goal is to get rid of insomnia, nightmares, fears and phobias, which make it difficult to fully get enough sleep and rest at night.

Dream Catcher: History and Facts

Why do you need a dream catcher? To understand the meaning of this subject, it is necessary to refer to the history of its occurrence. Here are some facts:

  • A dream catcher has appeared in North America, but now his popularity is so great that it is used all over the world.
  • The catcher is charged with a certain magical energy, which is fully revealed if you hang the talisman in the right place. Most often it is the head of the bed. It should rotate freely
  • It is believed that the dream catcher in the process of rotation «catches» the spirits of dreams, which helps to spend time happily in the realm of Morpheus
  • The ancient Indians believed that the dream catcher has such a strong energy that it can self-purify and recover from the “attack” of negative energy forces.
  • The catcher is a very ancient amulet. It is not completely clear whether the North American Indians or someone else came up with it. There is an opinion that the authors of the idea of ​​creating a mascot are representatives of the most ancient mysterious Mayan civilization.

Dreamcatcher: what it is for, value, every detail is important

You can accurately tell about why you need a catcher for dreams, but the story of his appearance will always be shrouded in a mass of mysteries and secrets.

How does a dream catcher work?

Mysterious catcher — what is it for and why does it work? It excites everyone who plans to acquire and use a talisman in their daily life.

The action of the catcher does not lend itself to any logic: it is endowed with magical power, which cannot be explained — you just have to take it on faith. Critical analysis is unacceptable — just believe, and the amulet will act as needed.

In short, the principle of the «work» of the dream catcher is as follows: he catches both good and bad spirits. Then the bad ones are sent to “quarantine”, where they stay until your awakening.

A good sends in the direction of the sleeper, so that calm, happy and joyful dreams are guaranteed.

Dreamcatcher: what it is for, value, every detail is important

This is the opinion of the ancient Indians. But the Siberian shamans think differently.

What is the dream catcher in their understanding? They believe that good and evil spirits do not exist — each of these entities only fulfills its own specific mission.

Thus, the catcher collects and catches all the spirits by day, and at night they descend through the laces, but do not disturb the person, but only guard him in the realm of Morpheus. As a result, dreams become bright, eventful, but at the same time delight, but do not excite.

Dream Catcher Value: Every Detail Is Important

Dream catchers, which are sold everywhere, are very different. Made of various materials, each decorated in its own way. But there is one thing that unites all such talismans without exception:

  • Looks like a sieve or a sieve: the round frame has a number of holes in which threads are threaded, folding into patterns
  • These patterns — a kind of trap for the spirits. They are confused in the weaving of threads, so they are unable to disturb the sleeping person.
  • The basis for the talisman is an even circle, which symbolizes infinity. It is also the personification of the path that the sun travels across the sky.

Important: no need to try to make a dream catcher yourself. This is too delicate work.

Having violated the technology, you risk radically changing the magical properties of the amulet or completely depriving the catcher of his power.

Dreamcatcher: what it is for, value, every detail is important

Only an experienced person is able to understand the characteristics of interlacing threads. Every detail is important here, deep knowledge and experience are needed.

Therefore, it is better to contact the proven masters who will make an individual mascot that suits you perfectly.

In principle, if you really want, you can make a dream catcher with your own hands. But it will be rather a decorative detail of your interior: there will be no magical properties in such a subject.

Watch a video on what a dream catcher is and what it is for:

Clearing the dream catcher

Dreamcatcher should be regularly cleaned of accumulated negative energy. If this is not done, over time it will lose its magical properties and stop working.

The easiest way to clean the amulet with solar energy. Wait until noon and place it in a suitable place so that the sun warms the amulet.

It is believed that such manipulation helps to literally burn the whole negative.

It is possible to strengthen the «solar» purification in this way: try to put the catcher so that the wind blows him. The stream of air as if will take away the ashes from the burned «bad» spirits.

High-quality amulet, which is regularly cleaned, since the time only enhances its magical properties. If a new dream catcher only helps to improve a little sleep, then gradually you will begin to see so vivid, beautiful and intense dreams that you will wake up in a superb mood, fully rested.

Is there a harmful dream catcher?

An improperly made amulet can hurt. For example, catchers made of synthetic materials are not very good: plastic, artificial fabrics.

It is undesirable to have chicken feathers or glass in it.

Such a catcher will not only not improve the quality of sleep, but also provoke nightmares, insomnia. Therefore, make sure that your amulet is made according to all magical canons and bears only benefit.

Well, if the catcher is made from natural materials, decorated with precious stones or minerals, feathers, taken from a living bird. Women like owl feathers, men like an eagle.

Instead of glass — rhinestone, amethyst or topaz. These stones have their magical properties that enhance and supplement the energy of the amulet.

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