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Dolls-amulets do-it-yourself: step by step instructions

Dolls-amulets do-it-yourself — step by step instructions

We offer step by step instructions for making a doll-charm with their own hands. You will do needlework and create a powerful protective talisman, putting a piece of your creativity into it.

Master Class

Consider the process of manufacturing a charm on the example of the Slavic Beregini. This is an orthodox protective symbol that protects the family and the house from detractors, gossip and evil tongues.

Materials you will need:

  1. Fabric from natural materials of bright saturated color. Choose the shade you like the most.
  2. Natural fabric of neutral color. Better beige or any other whose shade is as close as possible to the color of human skin
  3. Piece of coarse canvas
  4. White thread
  5. Dried herbs for stuffing dolls. Instead of herbs, you can use cotton wool or synthetic winterizer, but then the strength of the charm will decrease

How to make a doll charm:

  1. Take a piece of beige fabric measuring 80 by 80 millimeters. Wrap the filler so that the round head of the doll is formed, and tie the base with a thread.
  2. There will be cloth under the head of our future doll. It is necessary to straighten it and then form the handles from the corners. To do this, wrap the fabric in and fold it
  3. Tie the hands of the doll with thread, retreating from the edge of 15 millimeters (approximately)

Here’s what you get:

Dolls-amulets do-it-yourself: step by step instructions

And now the most interesting thing is that we are starting to dress Bereginu. Prepare two pieces of bright fabric measuring 60 by 60 millimeters.

Fill with filler — this is the future breast of the doll.

Secure the balls on the body of the doll with the help of threads.

Dolls-amulets do-it-yourself: step by step instructions

And, finally, dress your doll in a skirt made of bright fabric, and tie your head with a bright thread imitating a scarf.

From a piece of coarse canvas, prepare an apron and tie it to the skirt. Your doll is ready. How does the result of making a charm doll from the fabric in our master class look like:

Dolls-amulets do-it-yourself: step by step instructions

This is a very simple way that is suitable for beginners. Even if you have never held a needle with a string in your hands, you will definitely get a cute doll.

Important: Do not use scissors and needles for making dolls. Sharp objects harm the energy of the amulet and it will lose all its magical properties.

How to charge the charm

In order for the doll to be not just a beautiful toy, but also to have protective properties, it must be activated in the manufacturing process. What to do:

  • The number of turns of the thread should always be odd, and the nodules make an even number
  • When tying the threads in a knot, say out loud wishes of happiness, health, love and good luck to yourself, your family, relatives and friends.

Think only about the good, try not to be annoyed and not angry if the thread is suddenly tangled or the fabric is torn. It is your positive thoughts that fill the amulet with positive energy and endow you with the protective properties of a family amulet.

The story of dolls charms

Made in the times of the ancient Slavs, dolls amulets can now be found in private collections and museums. The history of their creation dates back several centuries.

Some historical facts:

  • Dolls always symbolized pagan gods or spirits
  • Used in a variety of rituals and magical rites.
  • Replaced sentient beings during sacrifices
  • Scientists have found the very first puppet doll in the territory of modern Czech Republic. It has been preserved due to the fact that it was made of a very durable material — mammoth ivory bones.
  • Our ancestors used ash as a filler, because it was considered a symbol of the home and helped to protect the house from evil forces.
  • Cloth amulets appeared much later, at about the same time as people learned how to weave linen fabric. Filled with such dolls dry hay
  • The shape of the body of the doll resembles a cross, and this is not accidental. Our ancestors considered the cross a very powerful magic symbol, which endowed the charm with powerful protective properties.
  • Similar were used in almost all ancient cultures: during the excavations they found ritual dolls of Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs and other nations of the world. Only the materials of which the talismans were made differed, but the form was almost the same for all.

Watch a video on how to make a Slavic amulet with your own hands:

Slavic dolls amulets

The culture of the ancient Slavs is closest to the Russian people. That is why we looked at the example of the manufacture of the Slavic amulet.

Features of such talismans, which archaeologists found in the places of residence of our ancestors:

  1. The Slavs had a cult of women, motherhood. Therefore, the pupae always looked like girls. They were considered a symbol of inspiration and fertility. The clay dolls were portrayed as a naked woman with all secondary sexual characteristics.
  2. Dolls were not only kept in the house, but often used in magical rites. With their help, they attracted love, luck, money, healed from diseases and protected themselves from evil forces.
  3. The science of making charms passed from generation to generation, mothers and grandmothers taught young girls to this craft, so as not to lose the knowledge accumulated over the centuries
  4. Protective puppet mascots were almost in every home, and not alone. Whole doll families lived in the houses of the Slavs. Every holiday needlewomen sewed new amulet

Important: the doll never painted the face. She had to remain completely faceless. The ancient Slavs believed that the talisman exchanges energy with its owner, and if you make the puppet face look like a human, the connection will be broken.

This can lead to negative consequences.

Another important point — only a woman can sew dolls, men are strictly prohibited to do so. They should not even see the manufacturing process, so as not to upset the magical mystery.

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