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Dolls-amulets do-it-yourself — step by step instructions

Dolls-amulets do-it-yourself — step by step instructions

Puppet magic has ancient roots, traditions for making coastal dolls have come down to us from time immemorial. In the old days, dolls amulets were a bearer of magic, not toys for comforting children.

Each woman was able to make a special amulet for a specific magical purpose. Consider what dolls did our ancestors and according to what rules.

Dolls-amulets do-it-yourself - step by step instructions

Variety of dolls in the Slavic tradition

The dolls were designed to protect the home and household from negative energies that were in space. In the old days, all life was imbued with magic, and people believed that protection from negative forces could save people from harm and attract happiness. For these purposes, the following dolls were used:

  • feverish dolls: intended to lure evil forces out of the house;
  • egggrass-travnitsy: were intended to protect against disease;
  • ten-handle doll: helped women in their work;
  • Krupenichka doll: cared for prosperity in the family;
  • Preserved “bird of happiness”: allowed only positive energies into the house;
  • doll “God’s eye”: she protected strangers from evil intentions;
  • twist doll: protected from evil spirits;
  • other dolls.

One doll — to attract happiness, the second — to protect health.

Dolls-amulets do-it-yourself - step by step instructions

Twist doll

Spinning helps get rid of evil spirits and attracts the energy of happiness and joy into the house. These dolls were made of pieces of cloth without scissors and needles, they have no face.

How is the doll protected from the fabric? To do this, large pieces of cloth were torn by hands or even teeth.

It was believed that cutting material with scissors is unacceptable — the charm will lose its strength.

For the manufacture of twist should be prepared:

The flap of fabric to create the body must be tightly twisted with a roller. To the edges do not crumble, they turn up inside.

To seal, you can roll up cotton wool in the roller.

Then the roller is wrapped with thread in the middle and top — it is necessary to designate the waist and neck.

Now you should make pens. To do this, take a square flap of fabric and bend it diagonally — we get a triangle.

We put the triangle on top of the body and rewind it around the neck. The loose ends are rewound with threads — we get the palms.

So that the material does not crumble, we turn the edges inside.

The free edges of the triangle are wrapped with thread around the waist — fixed. The base is ready.

Now you need to dress up the doll in a dress.

For the dress you need to take two strips of narrow fabric and one rectangular. We place narrow strips crosswise over the shoulders and fix them with a thread at the waist.

Now we take a rectangular patch and fold it in half, arrange the thread inside. The flap is tied to the waist and distribute the fabric evenly — you get a skirt.

It remains to tie a scarf on the head, and a belt on the waist. The outfit is ready.

Someone puts on an apron on a doll — this is optional.

Dolls-amulets do-it-yourself - step by step instructions

Kubyshka herbalist

This doll protects against diseases, medicinal herbs are stored inside it. Usually, the jug was hung above the cradle of the baby or above the bed of a sick person. Herbs were harvested in advance and dried by the rules.

In our time, herbs can be bought at the pharmacy.

Herbs for egg capsules:

  • St. John’s wort;
  • oregano;
  • yarrow;
  • peppermint;
  • conifer needles.

The composition of herbs may be different, which corresponds to the human disease. The jug was taken in hands, crushed — and the aroma of herbs spread around the room.

After a year or two, the grass in the doll was changed, as it was losing its healing properties.

A doll consists of six knots, filled with herbs and tied to each other:

  • one big one is for the body;
  • a little less for the head;
  • two tied to the handles;
  • two were in place of the breasts.

The shreds were taken from the clothes of the patient, which was saturated with human energy.

Note! The number of turns of the threads should correspond to an even number — this is important.

The process of making pods:

  • We make the basis for the doll — we roll the roller out of natural light-colored fabric.
  • We tighten the roller with threads in the center (waist) and above (head).
  • Now you need to make two breasts of small shreds filled with cotton — they are tied separately to the body.
  • We take a small piece of cloth and tie two knots — these are the horns. With a rag we dress the puppet forehead forehead.
  • We put a kerchief on the doll’s head and hide the nodules-horns under it.
  • Now you need to form out of square shreds nodules for hands, filled with herbs. To do this, we put the grass in the center of the square and overtighten with a thread — we attach the knots to the handles.

Creating a base from the grass for a do-it-yourself doll is an important moment. We take a large square of colored fabric and place the grass in the center. We fold the edges of the fabric and put it in the bag.

Insert the body into the center of the bag and fix it with threads.

We have a doll in a sundress. Top can bind apron.

The apron belt is crossed at the back and knotted at the front.


After making a charm doll, you need to give her a name. This ceremony is easy to perform — put the doll in the center of the table and say 9 times: «I name you (name).»

After this, you can read the corresponding target of the doll plot.

In order for the doll to come to life, you need to talk with it, meditate on it. Often dolls bring gifts, such as bread or sugar.

Thus, a spiritual connection will be established with the doll, and it will bring maximum benefit. Otherwise, the doll will be just a souvenir.

If the doll was made to heal from the disease, after the patient recovers, it must be burned (put on fire).

Question. If I make a jug guard for health, do I need to burn it too?
Answer. When the herbs stop smelling when the doll is squeezed, the charm must either be burned or buried in the ground. He served his own, collected a negative energy.

To keep such a doll in the house is dangerous.
Question. And the doll spin, too, burn?
Answer. Required.

The charm collected negative energy in itself, therefore it is impossible to leave a doll in the house. When you burn the doll, thank her in your own words for their help.

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