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Diagnostics of karma — we define and solve problems

Diagnosis of karma and working out of karmic problems

The concept of karma is one and fundamental concepts in Indian religion and philosophy. It is believed that karma is what a person receives as a result of his righteous or sinful actions, in the process of suffering or pleasure.

Therefore, the diagnosis of karma is important for determining the causal relationships of all events occurring in a person’s life.

Diagnostics of karma - we define and solve problems

Let us figure out how to recognize your karma, based on the concepts of Hinduism, Buddhism and the occult.

Karma diagnostics — methods and methods

The scientist Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev identified and identified methods for diagnosing karma. They may be as follows:

  1. Work with the subconscious. First of all — through the study of human dreams. It is in dreams that consciousness reveals the karmic problems of the individual. It is important to be able to recognize, accept and correctly use this information.
  2. Work with a competent hypnotherapist. An experienced specialist can plunge a person into a deep hypnotic sleep. During it, the subject returns to his past lives, which helps to identify karmic problems.
  3. Work with a clairvoyant. There are few such specialists. But a person with the gift of prediction and foresight is able to determine whether a person has a karmic load left over from a past life. He can also explain what task lies in your current incarnation.

Of course, all three methods are unscientific, and they can be taken only on faith. Diagnosis of karma lies beyond the physical world, so only parapsychologists can do it.

How to learn karma yourself

There are other ways to determine your own karma. If you feel that life goes downhill, you constantly have something wrong, you should try to resort to such methods:

  1. Prepare a pen and a piece of paper, find free time. You must be calm and relaxed
  2. Write down everything that does not suit you in your own life. Mark the areas that need changing. Ask questions. For example: my personal life does not work, why? Or: I often change jobs, why can’t I find my purpose and place in life?
  3. Give an assessment of how satisfied you are with each area of ​​your life. For example: personal life — 3, relationships with friends — 8, success in work — 6
  4. Write out the names of people who are close to you, constantly in contact with you, have an impact on various areas of your life.
  5. Also appreciate how this or that person affects your life. Who among those around you act positively, and who, on the contrary, hinders and hinders your development

Such an analysis will help identify problems in your life and understand the causes of these problems. Do you feel guilty for failures or are they due to negative influence from the outside?

Diagnostics of karma - we define and solve problems

At the end of introspection, when problems and their causes are identified, it is necessary to think about which solutions to these problems exist. You will be surprised, but after a thorough diagnosis it will be easier to find a way out.

Causes of karmic problems

A person often perceives karmic problems extremely emotionally, which complicates their further solution. To improve karma, changes need to start first with yourself. As soon as the internal transformations of the personality begin, the world will react and begin to change with you.

Surprisingly, it works!

Diagnostics of karma - we define and solve problems

First you need to learn:

  • Transform negative situations and emotions into positive ones. Replace hate with love, hurt with gratitude, anger with humility
  • Forgive sincerely, letting go of the situation. Resentment — a destructive feeling that strongly affects the personality and adversely affects the whole life
  • Trust the sensations. It is necessary to develop intuition, it is a powerful tool that allows you to achieve success and harmony in life.
  • To love sincerely, surrendering completely and not expecting any bonuses in return

Working with your own karma can take a long time. Take your time, start the changes gradually, and you will be surprised how much your life changes for the better.

How to find a specialist to diagnose karma?

Independent work with karma does not always bring the desired result. If you feel that you cannot cope with the problem, try to find a parapsychologist who has the necessary knowledge.

  1. This is not easy to do, now a lot of charlatans. Therefore, when choosing a specialist, follow these tips:
  2. Do not look for it on the Internet. In the open spaces of the network most of all charlatans and scammers. The exceptions are reliable sources, in the reliability of which you are sure
  3. Use the word of mouth. Perhaps someone you know used the services of a numerologist, an astrologer, a hypnotherapist, or another specialist in the field of parapsychology. Feel free to ask how effective the help of a specialist has been.
  4. Having chosen the candidacy of a parapsychologist, ask in detail what methods he uses, what manipulations with your mind he intends to carry out. He should directly and clearly answer all questions. If responds with blurred common phrases, it is worth guarding

Watch the video about the diagnosis of karma:

And remember — no specialist will give you a «magic pill» for all problems. He will only determine the karmic problems, will give recommendations on how to solve them.

And further success depends only on your actions.

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