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Description of the properties of the amulet dreamcatcher, especially the creation

Amulet Dreamcatcher: how to help and how to do it yourself

In dreams, people can relive past events, travel through other realities, and even contact people in other worlds. No one is able to independently form the events of his dreams — they, like a river, are able to drag themselves into the depths of passions and horrible images or, conversely, to ascend to the peak of bliss.

When in a dream, people encounter various dark entities, they wake up in a cold sweat and feel terrible anxiety with fear. The amulet of the dreamcatcher is a special talisman, which is designed to protect people in their nightly wanderings.

More about it, we will tell you later in the article.

Description of the properties of the amulet dreamcatcher, especially the creation

Value Amulet Dreamcatcher

According to popular belief, the talisman originally originated in northern America. Although different Asian and northern nations also knew about it for a very long time.

The protective property of the amulet is based on the belief that all bad night visions will become entangled in the amulet’s web, thanks to which the sleeper will ensure a calm and safe night’s rest.

Since ancient times, people believed that evil spirits cannot count poppy seeds and free themselves from the fetters. Therefore, black entities are not able to cross the threshold if the poppy is scattered on it.

Of course, unfortunately, there is no objective evidence of the veracity of this theory: it is unrealistic to take a photo while sleeping. And all that remains is to rely on the faith and opinions of other people who have already managed to use the power of the amulet.

How a dream catcher works

Let’s try to figure out how it turns out that bad dreams are entangled in the web of an amulet? Esotericists claim that positive energy flows resemble a focused, focused beam.

In contrast, negative energy does not have a clear structure and is very similar to a dark blurred spot or cloud. It is on this property of negative energy that the effect of the dreamcatcher talisman is based.

To date, you have the opportunity to consider the diffuse structure of negative energy in photographs of water crystals that scientists have made on special equipment. In these photos, the presence of a regular crystal lattice of water resembling a snowflake is well traced: such water becomes when sacred texts of prayers are recited.

And if you curse her with curses, you will see the blurred structure of a crystal lattice with a chaotic structure.

This knowledge has been known for a very long time — to our ancestors and the American Indians, who based on them and invented a protective amulet that can give sweet and peaceful dreams.

Description of the properties of the amulet dreamcatcher, especially the creation

Overview of the structure of the amulet

The process of making an amulet began alternately adding willow branches in a circular fashion (this form is not accidental). The sacred meaning of the circle was also known to ancient people.

A circle is the personification of something universal, sacred and magical. It corresponds with the infinite natural energy and uniqueness of our Universe.

In addition, the shape of the circle for our distant ancestors was associated with integrity, unity, cyclicality, perfection, mobility, infinity and completion.

The Meaning Of The Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Now not only natives of Indian tribes can use this sacred symbol — the dream catcher tattoo is popular with people. In this case, the tattoo can vary greatly from the original version of the amulet: often the master adds something from himself or the client expresses his personal wishes.

As a rule, those who choose a dreamcatcher tattoo for themselves are guided by the following motives:

  • they wish to protect themselves from negative energy impact;
  • seek to normalize sleep, get rid of nightmares and insomnia;
  • trying to achieve harmony with nature, the personification of which is also this amulet;
  • demonstrate their love and respect for the ancient traditions.

Description of the properties of the amulet dreamcatcher, especially the creation

Based on all this, it can be summed up that the dream catcher tattoo is associated with protective properties, freedom, and also passion for the ancient culture.

If you want your tattoo to have an even greater impact on you, you should do it as close as possible to the head area. Very often, clients of the tattoo parlor put an ancient symbol in the neck and forearms.

People are soothed by the fact that this protective symbol is on their body: thanks to it, their psychological well-being improves.

At the same time, there are no strict limitations regarding the place for a tattoo. The fair sex for the most part stops on the back.

On such a vast area for creativity, the tattoo will be large and quite detailed.

The second popular spot for this tattoo for girls is the ribs area. They can perform a more compact, but no less interesting design.

We bring to your attention a very unusual idea for a tattoo — the wooden circle must be replaced with a horseshoe. Horseshoe itself has a strong positive energy and will additionally protect against negative, plus add luck.

Self-made amulet

The round base of the dream catcher is made from thin, recently cut willow twigs. If, however, it is not possible to get it, use any other material that is sufficiently strong and reliable (as an option, it could be a wire).

In addition to the ring, you will also need to stock up on threads, beads and feathers.

Amulets dream catcher can be made as a hemisphere — the magic properties while not affected.

The talismans, which are formed at once by several spheres, which are attached to each other through their base, have an attractive appearance.

The most suitable material for practice will be natural threads.

The process of creating an amulet itself goes through the following stages:

  • it is necessary to wrap a round base with threads;
  • after performing the specified task, secure one of the ends of the thread so that it does not unwind afterwards;
  • now comes the most important part — weaving the web. In this case, continuity is extremely important so that the thread does not break. In the course it is necessary to string the beads. Place the largest and most noticeable in the central part, and the rest — at your own discretion.

It is important that all cells in the web are approximately the same size. In the central part of the weave a hole is left through which good dreams can penetrate.

It is not necessary to add feathers to the amulet, but they will add brightness to the talisman and turn it also into a beautiful decorative element.

Do not forget that the mood of the master plays a huge role. So, if a person in the process of work will be overcome with bad thoughts, the idea will not be crowned with success.

The talisman will not work or it may be filled with negative energy and its action will be exactly the opposite. Therefore, it is extremely important to have only good thoughts, visualize positive pictures and future events.

In addition to enter into the desired emotional state will help nice music. Then a properly tuned amulet dream catcher will emit only positive vibrations and will serve its owner faithfully.

In conclusion, we recommend watching an interesting video:

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