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Description of the magic and healing properties of sapphire stone

What are the healing and magical properties of sapphire stone?

Sapphire is a transparent variety of corundum, which has a gem quality. In nature, sapphires of blue, dark blue, in more rare cases — green, pink and orange-yellow flowers are found.

In this material, we will look at the healing and magical properties of this amazingly beautiful mineral.

Description of the magic and healing properties of sapphire stone

Few myths, legends and historical information

The modern name «sapphire» is formed by the Latin word «saphirus» and the Greek «sapheiros». Both words in translation designate «blue».

There is also a version that the stone got its name due to the connection with the planet Saturn, because it is translated from many languages ​​as “Saturn’s favorite”.

People in ancient times appreciated the precious properties of this mineral. Thus, the kings of ancient Persia believed that the sky was blue because it reflected the huge sapphire on which our planet Earth stood.

The ancient rulers of sapphire pendants were used as a powerful amulet against negative magical effects.

The inhabitants of ancient Greece called sapphire «the jewel of the sun god Apollo.» They took a piece of the mineral when they went to Delphi for recommendations to the oracle, because it was believed that the stone could make a person more wise to correctly understand the answer.

Jews revered the mineral as a stone of prophecy, believed that it manifests wisdom and supreme Divine Glory. And the famous commandments that Jehovah gave to Moses on the sacred mountain of Sinai are also believed to have been inscribed on sapphire.

During the Middle Ages — in the 12th century, the stone was actively used by priests and the highest representatives of the Catholic clergy: various objects of religious paraphernalia were made from it. Sapphire symbolized chastity and communication with heaven.

When in the Roman Church the Pope chose a new Cardinal, then, in addition to his high title, he received a sapphire ring, which was put on the ring finger of his right hand. This symbolized the betrothal with the church, which now became the wife of the Cardinal, it was now impossible to leave.

At the moment, the largest and most expensive sapphire is called the Millennium Sapphire. In size, it is not inferior to a soccer ball, and its weight is 61,500 carats.

This giant gem was discovered in 1995 on the island of Madagascar. Its initial weight was altogether 90 000 map, but after two years of processing, which ended in 2000, it decreased in size almost three times.

Description of the magic and healing properties of sapphire stone

The healing properties of sapphire stone

  • Since ancient times, sapphire has been used to heal eye pathologies.
  • It is believed that the stone eliminates leprosy, various growths, protects against the action of poisons.
  • Sapphire also eliminates the pain in the back, successfully fights lack of sleep.
  • It is shown to use products with a mineral to the people having bronchial asthma, heart pathologies and even oncology.
  • Sapphire has a positive effect for patients with diabetes, renal diseases, and contributes to lowering blood pressure.
  • If you follow the rules of Indian Ayurveda, the mineral affects vata and copes with neuralgia, epilepsy, hysteria, sciatica and other vata disorders.

Sapphire stone magical properties and value for humans

  1. Sapphire is a mineral that can make a person faithful, modest, chaste.
  2. Stone gives happiness in love.
  3. Thanks to him, you can determine the right goals in life, cope with fears, depressive states, give yourself a sense of spiritual comfort. Jewelery with sapphires add peace of mind to their owners, make them more prudent, relieve unnecessary passions.
  4. Gem protects from traitors, slander and gossip.
  5. Uncertain people — will add determination, faith in yourself and fearlessness.
  6. The stone has a very powerful cosmic energy. It increases concentration of attention, cleans the soul from the negative.
  7. Also, the mineral enhances the ability to work, awakens extraordinary emotional vision and perception of the surrounding world. Thanks to him, a person’s thoughts become clearer, he begins to reach out for knowledge.
  8. The mineral helps to direct the energy of a person in the right direction, develops high spiritual impulses in it, gives concentration of attention, which is especially important in the process of prayers. Therefore, he acquired the name «stone of the nuns.»
  9. The stone has the ability to pass the energy flow through itself, clean it and return it to the person, so it is recommended to use it for meditation. Star-shaped sapphires have a special power. On their surface, we observe the intersection of three or six rays that arise in the process of faceting — these are sacred numbers that symbolize great powers — faith, hope, and love.
  10. Sapphire is one of the 12 stones that adorn the Heavenly Jerusalem shown in the Apocalypse — symbolizing salvation and the final reconciliation of people with the Divine world.

It is believed that sapphires with defects can cause misfortune.

Interesting stone information

Mineral blue shade affects the state of the Ajna Chakra. Blue sapphires control the work of Vishudhi.

And the stones of yellow-orange color normalize the functioning of the Manipura and Svadhisthana chakras.

Sapphire has a receptive energy Yin (able to absorb energy).

Mineral refers to the earth, fire, water and ether elements.

Sapphires will positively influence a person with such names: Vitaly, George, Denis, Egor, Nikolay, Timofey, Antonin, Veronika, Lyudmila (yellow stones), Maria, Raisa and Yulia.

Mineral is the highest grade gem. It is actively used in the jewelry industry, mainly from it are made rings, earrings, brooches and other jewelry.

Description of the magic and healing properties of sapphire stone

Which of the signs of the zodiac fit

Astrologically, the mineral is suitable for people born under the zodiac constellation Sagittarius and Aquarius. It can also be used by Aries, who, thanks to him, will become wiser and far-sighted, as well as more insightful, get rid of unnecessary short temper, will better control their emotional sphere.

Gemini gem helps you find true friends and fully revealed.

Virgin, using jewelry with sapphires, it will be easier to establish contact with the people around you, know the world and will think more about the meaning of life.

Scorpios are also shown to wear sapphire — it calms their crazy temperament, and also gives the representatives of this sign harmony and peace of mind.

Thanks to the mineral, crayfish will improve their health, become more self-confident, and also learn how to show full generosity and nobility.

Fish can also use products with sapphire, to a greater or lesser extent, the mineral is acceptable for Lviv and Libra.

But the two zodiac signs use this mineral is strictly contraindicated: Capricorn (they will not receive any benefit from it, but only lose their vitality) and Taurus (in which sapphire will develop excessive responsibility).

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