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Definition of zones, sectors in the apartment on feng shui: useful tips

How to identify areas in the apartment by feng shui to the cardinal points

To organize the space in the house according to the canons of Eastern philosophy, you need to know how to identify areas in the apartment by feng shui. All you need is a compass and a schematic floor plan.

Sectors of apartment or house for feng shui

Before you determine the areas in the apartment on Feng Shui, you need to understand what area of ​​life you want to change in the first place. If you want to move up the career ladder — fill the sector of work with oriental talismans.

If you want to meet a soul mate — focus on the sector of love.

Definition of zones, sectors in the apartment on feng shui: useful tips

According to ancient Chinese teachings, all sectors into which the premises are divided are responsible for a certain area of ​​human life:

  • North influences career and work, relations with superiors and colleagues, business success;
  • North-West attracts to the life of a person profitable people — those who will patronize and help him;
  • Western — reveals the creative potential, and also affects the health and mental development of your children;
  • Southwest — a zone of love and harmony in relationships, attracts suitable partners and helps to establish peace in a couple;
  • The southern sector of fame: this is how you are perceived and assessed by other people, your social status and place in society;
  • Southeast — sector of wealth, responsible for material well-being and financial stability;
  • Eastern — zone of family and marriage, kinship and the whole clan system;
  • the northeast — the sector of knowledge, wisdom, and education;
  • The central sector is responsible for the health of all who live in the house.

You can see the location of the sectors in the figure with the Bagua square:

Definition of zones, sectors in the apartment on feng shui: useful tips

In feng shui, special attention is paid to balance and harmony. It is necessary that the space in each sector is properly organized, so you need to equally activate all zones so that no part of your life will suffer.

How to find all areas in the house

Determining the location of all sectors is very simple: arm yourself with a compass and mark the sides of the world on the floor plan. Define the conditional center of the apartment and divide the space in the figure with schematic lines.

  1. In order not to get confused, first of all mark the center on the plan of your room. Stand in an apartment in a place corresponding to the central part, and only then proceed to the definition of the cardinal points using a compass.
  2. First of all, the northern part should be noted on the plan.
  3. Attach the Bagua mesh to the flat plan and use the carbon copy or tracing paper to transfer the rest of the light onto the paper.
  4. If you do not have a compass, you can start marking from the east. It is very easy to find it — the sun rises on this side.

Having determined the directions of the world and dividing all the space into zones, you can start arranging the rooms in accordance with the canons of feng shui.

Useful tips and tricks

So that the energy of feng shui began to work, it is important not only to decorate the interior of the apartment in the correct color scheme, to correctly arrange the furniture and decorate the room with oriental talismans. Of great importance is the way you monitor the circulation of energy in the apartment.

Definition of zones, sectors in the apartment on feng shui: useful tips

What you need to do:

  1. Throw out all the unwanted trash from the house. We often store on the mezzanine and balcony a lot of things that we will never use. It is necessary to conduct an audit and throw away all the old stuff. Corrupted, broken and stale objects harm energy space. Energy stagnates and can not freely circulate around the apartment.
  2. Activate each zone gradually, get rid of unnecessary perfectionism. It’s impossible to create the perfect atmosphere in one day. Start with those sectors that are particularly meaningful for you, and eventually you get to the rest.
  3. The living room should ideally be located in the central sector. On the ceiling there must be a bright and large light source. A crystal ball chandelier is considered to be a very auspicious symbol. This is the focus of all the energy at home.
  4. The second most important place — the kitchen, a symbol of the hearth. Its arrangement is to do immediately after the living room. It is here that you cook food, investing in the process of cooking your positive energy, which is then received by the household.
  5. Do not overload space with talismans. They are very effective, but should not be abused. In each of the sectors there should be approximately an equal number of sacred eastern symbols, but not more than three in one zone.

Watch the video on how to identify areas in the apartment by Feng Shui:

How to attract positive energy into space

It is very important not only to arrange the space according to the rules of Feng Shui, but also to monitor your actions, emotions and feelings. They directly affect the energy situation at home.

  1. Never figure out the relationship at the dinner table. This is the central sector of the house, in which energy is particularly strong. Therefore, during a family gathering at lunch or dinner at the table, only positive emotions should prevail.
  2. Kitchen — a symbol of the home of your home. The health and emotional state of the household will depend on the mood in which you cook the food. Therefore, you do not need to cook when you are angry, angry or hurt. First, solve the problem, talk and make peace, and only then create culinary masterpieces.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that “hope for feng shui, but do not commit it yourself”. You can make the whole space with talismans, create an ideal setting according to Eastern canons.

But if you do nothing in real life and do not “ground yourself” while playing sports, art, household chores and work, you should not expect magical changes.

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