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Clean up negative mantra — listen online for free

We listen to the mantra cleaning negative

Mantras are special sound combinations with the mention of the names of Vedic deities. Consider cleaning negative mantras. The article focuses on three powerful Vedic cleansing channels of deities — Durga, Kali, Shiva, Vajrasattva, Avalokitesvara, Ganesh.

With the help of mantras, you can get rid of negativity, disease and failure. Mantras help in the fulfillment of desires and spiritual development.

Clean up negative mantra - listen online for free

What is cleansing mantra

In what cases is it necessary to practice cleansing mantras, and can ordinary non-related people in the Vedic tradition use them? Since most mantras appeal to universal cosmic sources of energy, anyone can practice them.

If you feel the influence of negative energies on yourself, things are falling apart, and the disease has become aggravated — the time has come to seek help from divine sources of protection.

Cleansing mantras are a powerful spiritual guide, helping to break free from the fetters of karmic retribution. The Vedic tradition believes that any misfortunes and diseases in this world are a response to the sins of past lives.

Mantra as a powerful instrument of spiritual influence helps to get rid of karmic load and correct the situation. However, a person must realize the inevitability of karmic retribution and henceforth do not burden his own karma with wrong actions.

How do cleaning negative mantras work? During the pronunciation of the sound formula occurs alignment of human energy with cosmic energies, due to which there is a powerful cleansing.

Repeated repetition of the sacred formula forms a spiral that absorbs negative energy, freeing the person from the burden of problems and failures. At this time, a person’s aura is restored, and negative essences are cut off.

A person feels inner relief and joy.

Mantras Vajrasattve

Vajrasattva literally translates as «soul of lightning» or «diamond soul.» The Vajra symbolizes the essence of the Buddha, one of its incarnations.

The function of Vajrasattva in this world is to purify from all that is unnecessary, harmful and evil. Vajrasattva is the mercy, wisdom and compassion of all buddhas together.

To practice the Vajrasattva mantra, it is necessary to visualize (represent) deities or contemplate their image.

The cleansing six-syllable mantra of Vajrasattva is:

Clean up negative mantra - listen online for free

Clean up negative mantra - listen online for free

During practice, imagine how black energy leaves your body and dissolves in the white light of the heavenly cosmic radiance. The source of this radiance is Vajrasattva.

The result of the practice of mantra will be getting rid of diseases, negative situations, evil eyes and spoilage, inner peace, relief from the emotions of fear, hatred and envy. It is recommended to begin the practice of purification from this channel — the Vajrasattva channel.

Mantra Avalokiteshvara

This is the personal channel of the Dalai Lam, contributing to cleansing and spiritual insight. Avalokitesvara symbolizes the united consciousness of all buddhas. The mantra is practiced to resolve issues of communication with others, to eliminate conflict situations, to achieve mutual understanding in the family and with close people.

The Avalokiteshvara mantra is also practiced to heal diseases of the hematopoietic system and organs of vision.

Reading the mantra excites streams of white and purple hue. It is a meditation on the spark of God that is inside each person. The mantra energy gently affects the aura, cleansing and restoring it.

After practice, headaches and cardiovascular diseases disappear. Tibetan monks living in harsh climatic conditions practice the Avalokiteshvara mantra all their lives.

It heals colds and strengthens the immune system.

Clean up negative mantra - listen online for free

Clean up negative mantra - listen online for free

Durga mantra

In the Vedic tradition, Durga is the symbol of the warrior goddess. The word «durga» means inaccessibility, indigestion of the spirit. Durga is the sum of the powers of all deities.

According to legend, during the struggle of the gods with demons, each of them emitted a luminous ray from himself. The combination of all the divine rays and received the name «Durga».

Each of the gods bestowed his weapon, so Durga possesses all types of defense and attack on the source of evil.

So, durga is a divine force for the destruction of demons and evil, acting in the name of order and harmony in the universe. This is a rather aggressive energy, however, its militancy is only aimed at the destruction of the forces of evil.

If you have any insurmountable obstacles in your life, ask for help from Durga. If you are afflicted with a chronic disease, ask for help from Durga.

Durga stimulates the flow of yellow-orange color, which has a healing effect on the internal organs of the person — the abdominal cavity. Its strength destroys stones in the kidneys, liver and ducts. The practice of mantra bestows courage and strengthens the qualities of will.

A person gains confidence in his abilities and the joy of life. This mantra of negativity is the strongest.

Durga cuts off parasitic entities on the aura that destroy human energy.

Clean up negative mantra - listen online for free

Mantra Ganesh

The gentle cleansing power of Ganesha eliminates any obstacles in the path of life. Unlike Durga energy, the Ganesha channel is not aggressive. The energy of Ganesha destroys negative thought forms, clears the mind of the fear of failure and failure, eliminates external obstacles.

Ganesh is the green light of a traffic light on a person’s life path. However, the practice with the Ganesh channel requires purity of intentions and the desire for spiritual growth.

Ganesh gives worldly wisdom, insight and luck.

Clean up negative mantra - listen online for free

Kali Mantras

The image of Kali symbolizes the power of the universe. The word «Kali» in translation means «black.»

It is the thousand-armed, militant form of Durga, the goddess of death and the destruction of demonic forces. Call for help to Cali need in cases of targeting damage.

Mantras that purify negative energies and entities are mantras to the goddess Kali. The energy of the Kali channel is blue with dark purple: psychics see this color during the practice of Kali mat.

Therefore, while reading Kali’s cleansing formulas, it is necessary to present a flow of dark violet energy destroying negative black clots — this will enhance the result. The practice of Kali helps from energy vampires, in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, in the destruction of any negative programs, in the expulsion of evil spirits and ghosts.

Clean up negative mantra - listen online for free

Clean up negative mantra - listen online for free

Mantra Shive

After practicing Kali, one must recite the Shiva mantra, her spouse. The Shiva channel has a cleansing, regenerating and protective effect.

If the energy of Kali destroys everything around, then the energy of Shiva acts more gently and calmingly. Shiva helps to eliminate bad thoughts, extinguish bad inclinations, to find inner harmony and balance.

The color of Shiva’s energy is blue. During practice, it is necessary to visualize blue streams in which bunches of dark energies dissolve.

Shiva helps in the healing of brain vessels, strengthens memory, restores performance and energy. Man is freed from fear, feelings of panic and failure. The mantra of Shiva worship works wonders:

Clean up negative mantra - listen online for free

Mantra of cleansing space

The following mantra helps to clear the space and all the objects in it. It is always read during offerings to the Buddha and before eating. While reading it is necessary to light incense and imagine how the smoke of smokes dissolves any dark energy in it.

To do this, ignite aromatic sticks with the smell of sandalwood or other cleansing plants.

When do you practice mantra? It should be read after home quarrels or when you feel that a heavy atmosphere has appeared in the house. They read the mantra even after the guests leave, especially after common feasts.

You can recite the mantra on spring water and sprinkle it all the room and all the objects.

Clean up negative mantra - listen online for free

Mantra cleansing the space of negative energies — listen in the recording:

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