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Chrysoprase Stone: properties and who suits

Chrysoprase: what beneficial properties it exhibits

Chrysoprase is a pale green variety of chalcedony, which is used that in the process of making souvenirs, that for elite jewelry. In this material, we consider what properties this mineral has.

physical characteristics

Chrysoprase acts as a translucent variation of chalcedony found in nature in green color (shades of which vary from bluish-green to emerald-green and apple-green and vary in the degree of its saturation).

The color of young grass in chrysoprase is due to the presence of nickel compounds in them.

Chrysoprase Stone: properties and who suits

Historical background of the stones

Historians say that these minerals were known to ancient people. So, they caused admiration of the inhabitants of ancient Rome, Egypt and ancient Greece.

It was believed that the crystal attracts good luck to its owners, and therefore, it was often used as an amulet.

Speaking about the great commander and the king of Macedonia, Alexander the Great, they mention that the ruler kept with him a piece of chrysoprase mineral in order to ensure victory in military affairs and success in power management.

The mineral of beautiful green color was a favorite decoration of Frederick II. According to historical information, the king had a large ring with chrysoprase. He also ordered a tiara with a gem.

It is noteworthy that in the process of its manufacture they used a new method of cutting (in the future it will be called “friderian” in honor of its discoverer).

In addition, chrysoprase from the time of the white-haired davny were used to create statuettes, talismans, stone-cutting miniatures. The ancient Romans used them to develop the famous art of glyptics.

At the same time, the cost of everything made from chrysoprase reached a very high level. Crystal is beginning to use even greater glory by the 18th century.

Then chrysoprase is an already widespread jewelery, ornamental, and facing stone.

And nowadays, being in the Czech Republic, you have the opportunity to see with your own eyes the unique chrysoprase mosaic decoration, which was used to decorate the chapel of St. Wenceslas. And the palace of Potsdam (located in modern Germany) is a vivid example of a variety of products from mineral tables, statues trimmed with chrysoprase.

To date, the popularity of the gem is not as high as it once was. But it is still used in the manufacture of jewelry.

Where is chrysoprase stone mined

The place of formation of the mineral is nickel-containing sedimentary rocks. This occurs under the action of the hydrothermal process and erosion.

As a rule, chrysoprases occur in placers.

There are not really many deposits of emerald gem in the world right now. So, for example, you can not meet him in the Russian Federation.

Of those world states in which chrysoprase are mined and supplied to jewelry markets, the following are distinguished:

  • Kazakhstan;
  • Romania;
  • Tanzania;
  • Brazil;
  • Balkan Peninsula.

Australia, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, United States of America, is also a major supplier of chrysoprazas.

Chrysoprase Stone: properties and who suits

Color versions

Jewelry craftsmen carefully select suitable specimens of the stone before transporting them for sale. At a choice features of structure and a color palette are considered.

In total, there are 3 main categories of chrysoprase, having, respectively, the highest, first and second grade. Consider all of them in more detail, you can also see examples of photos of chrysosomes.

  1. Emerald green chrysoprase with a homogeneous structure — represent the highest version of the mineral. This is — excellent jewelry raw materials. The stones of the highest category are characterized by a uniform color, they also have high transparency, the thickness of the gem reaches five centimeters.
  2. Apple green stones — they were given the first grade because they were not as high as the first group, the degree of transparency. In addition, there is no internal pattern in these chrysoprazes, unlike its natural counterparts.
  3. Light stones with specks — belong to semi-precious minerals, have the second grade. Such chrysoprase in nature are bluish-green or yellowish-green. By its structure, the second-grade gem is heterogeneous, because in it you can see white specks, plus translucent and matte areas alternate. From the outside, the stones may have inclusions of yellow and brown limonites.

The crystals, which will subsequently become jewelry, will have to be polished and polished. They serve as the basis for making cabochons and flat inserts for a wide variety of accessories for the jewelery industry.

Best looks for high cabochons that have an oval configuration. For their manufacture take the highest category of mineral. In general, chrysoprase is an easily polished stone.

However, it is almost impossible to get the effect of a perfectly smooth mirror on it.

Healing properties of chrysoprase stone

The fact that the stones were used in the treatment of many diseases, even the ancient chronicles. For example, priests and healers charged with chrysoprase water, which was used in their arsenal of drugs. You have a great opportunity to apply the old method in practice.

To do this, you need to take one or more crystals, put them in water and leave to stand for a couple of hours.

But let’s look at the general healing abilities of chrysopolises:

  • Charged with gem water helps to get rid of catarrhal pathologies. She successfully treats various infections.
  • The positive effect of the crystal on the organs of vision is noticed. So, if you regularly contemplate a beautiful green stone — your eyes will be less tired, you will get rid of cutting, eliminate other ophthalmic pathologies. After all, it is not for nothing that often patients with an ophthalmologist are prescribed to wear green glasses.
  • People suffering from magnetic oscillations in nature will also benefit greatly from chrysoprase crystal.
  • The practice of yoga allows you to normalize all life processes in the body. Ancient art says that chrysoprase has a very positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system. For this purpose, it should be applied to the region of the heart chakra for half an hour. And wishing to further enhance the effect of therapy — use rose quartz.
  • Chrysoprase in principle, very well affects all organs and processes of the human body: starting with mental activity and ending with the course of metabolism.
  • It is shown that chrysoprase products are worn by anyone under stress, often suffering from depressive states.

Although the crystal brings undoubted benefits to the body, you should be careful. Remember that lithotherapy is only an additional science, it should not be used as a primary therapy.

And if you suffer from serious health problems — a visit to a traditional doctor is obligatory.

Chrysoprase Stone: properties and who suits

The magical properties of chrysoprase stone

Mystical abilities have always been attributed to the bright green mineral. It is said that the gem protects its owner from any external negative influences, untruths.

Amulets with chrysoprase will contribute in various undertakings, will achieve the desired perfection.

Modern lithotherapists are advised to wear it to bankers, merchants, and all those who have any connection with sales.

What other properties does a crystal have?

  1. Its most basic feature is a positive impact on the sphere of personal relationships. Chrysoprase can be used as a bewitch, will help to forget past failures, will contribute to the emergence and development of new feelings.
  2. Even the people of antiquity believed that the stone makes its owner rich, gives him prosperity. Therefore, it is used in the process of entering into various transactions in order to eliminate possible damage, to increase one’s condition.
  3. Saves the mineral from punishment, even very cruel. To this end, prisoners put pieces of the mineral in their mouths, believing that their freedom and life will be saved.
  4. And quite unreal version — if a thief takes chrysoprase in his mouth, the stone will turn it into an invisible one, which will allow to commit various lawlessness without punishment.
  5. On the other hand, minerals are designed to save people from making wrong decisions.
  6. Amulets with chrysoprase give protective power from any evil, evil forces, evil influences. And if you place a stone in a frame of silver — its coastal properties will multiply many times. All bad messages will be immediately reflected and sent back to the sender.
  7. Chrysoprase plants like everything new, so they are traditionally considered patrons of innovators and inventors.
  8. It acts as a gem responsible for communication. Able to attract in his life a sociable environment. Anyone with a naturally good heart, chrysoprase will give a positive charge and give an optimistic vision of the world.
  9. The stone also has the ability to convince and develop the talent of eloquence. If you need to be known as a good speaker, you should first stock up on a crystal of this gem.
  10. All who are associated with travel, shopping, travel, tourism, can use chrysoprase in order to protect themselves from evil.

But there are certain conditions for the stone to really help you. The most important thing is to abandon passivity, take initiative, have a course for victory.

By adhering to these recommendations, you can count on the support of the gem. About the danger he signals his clouding.

Chrysoprase Stone: properties and who suits

Astrological compatibility

From the standpoint of astrology, chrysoprase has a connection with the air element, most favors the constellation of Aquarius. Representatives of such a non-standard sign of the zodiac can realize their wildest dreams with the help of a crystal.

Aquarians by their nature are prone to social, collective activities, creativity. People of this constellation who show mercy, seek to help others, take into account and respect the opinions of others, chrysoprase will provide the necessary support.

Beloved Venus Taurus by nature is often slow and lazy. With the help of chrysoprase, they will start to move faster, and the charge of common practicality, presented by a gem, will help to realize many plans in life.

If Taurus is afraid to start something new, then the mineral will push and motivate him to act not previously committed.

In terms of its energy, chrysoprase is also fairly well compatible with Pisces and Capricorn, Cancers, Sagittarius, Virgos and Gemini.

But as for Aries, Scorpions, Libra and Lviv — on the contrary, they will give their power to the stone. The listed constellations are too energetic, but they still cannot compete with chrysoprase.

Astrologers say that all zodiacal constellations can wear ornaments with chrysoprase. There are no serious contraindications for any of the signs.

It is important, when using a mineral, to bring it to the light more often — the sun’s rays increase its energy, improve its appearance. And in a forgotten and abandoned state, the crystal will begin to lose its magic and will not be able to help its owner anymore.

Now you know the properties of chrysoprase stone, to whom it suits. In conclusion, be sure to check out the thematic video and pay attention to the photo of chrysoprase stone offered in the article.

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