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Chrysoberyl stone: from what will help to heal

Chrysoberyl: magical properties and uses

Chrysoberyl is a very popular mineral today. The name of the stone is due to its beautiful golden color (in Greek chrysos means golden).

Various versions are known as to whether chrysoberyl is a gemstone or semi-precious.

Most experts tend to classify gem in the first category. The cost of the product with chrysoberyl depends on the size of the ornament, the complexity of its cut, color variations, and other factors, which we will discuss later.

Chrysoberyl stone: from what will help to heal

Features of the composition and types of stones

Chrysoberyl acts as nothing more than beryllium aluminate. The bulk of the stone is represented by combinations of aluminum and beryllium oxides. Of course, in some cases there are impurities — as a rule, it is chromium oxide and iron.

The most valuable are those minerals that include chromium, because they have the strongest characteristics, as well as excellent light performance.

In addition, jewelers give a high rating to those types of specimens, which are characterized by an attractive effect of a cat’s eye.

The main varieties of chrysoberyl found in nature most often are:

As a rule, in natural conditions there are stones of golden and yellowish colors. More rare variations of chrysoberyl are stones of reddish or brownish hues (this color adds an increased percentage of iron content in the composition).

Very rare and most valuable coloring — purple.

But even more rare minerals are clear stones, which are characterized by high reflectivity. Occasionally there are also gems with a greenish tint, which indicates an increased titanium content in them.

Experts claim that beryls themselves are quite rare stones. Under natural conditions, there are not many gems in which they are composed.

For this reason, chrysoberyl has a relatively high cost.

Chrysoberyl due to its chemical composition is an indicator of increased alumina, as well as reduced silica acidity. This is one of the explanations for why the stone is mainly found in dolomite and limestone.

The sites of the most famous mineral deposits are in Madagascar, Ceylon, Brazil, the United States of America and, of course, the Urals — the famous emerald mines. In addition, due to modern technologies, the creation of artificial stone samples has become possible, but they do not have the same properties as natural counterparts.

Chrysoberyl stone: from what will help to heal

Chrysoberyl scopes

Chrysoberyl is a rather rare kind of gemstone, which at all times had an increased popularity, especially minerals with the effect of a cat’s eye. Traditional jewelery is rarely made from the cat’s eye, although its increased hardness is quite suitable for these purposes.

In cases where the composition of the stone exactly meets its chemical formula, it is devoid of any color. Stones of this type are not very popular, because as a result of moderate light refraction and slight dispersion, they clearly lose to diamonds, zircons and even white sapphires.

On the contrary, high value are minerals, on which the effect of the internal iridescent play of light (known as asterism) is well manifested and which are processed in the form of cabochons.

Healing Gem Properties

Mineral has a number of healing properties, among which are the following:

  • strengthens the body’s ability to heal itself;
  • normalizes adrenaline and cholesterol levels;
  • strengthen the muscles of the chest;
  • favorably affects the work of the liver;
  • copes with the pathologies of the skin.

People who practice Tibetan and Indian medicine believe that powerful projective energy is inherent in chrysoberyl, which has a positive effect on the work of the heart and circulatory system.

Since ancient times, stones have been used to heal various pathologies: disorders of the cardiovascular system, the central and peripheral nervous system. They also successfully treat infertility, inflammations in the body, throat pathologies, colds and asthma, eye pathologies, mental illness, as well as gallstone disease and acute cholecystitis.

The old Russian manuscript entitled “Svyatoslav’s Collection” mentions that chrysoberyls successfully cure scabies, leprosy, act as a reliable amulet from drunkenness.

Chrysoberyl stone: from what will help to heal

Stone magic

  1. For a long time the inhabitants of India worshiped chrysoberyl as the strongest magic stone that binds the kingdom of minerals and the rest of the world. Special magical properties enjoy alexandrites and cat eyes.
  2. It is believed that the stone helps to enhance intuitive abilities, makes its owner more insightful, helps him achieve success, and also protects him from various evils, unwise decisions. Also, the gem strengthens family and family ties.
  3. It is believed that the stone will add a man of inner harmony, make it more calm.
  4. Residents of Russia revered chrysoberyls as a talisman to protect against gambling.

The stone affects the work of the Manipura and Anahata Chakras. Differs projective Yang energy (inclined to release, activate energy).

Chrysoberyl will be an excellent version of the mascot for those people practicing commercial activities engaged in science and social activities. Usually in the form of talismans choose a ring of gold or platinum, which is inserted into a faceted stone.

Such a ring will help attract good luck in the business and love sphere, save you from negative influence from the outside and envy of other people.

Which of the zodiac signs is best suited

It is believed that chrysoberyls are distinguished by a particularly positive effect on such zodiac signs — Cancers and Gemini. These people will make gem more successful and give spiritual harmony.

Chrysoberyl also has a good effect on Capricorns and Libra — he will open the second wind with them, thanks to which they will be able to realize important goals in their lives.

Aries and Capricorns, using jewelry with chrysoberyl, will be easier to find a common language with other people and will find faithful comrades.

Indian sages have always believed that chrysoberyl protects the zodiac constellation Gemini. In fact, the stone is constantly changing its color, which is very well combined with the duality of this zodiac sign. For this reason, the use of chrysoberyl jewelry will have a beneficial effect on the state of the energy shell of Gemini.

The inhabitants of Europe and America disagree on the protective abilities of alexandrites. The first group of people associates with it and the Pisces zodiac sign, and the second — Scorpio.

Finally, we advise you to view an informative video about the amazing abilities of the gem:

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