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Chicken god: the value of the stone charm

Chicken god: the value of the stone charm

Chicken god preserved — this is a simple pebble with a hole in the middle. It is believed that this amulet brings good luck to those who accidentally found it on the shore of the reservoir. Does this rock really bring good luck and why is it called that?

The value and magical power of the amulet

Initially, this pebble was hung in chicken coops, because they believed that chickens would carry him better. From here and such unusual name of this charm — the chicken god.

If initially chicken god was obregom for livestock, then later people began to wear it. Men brought good luck on the hunt, women helped in household chores.

Large stones with holes in the center were kept in the house and even laid when new huts were built. It was believed that the chicken god can protect the house from the evil eye and damage.

The chicken god was used in traditional medicine. For example, if the child had problems with urination, then he was forced to urinate through a hole in the stone — the ailment passed.

How can you use the chicken god in our time

From an esoteric point of view, the hole in the stone represents the path to discovery and the release of obstacles. Nowadays, the chicken god is used to attract money, to fulfill desires and to promote health.

If you accidentally found this stone as a charm on the shore, then make a wish by looking at the sky through a hole, and then throw it into the water.

If you want to attract good luck in money, who keep this amulet in your wallet or carry it as a key chain.

Helps chicken god in love. For this it is enough to keep it in your bedroom, but not one, but two such stones. This will symbolize the two wedding rings.

If you want to have such a stone charm, then look for it on the banks of rivers, seas and lakes. You should not buy it in the store, as the hole in the middle of the pebble should be carved with water, and not with tools, as wizards who make charms do. In other words — nature itself should create this stone charm and give it to you. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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