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Charoite stone — the magical and healing properties of stone

Charoite stone — properties and meaning

Charoite stone, whose properties are shrouded in mist of legends, is a unique and rare mineral. It is incredibly good — jewelry with charoite look amazingly impressive.

He is valued for his magical properties, which we will discuss below.

The magical properties of charoite

Charoite stone - the magical and healing properties of stone

The mineral is endowed with the following qualities due to which it is of particular value for all who plunged into the world of magic esoterics:

  • The purple color of the mineral is the personification of wisdom, the harmony of spirituality. Accordingly, these qualities he gives his owner
  • Charoite is an ideal option for those who like to philosophize, to live peacefully and measuredly. He repeatedly enhances the awareness of a person, develops the propensity to be prudent and weigh every decision. «Teaches» to abstract from emotions and to think with the head, but not with the heart
  • This is an excellent amulet for anyone who wants to protect themselves from all sorts of negative energy coming from outside. A person who wears an amulet with charoite is not afraid of energy vampires and other «toxic» people
  • It develops the ability of its owner to see the situation as it is, it helps not to harbor illusions, but to soberly evaluate any event occurring in your life. It helps to feel the unity of all things, to understand their role and meaning in life, even to find a vocation
  • Develops such qualities as restraint and calmness, the ability not to speak and not to do too much. Can teach to verify every word spoken, which, as we know, is not a sparrow
  • It develops intuition and helps to listen sensitively to the sensations and needs of your own soul. It is a great helper in self-development and the development of spirituality.
  • Charoite is a mineral that protects lovers. It helps to feel all the charm of love relationships and achieve harmony in them. The keeper of the family hearth: helps spouses not only to preserve, but also to multiply their feelings many times, kindles passion, teaches mutual understanding and the search for compromise solutions in conflict situations
  • «Kills» loneliness. A person who constantly wears charoite jewelry will never be left alone. He will surely meet the other half, a person with whom he will build deep, sincere, very harmonious and reverent relations.
  • Gives a feeling of self-confidence, helps to overcome any difficulties that arise in the course of life
  • Patronizes creative people, develops and multiplies talent, helps to be realized in your favorite business (if it is a creative sphere). Jewelry with charoite — ideal for people from the world of art

It is equally good for people with any sign of the zodiac, but it is especially strong in showing its magical properties in relation to Libra. It is under the auspices of Venus.

Interesting Facts

Charoite stone - the magical and healing properties of stone

Charoite was discovered relatively recently, because it has been studied so far slightly. But his story is already connected with several cognitive and very curious facts:

  • The discoverer of the charoite deposit, Yuri Rogov, while on a business trip abroad, visited the Museum of Minerals of the Louvre. He showed charoite to the museum workers and asked them to determine what kind of stone they were holding. Despite the fact that the museum positioned itself as the owner of a complete collection of all the minerals that were ever mined in the depths of our planet, charoite was not found in it.
  • The staff of the Mineralogical Museum of the Louvre offered fabulous money for a sample of charoite for its collection, but Rogov refused
  • Pope John Paul II took care of buying a charoite slab for his sarcophagus
  • In dealing with charoite you need to be very careful — it is quite fragile and may not withstand impact or fall. But the stone is allowed to be washed in warm water, if the decoration is dirty
  • Charoite is mined only in Russia — nowhere else on the planet there are no deposits of this purple miracle. The sources are located in the valley of the river Chara. This place is located at the intersection of the Irkutsk Region and Yakutia, in the area of ​​the Baikal-Amur Mainline
  • The deposits of charoite are irreplaceable, therefore every year decorations with a purple stone grow in themselves. Buying can be an excellent investment and profitable legacy for your descendants.

Watch the video about charoite stone and its properties:

Healing properties of violet stone

In the people it is believed that charoite has healing properties. For example:

  • A soothing effect on the nervous system. Thanks to its purple color, it gives calm, relaxes and pacifies
  • Relaxes the whole body. Thanks to the impact of charoite on the psycho-emotional state, one can learn to live without stress, and to relate to life with a little bit of passionless indifference
  • Relieves stress from the nervous system. Therefore, charoite is good as an amulet for people living in constant stress. busy with intense mental work, those who have to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances of life
  • Thanks to these properties, charoite has established itself in traditional medicine, as a means of treating diseases of the central nervous system.
  • It is believed that the stone has the ability to relieve pain. He was applied to a part of the body that was aching, and the stone seemed to draw out painful sensations, giving the patient relief.
  • Charoite also has a good effect on such internal organs as the liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart. Normalizes pressure, favorably affects male potency and female reproductive system. Accelerates the healing of wounds, fractures, bruises

Charoite stone - the magical and healing properties of stone

Purification, sedation, normalization of the psycho-emotional state are the main qualities of charoite, for which it is especially valued in the world of esotericism.

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