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Charms for baby

Charms for baby

Every parent wants to protect his child, to fence against ailments and troubles and prevent harm to the baby. Find out what charms for children exist and how to properly make them.

Orthodox children’s amulets

The baby should wear a cross, preferably the one with which he was baptized. If such a cross is lost, you need to purchase a new one, necessarily consecrated in the church. He will absorb the negativity and erect the protection of his guardian angel around the child.

Also has a good protection underwear icon with the image of the Virgin. She is able to protect the child from the evil eye and will not allow him to turn to the wrong path.

Every child should have a small icon with its guardian angel — the Saints under whose protection he was baptized. Often, a child cannot tell about the innermost even to his parents, and this gnaws at him and adversely affects his mental and physical condition. The child needs to be explained that he can tell everything to his Saints and ask him for protection.

Charms for children from damage and the evil eye

The most effective amulet for the child is a pin against the evil eye, pinned to the clothes each time before leaving the house. The pin needs to be fixed with the head down so that it directs the flow of negative energy down and prevents the negative energy impact on the baby.

A tied red thread on the left wrist will not allow you to impose an evil eye or damage on your child. The knot on which the thread is tied will take over the negative energy. A child wearing such a talisman will be lucky and happy.

The red thread is suitable not only for small children, but also for all other family members. By the way, you can order a real red thread from Israel here.

Preserved the child with his own hands

The biofield of a baby under 7 years old is very strong, but defenseless. It can even jinx it unintentionally. Mothers often notice that after visiting crowded places, the child feels unwell and unwell.

It is worth taking away negative energy from the baby, directing its flows to something else.

To do this, a bright toy will fit, which a mother or grandmother must sew together, putting the maximum amount of care into it. The kid should love a toy, therefore creating a charm think what the child will like the most. It is advisable that he take the toy you made yourself and carry it with you.

It will be a lightning rod for a bad impact.

When investing a charm in children’s hands you need to say: “Take away all evil from you, protect you with motherly love”.

A child needs protection from adults because it is so easy to harm him. To be sure that your baby is safe even when you are not around, contact the help of amulets and talismans. With their proper application, you will achieve the desired result. Take care of yourself and your children and do not forget to press buttons and

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