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Charm words: powerful protection against negativity

Charm words: powerful protection against negativity

Since ancient times, our ancestors have been looking for methods of protection against negative and evil influence. Their knowledge, accumulated over the centuries, has reached our days. In the modern world, protection against the evil eye and the negative is becoming relevant again.

Every person has a so-called sixth sense. Intuitively, we are aware of the approach of danger, but we do not always attach importance to this. Our ancestors said: “as if it aches something.” And indeed, an inexplicable feeling of excitement and insecurity sometimes occurs in everyone.

At times of danger, the body reacts and sends signals that are worth paying attention to.

Protective words-charms

Everyone at least once was subjected to negative influence from the outside. Human biofield is designed in such a way as to protect against encroachment and to protect against the outflow of vital energy. At the moments of illness or weakness in the energy field, gaps appear, and therefore a person becomes vulnerable to ill-wishers and may well be damaged or to the evil eye. Words of charms are designed to protect and secure at the very moment when the feeling of anxiety tells about intentional influence:

“I believe in our God, the Almighty. He will save me from adversity and anger, disease and damage ”

Every morning you should say protective words that will protect from the negative impact:

“I will cross in the morning three times, I will receive the protection of the righteous, not subject to evil forces. The Guardian Angel will stand behind him, his wings will spread. Protect me from the snares, from disease and anger. Amen»

The sense of danger can be so strong that it shackles movement and develops into panic. For such cases, our great-grandfathers used words that created a kind of cocoon that sheltered from harm. They crossed themselves with the triple sign of the cross and said:

“The power of the cross is upon me, my faith is strong. Lord, save, Lord, help, Lord, save ”

It is important to imagine how energy flows form a closed sphere and cover you from all manifestations of negative influence. A sense of security will give strength and return clarity of mind.

Another ritual associated with the words-charms, designed to meet with unwanted people and helps to avoid negative influence, as well as to protect themselves from energy vampirism. To do this, take a clean handkerchief, bring it to your face and say:

“I tie the knot, I lock the negative. Neither the enemy, nor the enemy, nor the friend will have power over me. ”

The fabric is tied with a knot, moistened with holy water and put into a pocket. Our ancestors believed that such a rite helps in the resolution of disputes and conflicts, and also does not allow sorcerers and witches to do their dirty deed and deprive of vital energy.

Those who are forced to constantly be among the crowds of people should take care of their safety. Business trips, work with strangers, movement in a crowded transport — all this affects the biofield, which constantly reflects the consequences of a negative impact. It also happens that after talking with a good person, in general, a person, there is a feeling of tiredness, irritability and even bitterness, and signs of an incipient illness appear. In such cases, it is worth using a talisman and speaking it with special protective words:

“I take a nail iron, hardened. As the evil of the metal is afraid of the cold, so let me avoid, healthy. As the iron of fire-water is not afraid, so I will not be afraid of evil intentions «

Instead of a nail, you can take any iron object (for example, a pin, needle or bell) and speak it. Carry your amulet with you in your bag or pocket and, in the event of a bad premonition, mentally pronounce protective words.

Another ritual is associated with an unwanted guest presence in the house. Some people have heavy energy, and after visiting them, the atmosphere in the house changes for the worse. If such a person has visited you, after his departure, throw a handful of salt after him, cross and say:

“Take the evil with you, do not leave me. I have never taken a stranger, and now I will not take it. ”

Go around the corners of the house and repeat these words, scattering a few grains of salt into the places where the guest passed.

It also happens that on the street you notice the stranger’s intent and unkind gaze. Sometimes you may notice how he whispers something, and then abruptly leaves without turning around. At such moments, it is worth resorting to protection in order to protect yourself from such negative manifestations. Twist a fig in your pocket or cross your fingers, say:

“Chur me, chur me. Take back all that sent to me. Nobody but you will harm your evil. ”

Damage and the evil eye can be of different types, but any negative impact adversely affects mood and health. The stronger the influence, the easier it is for a person under his influence to get sick and begin to lose vitality. You can protect yourself and with the help of charms.

They are selected individually and the owner speaks to the defense to work directionally. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. We wish you good health and good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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