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Charm to enter the house with their own hands

How to make a guard at the entrance to the house with your own hands

Probably, every person is familiar with the winged expression “My home is my fortress”. But in order for the house to become a fortress, this will require some effort.

In particular, various magic attributes are very popular — for example, amulets for a house with their own hands at the entrance or located in other parts of the apartment. We will tell you more about them in this article.

Charm to enter the house with their own hands

What function do charms for the home

A house (or apartment) is not just a place where you spend a lot of time, it is a place where you can protect yourself from various troubles. But for this it is worth taking care of this protection, and here we are talking not only about the penetration of robbers.

It is important to protect your home from negative energy — evil, evil influence, which comes from others.

Surely you often have guests, but not all of them have good intentions. It is in such cases that the use of a talisman for a dwelling is shown — in order to protect against negative individuals with respect to you.

The positive moment — it is quite possible to create amulets for the house with your own hands. You can create them personally for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones and relatives.

Charm for housing will help fill the house with light, positive energy, which we all really need. You will be very comfortable in such a room, you will recover energetically and replenish the balance of vitality.

It may happen that the amulet cracks or darkens — this means targeting the negative impact on you, which the ward eliminated.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the talisman for the house with their hands at the entrance, because it is through the entrance door to our home that people come in with good or evil thoughts. Next we give examples of effective amulets to enter the dwelling.

Universal charms for the front door

Best of all, if you perform the amulet with your own hands — this is a prerequisite for its effectiveness.

  1. A strong amulet is a horseshoe, but you need to take not the usual and not new, but the one that has disappeared from the horse’s hoof. And if you also found it on the road — good luck will always be with you and will save you from evil people and their deeds. In this way, the Higher Forces express their favor to you and hint that you need additional protection.

Place the find above the entrance to the house. Many esotericists argue about how to do it right — down or up horns.

It should be noted that there is no significant difference, in any case, the charm will protect you from any negative manifestation.

Charm to enter the house with their own hands

Note! If you wish to make the action of the amulet even stronger — paint the horseshoe black.

  1. White crayons are another effective talisman for the house. You need to purchase a new set and ask him for help to protect you from evil energy. Therefore, one should outline the area of ​​the entrance door with one line, let this action be performed by the hostess in the morning before sunrise. Manipulation is repeated once a month or as needed.
  2. Preserved from the shell. It is made very simply from the shell of an Easter egg. It is crushed and wrapped in a beautiful piece of cloth. In the upper part, you should tie the pouch with threads several times (you can use a thin lace from which an eyelet is made). Then you hang the amulet at the front door.

This talisman has a certain time of action, namely, until the next Easter. Then you will need to bury the old shell, wash the bag and use a fresh Easter egg.

  1. Amulet of needles. An effective version of the ritual — using two gypsy needles. For the ceremony, stock up on two large threads and a spool of white thread. Runtime — growing moon. It is necessary to fold the needles with a cross, wrap them with threads, fixing them strongly. At the same time, the following magic words should be pronounced:

“Like a spear with a cross, so the enemies are all prone. Those with good will pass. Whoever is evil will hook the cross. ”

Homemade cross hiding under the door trim or hung up at the entrance. After three months (strictly on the same date) you need to remove the needles and burn.

Pre-pierce them in the flame of the candle and repeat the original manipulation with the pronunciation of the plot.

After watching this video, you will know how to make a protective amulet for your home correctly.

The correct location of the amulets in the house

Follow certain rules to ensure harmony and order in your home:

  • never communicate through the threshold and do not stand on it (so you do not let your well-being into it);
  • Do not pass through it any things.

As you already understood, a protective amulet must surely hang over the entrance door, which will not allow any negative energy to enter the dwelling.

At the corners of the home must be placed willow twigs, consecrated in the temple on Palm Sunday. In the plinth, you can insert juniper twigs, pre-plotted.

These are all natural house amulets that are no less effective than the protection items described above.

If you want to fill your home with positive energy — joy and happiness, from time to time you go into each room, holding freshly baked bread and salt shaker. This is a gift to your home, helps you get rid of depressions and activates the flow of positive energy.

Charm to enter the house with their own hands

There are effective rules to protect the bedroom from the negative:

  • It is important to protect the bedroom from the effects of stress.
  • It is recommended to go to bed in such a way that the head is located on the north side.
  • Do not put mirrors in the bedroom, and if you can not refuse them — put as far as possible from the bed.
  • Do not sleep feet to the front door.
  • Going to sleep, be sure to remove any metal products, watches.

A bundle of onions and garlic will protect the kitchen from negative, you can easily make them with your own hands. They not only serve as a guardian, but also act as an original decorative element.

But under no circumstances should you let them in food, because they turn into a cluster of negative energy. For the same reason, they should be replaced with new ones from time to time.

You can simply lay out the onion or garlic head on the windowsills in the kitchen.

Now you know various examples of effective wards for home. Use them to prevent negative energy from entering the home and make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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