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Charm Overpowered Grass and Its Meaning

Charm Overpowered Grass and Its Meaning

In ancient times grass grasses with white or yellow flowers were called grass-covering. Overcome grass took with them on the road to protect against trouble, healed the disease, with the help of her suggestive love spell.

However, the main symbolic load of water lilies is the guardian and protection. Consider the topic: overcoming the grass has preserved the meaning.

In addition to the dried parts of the plant in magic, a graphic image of the amulet is also used.

Charm Overpowered Grass and Its Meaning

Meaning and symbolism of conquering the grass

The symbol of the charm belongs to the solar group and contains the powerful energy of the sun, a double sign of the fire element. The meaning of the solar symbol is getting rid of negative energies and filling with creative energies that attract success and well-being.

Externally, the graphic symbol resembles the Slavic kolovrat, on the basis of which it was created. Kolovrat is a solar symbol, carrying the enormous potential of solar energy.

but The strength of the grasses-grasses lies in the double kolovrata, which greatly increases his power.

Double kolovrat depicted on household items, clothing and weapons. It was believed that overpowering grass protects well from evil, eliminates enemies and saves health. However, this symbol can only be used in exceptional cases:

  • with severe disease;
  • to destroy the damage;
  • for defeating enemies;
  • for safety on the go.

The artifact is not suitable for permanent use: it contains a huge potential of energy. Overcome grass was laid in the cradle of a newborn to protect against bad looks, admiration and night attacks of unclean spirits.

Charm Overpowered Grass and Its Meaning

Charm Activation

How to use the artifact? Overcome grass charm can be made from a variety of natural materials:

In jewelry stores and esoteric stores, you can purchase a gold charm pendant. Since the charm carries the potential of solar energy, gold is considered the most suitable material for manufacturing.

However, the symbol well manifests itself in simple embroidery, and depicted on a wooden bowl.

Children can give toys, which depicted or embroidered sign. Sometimes the grass is embroidered on rag amulets and carried with them for protection.

The embroidery was made with red threads without knots, that is, in the process of work it is unacceptable to associate one end of the thread with the other.

If the amulet was used to heal ailment, it was burned after recovery. You can not keep a waste symbol, it can attract trouble.

The same applies to amulets against enemies and road amulets: after using them, they are burned.

If the symbol was embroidered on the patient’s clothes, then after healing it must be burned.. This belief is due to the fact that along with sweat, clothing absorbs the disease.

Therefore, do not regret the thing, but simply burn it after recovery with gratitude.

The exception is the symbolism on the dishes. Such kitchen utensils are used to protect against food poisoning, indigestion and magical nourishment. Also, the artifact was used for courage in moments of danger.

but Constant wearing of the artifact on itself was considered inexpedient: it draws undue attention to otherworldly forces.

How to charge an artifact? To do this, you must put the product under the rays of the sun all day, at sunset the charm must be removed.

The purchased amulet must first be cleaned under flowing water (ideally in a natural source), and then charged under the direct rays of the sun. This procedure should be carried out from time to time to activate the power of the artifact.

Male and female amulet

In the magic of the ancient Slavs often paired symbols — male and female. How to distinguish them?

If you mentally divide the drawing with a longitudinal line, then in the male charm the lines are directed to the right. In the female amulet — to the left.

The masculine variant of the grass is the symbol of the fern flower.

Charm Overpowered Grass and Its Meaning

In embroidery, the difference between charms can be identified by the accompanying patterns: female symbols are surrounded by flowers, and male symbols are surrounded by acorns. The age of the artifact carrier is also important:

  • the girls were embroidered with rosebuds, and the women — with blooming flowers;
  • boys embroidered hop cones, men — acorns.

Remember the important rule: the amulet is valid if it is made specifically for another person. For yourself, charms can not be made.

If you embroider characters, you need to follow the rules:

  • materials must be natural — flax, cotton;
  • thread knotting is unacceptable;
  • on the wrong side of the pattern should be smooth, without loops;
  • thread color should be associated with the goal;
  • it is necessary to embroider a charm at mental balance, thinking of a goal.

Complicated embroidery can take several days of work, so the product needs to be rolled up with threads and stored in a protected place: so that the material is not filled with negative energy.

While working, you need to constantly think about the person for whom he is created. You need to keep an image in your head and say the words of protection or desire. That is how the artifact can be filled with the power of intention.

You can not think about the bad, to allow negative images.

Tips on the use of the guard

How to use an old artifact in modern conditions? The rules are simple:

  • to protect the student from aggression, you can embroider in purple or blue color on the details of clothing;
  • to protect against poisoning, paint marks on dishes with waterproof paint;
  • kindergarten children embroider a symbol on mittens or blouses;
  • for protection in the far way, you can make a pendant or keychain with a symbol;
  • to protect against negativity they make amulet in red tones;
  • for healing from a disease, embroider the symbol in green.

Embroidery or pendant made from fern and water lily symbols can protect newlyweds during a wedding. After the wedding, the artifact was placed under the mattress of the spouses.

Such a talisman can make the mother of the bride or groom.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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