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Charm for the home: the types and value

Amulet for the house and their value

The house is our protection not only from bad weather, but also from aggression of extraneous influences. Since ancient times, people defended the home from the dark forces and the machinations of enemies with the help of special objects.

House amulets were in every dwelling, and the zealous hostess knew exactly how to save space from unfriendly energies.

Charm for the home: the types and value

Varieties of amulets for home

The space of the house consists of several separate rooms, each of which needs protection. Protect doors, window openings, utility rooms.

Since ancient times, people possessed uncomplicated knowledge of how to prevent the invasion of the house of evil spirits.

Nowadays charms for the house and their value have not lost their relevance, many housewives use the knowledge of great-grandmothers to help ensure peace and prosperity in the home. Charms can also help to bring wealth into the house and get rid of poverty and loss.

  • horseshoe for luck;
  • broom for exorcism;
  • bells and bells;
  • bast for brownie;
  • earthenware jars and pots;
  • seeds and fruits of the earth;
  • coast symbols;
  • coastal dolls;
  • weather vanes;
  • loaf;
  • icons.

In the old days, people built houses with their own hands, and before laying the grounds they performed coastal rites. For example, before the construction they rolled out the whole area with a clay ball, and then buried coins in the area.

Under the threshold of the house they placed a branch of spruce and garlic from bad people.

So that evil spirits did not penetrate through the windows, they were made in small sizes. On the frames hung bundles of wormwood and hypericum, and at night all the windows and doors were sealed with a sign of the cross.

In the old days, people responsibly approached the protection of their homes.

Charm for the home: the types and value

The value of amulets

This amulet is always hung over the door from the inside. Horseshoe served as protection from evil and attracted happiness to the house. It is the shape of the horseshoe that has a foremost significance — a semicircle.

According to old legends, evil spirits always walked in circles, and the broken circle did not give her the opportunity to enter the dwelling.

It matters the position of the horseshoe above the door — legs up or down. If the legs look up — in the house there will be happiness, if down — protection from unkind people. Horseshoe was always nailed only on one nail, during the ritual they uttered the words on the watch.

In modern conditions it is allowed to hang decorative horseshoes instead of real ones.

The most famous and common amulet that is in every home. A broom should always stand up with a broom to dissipate negative energies and attract well-being.

According to legends, brooms are very fond of brooms, so in old times they called him domovushka.

Broom not only cleans the physical dirt, but sweeps and energy negative. For example, after the departure of an unwanted guest, he was always “covered up with a trace” with appropriate words.

However, the footprint should not be swept up in the usual way — through its spread legs.


Ringing fears evil spirits. Previously, the driver without the bells did not hit the road.

The bell rang and in the days of epidemics, scaring away evil spirits (viruses). In order to banish the evil force that loves to gather there from the corners, the space was ringed up with bells.

This ancient footwear of the peasants, too, was of paramount importance. Gifts were put in bastards by the brownies to protect the house and attract well-being. Worn bast shoes were considered a reliable talisman at home against the evil eye.

In modern conditions, you can buy decorative sandals for a brownie and hang them on the wall.

Clay pots

Pots hung on the fence and fence to protect against evil. Pots symbolized «watchmen», protecting the house from the evil.

Sometimes the pots served as a substitute for the head of a garden scarecrow — also for the same reason.

The shape of the pot resembles a funnel, which draws negative energy into itself — home quarrels and troubles. Therefore, to neutralize evil, slices of garlic were placed on the bottom of the jug.

Coastal symbols

Symbols Slavs emphasized. In great honor was the solar symbol — kolovrat or a circle with a dot in the center.

A swastika (or kolovrat) decorated the window frames, was depicted on a wooden gate and was present in embroidery on clothes.

For the same reason, the loaf was considered the coastal one — its shape resembled a solar circle. The loaf was always baked in solemn occasions — for holidays, weddings, name day.

Also of importance were two other geometric figures — the triangle and the rhombus. These figures were decorated with embroidery on the coast.

Wardings for the home: types and meaning

Motank Obrezhnye Dolls

Puppet magic has ancient roots. In each Slavic house there were dolls performing various functions:

Dolls were made by a special technique, carefully observing the ritual sequence. Straw, threads or pieces of rags served as the material for the coils.

It was necessary to sew dolls without scissors and needles.

During the manufacture of the motanka, she was assigned some kind of protective function. For example, the diaper protected the baby in the cradle, and the nurse cared for prosperity in the house.

Grain brought a generous harvest, and the bean retained wealth.

There were also one-time dolls for getting rid of misfortunes or illnesses — they were certainly burned. It was believed that the spirit of the disease goes into the doll (with special words), and then dies in the flame.

See the video for a master class on making such wards:

Modern amulets

In our time, new charms for home have appeared:

Keys symbolize the opening or closing of the portal. When the door is opened, they say: «I open the door for light and good.»

When closing, we can say other words: «I close the portal for losses and evil.»

A vase can serve as a symbol of wealth and well-being. To do this, fill a large vase (preferably crystal) with coins or clean water.

Water needs to be changed constantly so that it does not stagnate.

The hanger serves as a problem detector — the less clothes hanging on it, the fewer problems at home. Therefore, remove all unnecessary from the hallway.

Through the threshold of the house you can get rid of many misfortunes — just sit on it with appropriate thoughts.

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