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Charm for pregnant women

Charm for pregnant women

Pregnancy is an important period in the life of any woman. You are immediately responsible for two, so you need to use appropriate amulets that will help both the mother and the baby to avoid trouble.

Nature imposes many restrictions on pregnant women. The fact that you can not do expectant mothers, they also say numerous folk omens.

Why do we need charms

Those who are expecting a child, it is important to maintain their own energy at a high level. Of course, mother is always on an emotional high, but sometimes the situation around us changes a little. This may affect the biofield.

For future mothers, a weak biological field is dangerous.

Even worse, when life troubles accumulate and have a negative effect regularly. In this case, charms help to neutralize the power of negative flows and weaken them. Alternation of black and white stripes in life for any person is the norm, including for pregnant women.

The main thing is that the lady in the position did not experience problems all the time.

Persistent problems with the mood and aura of the mother adversely affect the character of the unborn child. He may be born nervous or restless.

The best wards for pregnant women

Amber — the best stone for girls and women who are preparing to become mothers. This mineral calms the nervous system. With him, pregnancy is easier, without complications.

Jewelry with amber should not be removed and put in a distant box, even after childbirth. This stone will help when feeding the baby, it will calm him down, help him fall asleep better.

Moonstone also good for pregnant women, because it is very soft in its properties and has protective functions. Wear it as a decoration or put it under a pillow at night.

Emerald. There are effective ways to protect against the evil eye and damage during pregnancy, but wearing emerald on the chest will help the expectant mother get the strongest protection from evil people and their thoughts.

Silver Jewelry. This is another good way to protect yourself and your child from any danger, even if it comes from other people, and not from your rashness. Silver is the strongest amulet that you can think of for a person.

Even if you are surrounded by an atmosphere of love and well-being, decorations made of such a metal will not be superfluous. Buy yourself a silver ring for the period of pregnancy. Do not wear gold and silver at the same time.

These metals neutralize each other.

Another good talisman is red thread on the wrist. This charm came to our culture from the philosophy of Feng Shui, which has been around for about 3000 years. Red color, according to belief, scares off evil spirits and negative, attracting the vital energy of Qi.

Blue colour — A great talisman for moms. This color calms both mother and baby, so from the first days of pregnancy it is desirable to wear more blue things. The baby’s room and as many of its items as possible should be blue.

The best talisman for a lady in position will be her man her family. Surround yourself with close people who do not generate negative emotions. Good-natured personalities always drive away the negative and help attract good luck.

In many cases, the strength of amulets depends on the sex of the baby. To determine the sex of the unborn child will help national signs. Girls need more mother protection and more positive energy. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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