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Characteristics of the magical abilities of the stone Morganite

Stone morganite: what magic is inherent in this mineral

In total, there are several minerals that are varieties of beryl and are stones of the 1st order (precious) — aquamarines, emeralds and heliodors. But besides them there is another gem whose beauty knows no bounds and which is in great demand among jewelers — it is morganite (also known as sparrow).

It consists of lithium, cesium and manganese and has a very attractive pale pink hue.

Characteristics of the magical abilities of the stone Morganite

Historical background of Morganite

Morganite gained its fame relatively recently — at the beginning of the 20th century. Its name was officially given to the gem in 1911, in honor of the famous banker and philanthropist from the United States of America, whose name was John Morgan.

As for the Russian Federation, here the mineral is called in its own way, namely, “sparrow” in honor of the talented geologist and scientist V. Vorobiev. Also in the last century, they attempted to combine both names into one and call the morganite “pink emerald”, but it failed, because the new name did not stick.

Unusual variants of Morganites are kept in many collections of world museums. For example, in the museum in the city of Toronto (in Canada) is stored the most massive morganite, which was cut.

It has a mass of 1625 carats.

And the place of “dwelling” of a very beautiful stone, whose mass equals approximately 600 carats, is the State Hermitage Museum. In the Museum of New York, you can find a morganite figure of a woman with the parameters six by eleven centimeters.

Variations and features of the mineral

For morganite, as well as for any beryl, transparency is characteristic. And the stone gets its color due to the impurities it contains. It is the percentage of content in the composition of various elements that determines the degree of color intensity of morganite.

Today, this mineral began to belong to a group of precious stones.

Jewelers liked gem for its light cut, which is provoked by a high degree of hardness of the stone. Morganite also has an imperfect cleavage, which makes it impossible to split it.

But without a cut, the mineral does not have the desired form.

Under natural conditions, morganite, as a rule, has different impurities, cracks and heterogeneous inclusions. On transparent stones there are usually no defects.

It is impossible to perform color correction of morganite, because the stone retains radioactivity due to the presence of a special element of cesium in its composition.

Morganite is distinguished by external attractiveness and is in high demand, but there is one thing that should be given increased attention! Do not be afraid of lightly colored and small in size crystals, because they do not contain radioactive cesium, which means that they do not represent any harm to human health. But the more saturated the color of minerals, the higher the percentage of cesium in them.

Therefore, it is safe to wear jewelry with such morganites only on the hands and feet, but the neck (the region of the thyroid gland), the chest, moles, and lymph nodes are prohibited to wear.

The first stones of a rich pink color were found in California. Today, the following countries actively supply them to the world jewelry market: Brazil, Madagascar, United States of America, Zimbabwe, People’s Republic of China, Namibia, as well as Africa, Afghanistan, Elba Island and the Urals.

All the morganite deposits are united by one characteristic feature — sodium, rubidium, manganese, and cesium, which are part of the gem, are present in elevated concentrations.

In the main part in nature there are pink morganites, their color is provided by the compounds of cesium, lithium and manganese. But the stone has a large number of different color variations — so, there are pink, lilac and even pale-violet minerals.

The most valuable are peach-tinged morganites.

Characteristics of the magical abilities of the stone Morganite

The healing power of the Morganites

  1. This type of beryl along with all other types of beryl will help to eliminate pain in the back (successfully cope with arthritis, rheumatism and any spinal pathologies.
  2. The stone will act as a reliable prevention of colds, it also relieves sore throat and urogenital ailments.
  3. Using ornaments with morganites, you can improve your digestion, normalize heart rhythm (eliminate arrhythmia), and also cure the nervous system (get rid of stress and its negative effects).
  4. The healing abilities of the stone are perfectly manifested in the fair sex: the gem will help to eliminate almost all gynecological pathologies, and for this purpose it is advised to apply or wear it for some time on the stomach or lower back.
  5. Men, thanks to the morganite, will normalize the muscular metabolism, as well as save themselves from cramps and muscle stiffening.
  6. Healers are confident that the gem has a cleansing effect on the state of the energy shell of a person, activates mental activity and protects from depression.

Magical help mineral

  • Buddhist priests believe that morganite is of unearthly origin and in its six-sided crystals is kept mystical information regarding the arrangement of the universe. They assured that at the level of energy, the stone is able to heal its owner from almost all pathologies. It has such a powerful vital energy that it easily removes any negative, filling the diseased organ with healing power and healing it.
  • The stone protects the home from any negative. It will make both partners more faithful, loyal to each other and increase their mutual understanding. It will help return faded feeling to those families that are on the verge of divorce.
  • Morganite will help to fulfill the secret desires of man.
  • A very beneficial effect of the mineral on the opposite sex. If a talisman with this stone is placed in a dwelling, then in the main man of the house such positive qualities as thrift and attentiveness will “wake up”.
  • Morganit improves intellectual abilities, for this reason it is worthwhile to place the amulet with a stone on the training table of your restless child to help him concentrate on doing his homework.
  • Morganites will come to the rescue of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. He will enhance their natural charm in women, add confidence in their beauty and even, if necessary, act as a love potion.
  • As a talisman and amulet, the morganite will save his master from any violence, make him more successful and successful in all kinds of undertakings, and bestow spiritual harmony.

Characteristics of the magical abilities of the stone Morganite

Astrological compatibility of the stone

Along with all other precious and semiprecious minerals, morganite has its zodiac influence. Astrologers assure that this stone can be used by representatives of absolutely all zodiac constellations.

Morganite is particularly positive for water signs (Pisces, Cancers and Scorpions), as well as a representative of the air element — Libra. For them, it will be an excellent motivator, inspiration and stimulator.

Fakes of morganites are very rare, but you should still be vigilant when buying products with a mineral. It is quite difficult to establish that the real morganite is in front of you, because in nature many stones are very similar to it, have a similar shade and degree of hardness.

Topaz can be distinguished by the surface — it is «slippery», garnet by magnetism, and pink topaz is more expensive. The most difficult to distinguish from spinel, but perhaps — spinel does not have birefringence.

Morganites are sometimes called the “stone of happiness.” He will become a faithful assistant and protection to everyone who wears it.

The main thing is to sincerely believe in his magic power and treat him properly!

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